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  • If EA brought out this level of quality for the NHL and NFL markets they would have been hounded out of business. And whilst they have people in charge who don’t think loot boxes is gambling.
  • For Fifa 17-19 they attempted to distract us away from the fact that the main is useless with the journey - it looks like they are now doing it with a supped up version of Street. Instead of bringing out 3 very poor games under one title why don’t …
  • My main “wish” is for EA is to actually do something with career mode because apart from a couple useless cut scenes it plays exactly how it did (off pitch) as it did in 2017.
  • (Quote) Completely Agree - Sadly someone who wants to spend £2k on computer game add ons is more important.
  • Yeah 41,990 of them are people moaning about the servers or how they are being ripped off by EA because the packs they spent real money on aren’t amazing !!
  • For the Dortmund/Chelsea/Las Palmas situation UEFA would decide the group by removing the Anderlecht results so the group would be 1 Dortmund 6pts GD +3, 2 Las Palmas 6pts GD +2, 3 Chelsea 6pts GD -3, as this would be the head to head table. So Ma…
  • EA get this wrong so many times they had it wrong for the World Cup 18 mode I played out a group where every game was 0-0 but made sure that the 2 strongest sides got bookings - they both finished top of the group. I don’t think that EA have it in …
  • No transfer of the Coccarda or Scudetto for the Cup and League winners just won 3rd title with Napoli and Juventus still have them on their kit. (I think EA think they are part of Juventus normal kit ?)
  • I think when they originally started this type of game they thought everyone would pick the team they support and become the amazing player for the side they loved so no development on transfers was ever thought to be needed as why would you want to…
  • The fact of the matter is that EA would rather spend time making something as ridiculously bad as the “The Journey” than spending time fixing the massive bugs and problems in Career mode. I’ve said before if PES had all the licences not a single so…
  • In FIFA 20 the players will get tans and it will be the next amazing new feature - forget that the game is completely broken at career mode level - players will have tans and EA will market it as something amazing.
  • EA are too busy making the trim on German 3rd Division kits look right. Once again in FIFA 19, EA have promised so much and delivered so little.
  • It’s all about tricking you into spending even more of your hard earned on FUT. EA are winding down Career Mode and making as unplayable as possible.
  • It would be good if you could have regular meetings with the board or if the board changes - also the idea of assistant coaches that improve certain skills if players train with them
  • It’s quite an unusual one - he’s gone back to Chelsea and they haven’t given him a squad number for this season so he has kind of fallen off the radar for EA, but let’s be frank with the errors that they make with players this would be the least of …
  • 2 seasons,105 goals, 3 international hat tricks for Spain, how much more do you have to do to get recognised and bought by a big club ?? Or at least have an offer - FIFA career mode is so broken I think EA have just given up on fixing it and now con…
  • I have said before if EA didn’t have the licences not a single soul on the earth would play FIFA.
  • They don’t even update the kits when you win the title or cup it seems that EA think the Champions badge and Cup Winners badges are part of the Juve kit !!
  • Every year since ‘12 I’ve said this is the worse FIFA ever but every year EA seem to be able to lower the bar and from nowhere make it worse If they didn’t have the licences everyone would be playing PES and I mean everyone.
  • Fair enough they haven’t even got the Champions League right so what was I expecting.
  • It just feels so badly put together, the passing is disjointed and the new shooting system hasn’t been tested properly. EA is trying to be dynamic and think of new ways of getting the game to play but it hasn’t got its basics right, football is foot…
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