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  • First of all you understand nothing nor from football nor from football manager. And since you think Football manager is…
  • Because football management is about football logic and strategy which are what goes on in reality, which is the biggest fraction that makes teams win or lose games in the real world, and PES is in term of physics as player in game is far more realistic where you need to take in account physics before anything else first.…
  • You guys know that fifa is in trouble for employing casino schemes marketed at kids in many markets, yet you want to add betting to it? Looking for trouble, they are about to get regulated to the point they will wish they never thought about. If they think market will be fine with it, then all I have to say is good luck,…
  • Played once FUT to compare it with football manager even with own fifa manager 2014. Had a laugh, fut is good joke, but beside that... I play plenty of Simulator games and management, I have to say sorry, but FUT is not nor a sim nor football manager, let alone be good at both those. In regard to fifa on its own, its still…
  • I never played FUT, and I have made my points on cards = marketing and what you guys call casino and look at customer as cash cow. To get to the point i play the regular game and I still think is boring. I play Football manager PES, beside Arma 3 , Wall street raider, geopolitical simulator .. Fifa just dosen't cut it why…
  • Your word fall on def ears my friend because you will be facing the usual story of fanboys, nor logic or constructive criticism are allowed. Don't even bother ..
  • Best take of Caruso with two of the best :
  • A genious as Cacho Tirao take on classic
  • Sure.... when they plan to market cards and in develop further in game casino system.
  • They look to invest on "real estate investments and tourism", but are dead in water as they have left no positive view on other markets, not many will be in future will be looking at their investments. Once the oil decade has started to slow down in chemical processing which is the main place they will , they about to face…
  • And while staying on "modernity" of classics:
  • Nino D'Angelo old song. Reminds me of the year i spend in Sardegnia "Sardinia"
  • Games have become the studio propaganda leftist politics platforms and the never ending greed by all kind of offenses [ on top of ridiculous lunch prices for the game base ]as in game purchases/dlc greed to such extend that are not worth even talking. Following trends of silicon valley. Extreme Greed and leftist/woke…
  • Also Feodor emilanenko , khabib nurmagomedov, Tyson fury and Matt Mitrione not only are some of the top fighters but hard workers , humble and down to earth fellas.
  • Same story with Rampage Jackson never learned thought Feodor got old, but he got knocked out again
  • He got handled by Tyson Fury again. How many times does he want to get knocked out? All I have to say are Feodor emilanenko on his prime, khabib nurmagomedov, Tyson fury and Matt Mitrione. Feodor on his prime.
  • Looks great and sleek also. Enjoy it. Italian know how to do the very top of style, top cars, and top bikes, top of gastronomy/food, music, history, football "soccer", you name it.
  • Is not only that, today it has evolved into a well commercialized sport, there is no aspect of the of freedom of what football was. The more it get commercialized the more it strips aspects of what made it great, players are bound to clubs by contracts that strip them from doing a lot in their national teams, the players…
  • This is what happened to anyone that was defying Camorra back then
  • RIP. He was great until he made pacts with Camorra That's where all his troubles started and who ended him with those parties. Not like he had any other option saying No to Camorra meanet death was assured.
  • The more a sport commercializes the more becomes garbage, striped of any meaningful or beautiful aspect that makes it worth watching. 90's where commercialized, but far from what is today, that's why miss it.
  • Is not only them, there is a list of old media , but they are definition of Pseudo journalism. Corrupted trying to sell propagandist pieces of option without actual solid facts as news, braindead gossip sold as news, greedy beyond any mean first to impose pawyall untill it backfired , irrelevant in time of net, part of…
  • I don't play UT. But in real I'm a messi fan, in fact more specifically I'm a Maradona fan, and Messi fan, but IMO both Messi and Rolando are legends that defined this football decade, in fact I think they are the only ones from modern football that have done something out of ordinary, is like picking between michelangelo…

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