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  • Might as well just swap for a month and see how it goes
  • I see Hearts and Hibs are back to being irrelevant wee teams again. The true natural order has been restored B)
  • (Quote) Horrible to watch, considering how cancer effects us all it’s a horrendous thing to say just because of football, fairplay to Broony for not rising to it.
  • With the internationals coming up, who would we all pick as the midfield 3? By far our best area on the pitch in terms of options: McGregor Armstrong McLean McGinn McTominay Christie Personally I’d go with McTominay, McGregor and Christie but cou…
  • I terms of enjoyment Cruyff is my favourite player in the game. 5* 5* and everything he does is so smooth, he’s perfect for this stage of the game where it’s a bit more relaxed and you just want to have fun playing the game
  • (Quote) We're on the cusp of one of our most important seasons ever mate, a season that he'd probably be the starting captain in, that should be a burning ambition for him to achieve, but you're happy for him to go because he was lucky to play in a…
  • (Quote) How is it pish?
  • (Quote) At least if he's a hun I wont feel as betrayed when he leaves. Scott Allan at least seen out his contract, thats a true Celt imo
  • (Quote) How good/experienced is he with a megaphone in front of a crowd? Badge kissing is also preferable for our left backs.
  • Kieran Tierney could have been a legend at his boyhood club but instead left at the first opportunity 2 years before the 10. What a ****.
  • McKenna isnt as good as Aberdeen fans/board think he is and isnt as bad as Celtic fans think he is. We need centre halves, Rodgers obviously likes McKenna, get him in and let him prove his worth. There's absolutely no way he goes for anywhere near w…
  • (Quote) We’re as well just getting on futhead and looking at the best potential growth of young players, surely a better tactic than the one we’ve got atm
  • He’s at it.
  • (Quote) All of my posts since the game have been about Celtic, yesterdays announcement that Morelos got away with it obviously makes that the biggest news atm
  • (Quote) Not sure if you’re aware fella but our last game was against Rangers, and some big things happened in this game, what the **** are we meant to talk about?
  • haha yas get yer statements out for the bhoys
  • Scott Brown apparently been contacted by Western Melbourne. I think he’ll go, and he probably should, but I hope the club let him decide since he’s earned the right to do so. Being the leader of a successful team for a decade is hard going especiall…
  • Im no wanting to get too fussed about it, but thats a wee bit embarrassing for Beaton if he seen all three of them, along with a good few fouls, and still didnt book him
  • (Quote) We’re no starting that one again man I thought claiming hun to be sectarian was last years fake outrage topic
  • Huns playing the race card to explain the fact that Morelos is an absolute fud on the pitch might be the most ridiculous thing they’ve done this year. Its got **** all to do with him being black, he doesnt even get that bad a reaction in the press c…
  • Didnt want to comment on the game yesterday since I was fuming and I wasnt in much of a state to comment on anything tbh :D Rangers played well, absolutely no denying that they got it spot on tactically and really could’ve gave us a skelping. Rod…
  • If im looking at it from a 'Celtic under Rodgers' perspective, I think McGregor would struggle more than Gordon with the passing out from the back so im keeping Gordon. Tavernier would be great as a Celtic right back imo, Ralston has shown lately h…
  • Has anyone played much career mode this year and if so how is it? Thinking of buying Fifa now that I've got a bit of free time, but looking at the teams everyone seems to have already I think UT could be too frustrating and time consuming to get to…
  • What a win, Sinclair and Edouard absolutely phenomenal. Get it right up Collum, Shinnie, and McInnes.
  • Wee Dembele is going to be POTY in the 10 in a row season before he moves to Barca for 100 million. Absolute banker.
  • Well that was a strange trip to Celtic Park hahahaha viva Rosenborg x
  • (Quote) He's too angry to go 90 minutes without a yellow id be confident of a win there
  • (Quote) What price was that :D
  • Not hard to see why Rapid are 8th in the Austrian league, the standard of football as a whole in that group has been woeful
  • The spfl table still has an ‘early September’ look to it. Hibs and Aberdeen in the bottom six is a bit embarrassing, but you’ve got to credit Kilmarnock, St Johnstone and Livi for being able to regularly get results against the big teams. It might l…

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