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  • No card is “way better” than R96, but R97 is definitely better, you can notice the relatively low Composure on R96 more now in my experience, you just get so little time on the ball nowadays.
  • A free game not living up to expectation? I guess that’s one reason to complain.
  • Bellingham have better league link especially with the release of Guerreiro. Also better wr, I know lots of people love Gravenberch but m/m wr is horrible for a b2b midfielder.
  • Zidane was never with the curve to begin with, if you want meta players you wouldn’t go with him at any point.
  • No, Neymar is lean, Zidane would be an average body type, but the problem with Zidane in game is that what made him special irl is his exceptional ball control and decision making. These aren't things that you can program into the game that make him stand out amongst others. Plenty of other cards suffers from this issue,…
  • Zidane isn't a meta card even when it first came out, he isn't nimble enough to be a good CAM and his wr isn't ideal as a CM/CDM, not to mention his defense and physical stats are also behind the curve in the middle of the park. People that get this card isn't thinking about his performance on the pitch though, he…
  • Yeah having 5 subs absolutely do NOT just benefit the big clubs, with smaller clubs that tend to sit back and absorb pressure, having more subs means more players can make fouls and take on yellows; as well as able to run more to maintain defensive pressures. A lot of winners from big teams came from late winners last…
  • I think they perform at a similar level, Son is better with his shooting but Cruyff feels smoother on the ball. Although I've never been able to get the best out of Son, the people who likes to finesse from the edge of the box loves him, but for me he's neither quick or strong enough for the top defenders out now.
  • Hazard is a better CAM, Eusebio better at ST, depends on what you’re after.
  • I prefer R9, CR7 has better shooting on his strong foot, but he gets tackled and pushed off the ball easier. I think TOTY CR7 was better a few months back, when there aren't as many defenders with near max strength and aggression. Right now I find it quite hard to take a touch with him near the box. R96 isn't without his…
  • TOTS Tavernier with Gladiator
  • Vieira is still the best CDM, there’s other very good players that’s faster and more agile, but his positioning and tackling are still amongst the best in game. I have Tonali and Tchou, but they simply don’t win back possession nearly as much as Vieira on the field.
  • Long shots with his left is literally the best aspect of Carlos, just showing highlights of that doesn't mean he's better than Cancelo. His defending feels very suspect, his jockeying isn't very agile for such a small player, and as such it's not hard for an opponent to dribble around him. Also having him at LB means…
  • None of these packs are OP you just got lucky, I had one earlier where the best was a 87 normal gold.
  • Vieira Petit and Cole, I would’ve been happy with it had I not finished Vieira already, sigh…
  • Garrincha
  • I think he’s better as a CAM, either central or wide, rather than a CM, his lean body type make him great at dribbling, but weak in a tussle. I prefer my b2b midfielders to have better wr and more physicality.
  • It’s really due to the popularity of 352 I feel, I use Fabinho or Rice at CB and Vieira at CDM still, I think his positioning in midfield is still better than anybody else, even if his dribbling is a bit behind the curve.
    in CDMs at CB Comment by Metalfly June 14
  • Mbappe is Mbappe, I think he will still provide the most consistent performance over time compared to newer cards. The thing is, if you can offload POTM Mbappe even for like 1-1.5m, then there's a case for an upgrade, as things stand, I don't think there's anyone you can get that'll justify the coin difference with an…
  • As a CAM he is unique, good at holding off defenders near the box, he can also be a great option arriving late for a header or volley. But due to his size and body type he isn't going to be nimble, if you want to get the best out of him you'll need to be good with skill moves. There's definitely a lot of meta players…
  • Bellingham over Nkunku at CM, Nkunku better as CAM. Benzema and Ben Yedder are completely different kind of players, so it's whether you prefer your striker to be strong and physical or quick and nimble.
  • I got Van Basten, Drogba and Giggs, chose Van Basten just for the higher rating, going to go again I guess.
  • He’s good a few months ago, right now he’s prob a bit too weak and his passing is too low to be top tier, but he should be better than Vlahovic still who’s just not meta. But depends on what you like though, if you prefer a stronger more physical striker up top then obviously don’t go with Dalglish.
  • Both of those are fine, you can even play him as ST. Unfortunately he isn’t going to be top tier in any of those positions due to the body type and work rate, Modric is better at CAM and Fofana better at CM, but he can do a decent job in any of them.
  • To me he’s still the best CDM, his tackling and positioning is the best in game, he also have this tendency to be always at the right place to pick up a clearance from an opponent, the only other player that comes close to his positioning is Kante. The other TOTS players are agile and good on the ball, but in terms of just…
  • How is he compared to TOTS Raspadori or Birthday Mkhitaryan?
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