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  • It should have the goal then a five min delay. That would make it realistic
    in VAR Comment by Markiegj September 4
  • (Quote) It can at times take some resetting of the Xbox, but it does eventually work. It might have been a slight glitch as it did not have any long term issues
    in Ea access Comment by Markiegj August 28
  • The issue with how they pick is that a friend of mine was picked last year and never bothered downloading it. There should be some sort of register or maybe a year long beta, like xbox do. Complete waste on him
  • Assuming it works, Last year was fine, but the year before it would not work. I also go a random issue, that if you use all the time and then put in the disc the system for some reason still thinks its on the trial and keeps telling you to buy the …
    in Ea access Comment by Markiegj August 25
  • Considering the increasing cost of the game, why not add them. Its not like they are in other games, so they can keep the price low.
  • Lets try and answer the question instead of telling him how to be a parent. It depends on how he spent his money as there might be something that you can do with the debit card company etc. Also, I would say that they have a duty to tell you what h…
  • The other way is to edit the team before you start and add messi etc to the team and then sell them, you will then have a massive budget and dont need the take over
  • I have noticed this, I am playing in league one and have had to put my best player from last year on the bench because he can not last the first half. The issue then is that he wants to leave all the time as he wants to play matches. There are two …
  • My mates brother plays for sheffield and I bought him for 500k, then managed to sell him for 8 million a few years later. Not a massive amount, but not a bad profit margin. He ended up being my first team keeper as the one that I had for Port Vale w…
  • You get a message and there is nothing that you can do to speed it up.
  • I have to admit that I was gutted when it ended after one season. They should have allowed it to go further. Its also strange that the manager never speaks to you directly. He comes in then stands there looking out of place. I hoped that you could …
  • It seems to make no sense when reds are given out. I had a red for taking the ball in the box. Then other times a two footed lundge gets nothing.

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