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  • (Quote) It probably happened, but we're simply going back on it, as we should. De Ligt himself also increased his demands after the CL run, would only be normal for us to do the same if true.
  • Alex Morgan is an absolutely stunning fraud.
  • Nothing against women's football, but this entire fabricated hype, inflated numbers and forced cringy songs by Jan Smit and other inbreds makes it unbelievably hard to take seriously.
  • So happy that's over with. Time to get back to football that's actually of respectable quality.
  • So happy that's over with. Time to get back to real football.
  • Froome being out is a blessing for the tour. That INEOS team is simply disgracefully good because of the money, the City and PSG of cycling. Couldn't bear watching another tour of them having 5 riders who could comfortably get a top 10 finish.
  • (Quote) If the have the balls to upset the bigger clubs they should make it an exclusive additional way to earn a ticket for clubs outside the top 5 leagues. The majority of teams making it past the quarters get a straight group stage ticket throug…
  • Narsingh going to Feyenoord, then. If they sell Berghuis to PSV for €15m+ this truly is the greatest timeline.
  • (Quote) My man @ChrisLFC <3
  • (Quote) With the ratings redesign it seems fair to me.
    in The NFL Lounge Comment by Mart July 3
  • Shouldn't have capped kills but made the amount of RP you get diminish per kill as you get more. Still think dropping a 10+ kill game shows more skill than waiting in a corner and getting Top 3.
  • (Quote) More difficult than 2017 and 2018, with a wheel anyway. AI feels significantly better, they won't go out of the way anymore to compensate for your own stupid moves. So if you divebomb and break too late, they're not moving out the way and y…
  • (Quote) It's just blatantly wrong. We lost the game because our players became overconfident, and defenders like De Ligt and Blind decided to go into their box for a free kick from our own half, giving them the easiest counter and goal because they…
  • Martinez and Blind can play at CB just fine as long as there is a taller player next to them. Martinez is way quicker than Blind so despite being 2cm shorter he's probably better overall physically. (Quote) If you grossly oversimplify the match the…
  • (Quote) He's mocking them. You know, with the Ajax-links and all.
  • Mike :D
  • Should be happy with €15m or more. PSV aren't really direct competitors now and won't be in the coming years either, by the time you might just sorted the current mess out he'll be in his 30s or not even at PSV anymore.
  • (Quote) What suggests that I am?
  • (Quote) Yeah because the daily 'supporters of x-club are unbearable'-comments are great topics of discussion and reflect brilliantly on your club and fanbase.
  • (Quote) Tuesday.
  • (Quote) Because you're a delight.
  • Admirable, better than players who just move at the first opportunity they get.
  • If he ends up staying I wouldn't be against letting Donny go for the reported €55-60m, well overpriced that is.
  • (Quote) This is all I'm saying, too. The inconsistency is horrendous, these people have an outrageously detailed rulebook yet fail constantly at applying them correctly. From a racing point of view this decision is the right one, from a fan's pers…
  • (Quote) Nothing I've said is anti-Max?
  • (Quote) The path should be consistent first of all. I believe this is the right decision as a standalone incident but it's a disgrace if you compared it to relatively recent decisions. One time they're strict, then they're lenient, then they're ind…
  • Horrendous stewarding once again in terms of consistency, they really need to choose a path and stick with it for once. Though this is ultimately how it should be.
  • The right move was to pay Daniel the same as Max and treat both equally. However that ship has sailed.

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