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  • Looking into that list, which I can only assume is fake, you'd have to wonder why they'd have scanned or even made customs for Mlienkovic, Yaremchuk, Koopmeiners etc from Serie A. They rest makes sense but I can't see how anyone would know!
  • There is a rogue chap who is at EA who has posted bits on Twitter. Update 7 due in a week or so with no scans and update 8 in mid-February with a lot of scans and updates.
  • Do we know if the update is on PS5 yet or are all those images and videos from PC users?
  • Love that shout, good idea.
  • Crystal Palace career is going to be excellent now I can sign Conor Gallagher. I just need to swap out Doucoure for perhaps somone like McKennie or Kone in CDM.
  • Still no Ben White?
  • Connor Gallagher chaps....
  • Great we will get Nunez and I can start that Liveprool CM with Gakpo already transferred. Please don't let us down with a bonus Arsenal scan of all missing key players, as I am sure everyone wants to get into that as a CM.
  • I'd be happy if EA could just give a timeline of when they will be releasing updates and what is included within that. They don't have to say how many starheads, just that there will be some and anything else they hope to put within it. We could all just then wait for the dates, or even the approx date range and stop…
  • I am A Nunez scan away from a blissfully happy Liverpool CM. I can live without one or two fringe player scans, but it is now frustrating and I probably won't be able to start until end of February!
  • Agreed. ESR, White, Saliba, Tomiyasu, Lokonga and Vieira all needed to make Arsenal useable
  • 40962;Stargeneric Carolina Rolo 40963;Stargeneric Jessica Bernard 40964;Stargeneric Kate Westfal 40965;Stargeneric Michelle Brown 40966;Stargeneric Nikkierin Nash 40967;Stargeneric Yuerenee Lang 136686;Kim Young Kwang 138949;Antolin Alcaraz 155946;Robert Snodgrass 163303;Glenn Whelan 172316;Jorge Andujar Moreno…
  • As you guys know and will have seen me comment, I am a Palace fan and am so pleased I've got the vast majority of a scanned squad to use! Olise, Mateta, Edouard, Guehi and Rak-sakyi - all great for career mode. Just need Connor Gallagher to complete the perfect CM and I will acutally enjoy the game!
  • However, there doesn't seem to be note of any of the 7 WC starheads added to WC mode only?
  • I've not seen him anywhere or mentioned yet?
  • Whether this is all true and some of it looks like it is now, it is going to be so frustrating having these players added and we still need the promoted teams. It is going to be like the last 2 or 3 editions, where the scans are all in by around April/May and we are into the next season and the game is stale!
  • Wait. I'm a little confused, as always! So I've downloaded the update and played the WC mode with Brazil and Antony has his head - but not in CM or Kick-Off. How is that working and what does that mean, is it just for WC mode and not CM?
  • Totally agree. I bought the game as I got it in a PS5 bunde and I'd been after a PS5 for some time, so it made sense but I would not have bought otherwise. I barely play the game, have made a few careers and gotten bored after about 5-6 league games then just start another. Essentially, there is just as you've said and…
  • But we've seen these apart from Neres/Kouame and have also seen both placeholders for Nunez and Acuna online - there will be more, I am sure of it.... just after the WC finishes lol!
  • So, I'm sorry to double check and I know a lot of us speak about this, but the update will bring placeholders only and starheads will arrive with a squad update, which would be later on? Yes? I just want to know whether we can find out now, 6pm (UK) or whenever that is.
  • The Rice and Mount hair updates are positive, as I'd like to think other members of the England squad will have customs.
  • Yep. They would've been my first choice but I saw and it's just a no, plus you know they won't change it.
  • So the Boca Juniors keeper shows up as a scan? Wonder what is happening.
  • **Crystal Palace have been scanned** Check the Palace Twitter account where they've done a player face reveal and the players react. Last part of the clip, Marc Guehi is annoyed that asks that if they've scanned his face, why isn't it in the game? Proof of held scans but surely the World Cup/November update will be…
  • I am actually not going to buy it this year until the Wolrd Cup, Celtc & Rangers and also promoted PL team scans are put in. Genuinely not worth it, is it? I've watch the streams online of the Career Modes and it is just the same game, with new kits and a bit of love for Bundesliga and Leicester! lol
  • Ermmmm ok? I just hoped we might spot some more starheads on their streams, that's all. ANYWAY, just an idea and didn't know if anyone knew?
  • Is it likely next week we will see EA Gamechangers playing on Youtube? I seem to remember most years a week or two before release some of these guys went to a capture event or similar, then release their recordings over the week prior to release.
  • So when is Sofifa updated to FIFA 23?
  • Regardless of Tuchel being sacked, I don't understand why they can't give us a 'Free Agents' pool. This keeps scans in the game and you can use various old managers. ALSO - you could put scanned players who retire in Career Mode into there, so you can always change during a season to live out another scenario with someone…
  • I think all in all, what we got is okay. Premier League is a mess but there is so much talent that we've been crying out for in the Bundesliga for such a long time. Leipzig scans gives us almost a full team and so many good choices for CM, either with them or for transfers. Wolfsburg, Leverkusen, Dortmund and Gladbach all…
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