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  • Same issue here. If it ever gets fixed then please post it. I refunded my 18 because of this. I really wanted to play it, but no way will i pay full price for a buggy version that was there in 17 aswell.
  • Im not a PES fan. Would still rate fifa 18 low because of 1 gamebreaking bug that i started having in Career player mode (wich is the only one im playing), in fifa 17 and now aswell in 18. Multible post was written back then from people on diffrent …
  • Frostbite usually brings graphic and bugs :P
  • Incredible that such a devastating bug has survived this long without anything being done about it. Have some friends who where considering getting Fifa 17 today. So had to tell them about this and they decided to leave it alone for now. Maybe if m…
  • Yeah, happend for the 4th time with new players each. Just for me its crossing past 100/100 It stopped improving, getting the achivement done but looking at the character stat it hasnt changed. Tried repair and tried reinstall. Got to admit. This …
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