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  • Spence and Udogie will be good. Reguilon is horrible. He can't even play in Spain this season, no way he becomes good for us.
  • Which loanees would you play? Please do not say Ndombele, Lo Celso or Reguilon..
  • Tbh we will keep ending every season with the same trophies as you. But at least we don't have the hope to kill us in the end lol.
  • I'm so desperate for someone that attacks. Not my first choice but I'd take him. He is ready to understand in interviews at least.
  • I don't know how Poch was at PSG but when he was having final say on transfers at Spurs it was awful (Lo Celso and Ndombele his two biggest misses). Let's see how he does this time with more to spend.
  • KDB over Mac Allister is fine. My point was I'm more happy someone tried picking the right positions. Going back to the talks that were here a week or so ago about moving positions around. I hate how Sky does it.
  • Salah over Saka for me but I'm happy someone finally put in a new formation with players that work instead of just going 433 and putting players anywhere.
  • Paratici wanted him at Spurs. But since he's left, Enrique has gone silent on the rumor mill.
  • No way Fulham sell Palhinha, he has a contract until 2027 and is one of their most important players.
  • Exactly. I'm happy it came up that Spurs never called. More pressure on Levy. Other former players who talk to Poch and were at the golf event said the same. If a call would have came, he would be back. Instead, Levy and the board couldn't admit a previous mistake.
  • Ossie has zero reason to make it up. He is good friends with Poch and was just golfing with him last week. At a fundraiser event somebody asked about why Poch wasn't coming back, the answer was "he was waiting for the call up until a week ago. The call never came." It's not bias and it's not even hard to believe. Everyone…
  • He would be a good shout but if we had a front three of Son - Richarlison - Kulu already on the team, an attacking midfielder is still needed. I also think Carvalho is going to be really good in a few years.
  • His best choice if he wants to stay in England is wait a year. Pick between City, Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea or United. Whoever is in her best position for him.
  • Carvalho plus cash. He's a position we need plus young enough to grow with the rest of the squad. Everyone else is either too old or wouldn't do well with our awful medical staff.
  • I would love to see Kane at Liverpool with Klopp, Salah, and TAA. If he has to win somewhere not Spurs, Liverpool would be my preferred choice but they don't need him.
  • But he had Klopp and Klopps system to help. Kane has played in the worst attacking system in the league for the past year. Basically 7 defensive players with him, out of form Son and Richy/Kulu rotation. I had Haaland as a better scorer coming into the season but after seeing what Kane has done with this pathetic team, I'm…
  • According to Spurs legend Ossie who met with Poch last week, Poch was waiting up until a week ago for a call from Levy and it never came. Sad by Levy, if Poch is successful at Chelsea it might be the biggest mistake ever for Levy and that's saying something.
  • Haaland wouldn't do it on a team as bad as Spurs. That's the end of the debate imo. What Kane does considering the lack of talent around him and Conte's anti-football is incredible. Imagine Kane with KdB or TAA feeding him and Pep or Klopp setting the system around him.
  • It helps that 5 came in two games.
  • I think Son should make the change. He looks to have lost some pace on the wing. His finishing is still there (came back after Conte left) but I'm not sure he can keep going on the wing much longer.
  • Haha. We will easily finish top half with or without Kane. Anyone thinking relegation is just taking the ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  • I think Newcastle, Villa and Brighton take a step back with Europe. Not as bad as West Ham did this season but they will drop a few places. The other top sides depend way too much on transfers and Spurs new manager..
  • There are a lot of fans that continue to underrate him, and the media(at least over here) only talks about him needing to leave and rarely discusses his all around game.
  • Lucas! So happy for him to go out like that.
  • Shouldn't you want them to? The less points they finish on, the worse your title challenge looks.
  • 30! New personal record for Kane. Great to see.
  • I think you wait until next season and see if Kane signs on a free..

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