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  • I got a boost but I can't remember what it was. Didn't mean sh*t though as I took over Oxford United in League One and my main objective for the season was to finish with an increase in my transfer budget.
  • I play CM 95% of the time and I see the same issues year in, year out. The worst thing about it is, is that it's just small things that would improve it immensely but as said previously, there seems to be no want with EA to do this as they put all t…
  • Speaking from a Career Mode - Manager point of view..... The ability to turn off cut sequences. Football is about amazing moments - reflect this in the atmosphere of the crowd, game, etc. Last minute goal/relegation fight/title winning game? Have …
  • I've been playing World Class for a few years now and I normally start off in League 2 and work my way up with Oxford United. This year I had to drop it to Professional for all the reasons stated above. Normally I can get used to the World Class dif…
  • Yup. Exact same thing happened to me. Playing with Oxford in League 2, had a league game on the Tuesday and a cup replay with Palace on the Wednesday. How does this even happen?! I buy FIFA mainly for Career Mode and although there has been 1 minor …
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