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  • No damn fouls in the game even with the referee on strict. No fouls called either.
  • Senegal home should be monochrome White and away should be monochrome Green. EA still refuses to add mix n match kits options to avoid clashes. Madden has that option but FIFA doesn't. Also the Nations that didn't make the World Cup only have 17-18 players not 26 like the qualified nations.
  • There are so many Kit errors it's sad. Even after the update Cameroon have generic kits and yellow numbers on their away yellow kit. Germany are missing white shorts to avoid kit clash. Spain are missing red shorts to avoid kit clash. Poland are missing red shorts. France and England don't have change strips because EA…
  • After the update I started a new tournament and squads were still wrong (Werner still on Germany and no Marcus Rashford on England etc.). Then I did another roster update after the start of the World Cup and Rashford is on England. However in the reserve area there are only 8 players not the other 20 or players not elected…
  • Too damn easy to win and a lot of times you'll be trying to get the ball and the offensive player just stands there with the ball at his/her feet. Even on strict there are hardly any fouls called.
  • Just now downloading the update. Hopefully it will add all the proper players and also add Brazil's kits as when you select Brazil they wear Argentina kits.
  • That sucks. Does Brazil finally have proper kits now and not wear Argentina's kits?
  • I've learned to save a separate file before going into World Cup mode. That way when I leave World Cup, I can load my roster file and start another domestic season/champions league with the proper squads and not the default rosters (no Costa on Wolves etc.).
  • Just got the update. Hopefully it will fix Brazil's kit issues and add Cameroon's kits. I hate to start over as I'm already on match day 2 controlling all 32 nations. But at least now we get the proper squads and actual knockout round tournament set up as it was all wrong from the get go.
  • On my match day Brazil VS Serbia on play match it had Brazil in Argentina kits and when I went to change kits it quickly went from Brazil Yellow to Argentina's kits. EA screwed up once again.
  • Also the game needs a serious update as Brazil wears Argentina kits.
  • Nothing seems to work even with strict rules. It's too easy to win tackles or you're just pressing 0 (on PS4) against the opponent and nothing ever gets called. Previous FIFA games it was easier drawing fouls Yellow Cards etc.
  • And Brazil wears Argentina kits??
  • In World Cup Mode EA screwed up as there's a big glitch that has Brazil wearing Argentina kits.
  • EA did the same crap they did back in 18 DLC. Everything is set back to default, renamed stadiums go back to default. Pathetic.
  • Plus entering World Cup modes sets all clubs back to default and all renamed stadiums are set back to default.
  • Yes. All club squads are set back to default and so are all the renamed stadiums. Looks like EA didn't learn from their 2018 DLC mistake.
  • Worse than that all domestic squads are set back to default.
  • If you play world cup mode be prepared to download the roster update after leaving World Cup mode as it resets all domestic squads back to default (no Deigo Costa at Wolves and he isn't in the game on default).
  • I can't believe they can't fix this. I hate to leave World Cup mode and download the current club squads again and rename all generic stadiums (Bayern/Nottingham Forrest etc.). Why can't they get this fixed. Also Senegal have the wrong kits. Their home kit should be monochrome White Shirt on White Shorts instead of White…
  • I had it on strict and wasn't getting any fouls/yellow cards and there were way too many PK's giving on corners. I figured to turn handball off and that may help. I went back and put the officials on very strict but again I have tournaments going on right now that the rules can't be changed.
  • I updated 1.01 and got the roster updates and Costa/Mata are both in. Just sad they don't have a player profile pic etc.
  • Updating now on PS4 as I just got the game. There seems to be some missing players (Diego Costa/Juan Mata) and when I try searching their name in edit teams they don't appear.
  • Ok good to know. But I'm afraid with the World Cup DLC it will crash like it did when it first came out on FIFA 18 and after you leave WC mode, all of your current squads/custom stadium renames revert back to Default. Hopefully when the World Cup DLC comes out it won't crash and reset club squads back to default.
  • They should do a roster update soon. Also patch in missing third kits. Just praying the World Cup mode won't crash the game.
  • Hopefully it will be in from the start. Remember when 18 World Cup DLC came out, it crashed on matchday two and if you exit world cup mode all squads/stadiums revert back to default.
  • Ok I noticed that every schedule is totally random when you start up a new tournament. Also the matchday 27 glitch that is supposed to be Liecester-West Brom is now moved (on my tournament schedule) to March 31 after matchday 29 which is interesting. Also it looks like when you ever you start a domestic league in…
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