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  • FUT ruins the game. They need to either make it easier to get players so you can be on a level playing field or scrap it completely. Most icons and players that cast in the millioms are just not obtainable for the casual gamer. Not to mention people…
  • I’ve been playing for three weeks and already had enough and gone back to Forza Horizon. I’m not playing Fifa 19 this week and doubt I’ll play it much again. It’s so boring! The games are just not fun. The fact you’re stuck with such sub par players…
  • Thats the whole point... I am by using contain button. Is that not defending? Correct me if I’m wrong. It’s even used in the defending skill games lol user defending is shocking in the game. May as well leave it all to AI.
  • (Quote) I disagree. Most games I have way more shots on target and somehow my opponents take one on target and score to draw with me 1-1. It seems like hardly any shots want to go in and their keepers save every shot even if they aimed right in the…
  • It’s a sign dont buy points 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣🤣
  • 34 and had enough of this game 😂
  • It’s all a massive scam!!
  • Opened a lot of packs today made from sbc’s..... best player was Dembelé lol what a load of **** 😂 not worth the effort.
  • I managed to make 100k in the first week of playing FUT. Spent a bit building a basic team. Now have 65k still but will finish Rank 2 division rivals and bag another 39k Wednesday. so in just over a week I’ve made probably more then 100k just over. …
  • £1000 on this game hahaha!! 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
  • (Quote) Thanks for the input!! Yeah I’m just upgrading my team slowly, thats all I can do. What are the rewards like when competing in the weekend league?
  • Thanks for the heads up!! I’m never buying packs with coins now lol. I’ll get into the trading and see if i can make profit by flipping bronze pack cards though. Least that way I’ll only spend a bit of coins and might be able to make a profit over …
  • (Quote) I’m still building my team. Once I’ve got one worth about 1 million I’ll spend coins on packs and see what happens. Slowly building though. By time im done the new fifa prob be out 😂😂
  • (Quote) ALWAYs take the coins mate. I dont trust the packs at all. Always pack terrible players that can be used in sbc or sold. I’ll just save up coins until I can at least get a half decent team. 1 million should do it
  • (Quote) Exactly my thoughts as well. Like I only got the game just before Christmas and the new one will be out by Sept and I doubt I’ll ever have the likes of Messi, Pogba, Ronaldo etc in my squad or any icon either lol. Just seems a very unrealis…
  • (Quote) Yeah mate, I’ve still got a few more to go on a few higher levels. Just thinking is it worth doing the bronze pack method!? Making coins that way to buy players I want. I’ve got time spare to put into it but dont wanna be out of pocket. See…
  • I’m new to FUT and this the first time I’ve ever played it in 19. I know I can’t go by previous editions but I completely agree with the OP. Theres no balance to the game mode and unless you have a great team you have no chance. The defense on any t…
  • When will they all be released by? Thursday?
  • (Quote) IMO I just think that a difficulty level should be a difficulty that you have selected. If I pick semi pro why would I want it to feel like professional. It should play like semi pro every game I choose that option. I’m winning most games …
  • (Quote) My current team is only 82 rated 100 chemistry most games unless need to sub people. Rodrigo ST Angel ST Marco Asensio LM Ander Herrera CM Cesc Fabregas CM Samu Castillejo RM Marcos Alonso LB Nacho Fernandez CB Marc Bartra CB Carvajal RB M…
  • (Quote) I win on semi pro I’m saying the difficulty fluctuates wildly. Like I just won 5-0 in a squad battle. Earlier I played a tram with a worse rating than this and scored 1-0 and the defensive was rock solid.
  • (Quote) Haha!!! Couldn’t of put it better myself! Every single one I experience most games 😂
  • The matchmaking is shocking. I lost all my placement games apart from one draw against really high rated teams and they threw me in div 6 lol since ive been relegated to div 8. Ive just started so only got a rated 82 team. EA need to sort the matchm…
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