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  • No cap, this is honestly the worst patch I've experience in recent months. I am so so glad I never bought this game, I'm currently on a second month of EA Pro Access (or w/e its called, forgot to cancel after the 2nd month kicked in) I was actually about to consider purchasing this game purely off gameplay alone. Not now,…
  • The entire career mode is a copy paste of PES's, its an improvement but a lazy improvement. How are you going to tell me that such basic things like changing a players position to whatever you want is such a good change or... the jumping in from sim games..... There is some changes of course they are a step in the right…
  • I await the expected locked thread, because this is the only way EA deal with 'controversial topics' when have we seen any innovation brought towards career mode? Every single year a new release of Fifa we always get the usual deliverance of, "Don't expect much change to career mode". The question is what is really…
  • Then what did you disagree with? Perhaps you didn't disagree with anything and you're too busy trying to be edgy, but failing miserably at it.
  • Most of them are in relation to the disgusting business practice of EA. If you wish to shill for a company that doesn't give a crap about you, fair enough this is your choice.
  • Fair is fair, I'm liking the changes you made it was the right thing to do. I'm enjoying playing the game once again thank you.
  • Also, remove the Alex Hunter story nobody cares about it you're wasting resources on something that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • Is there anyway we can get back the original patch, you've ruined the gameplay with this patch and turned the overall gamestyle to cater people who play FUT.
  • Some of the changes I've noticed since this 'patch' The ball literally moves like a damn rocket when hit Ball moves considerably faster Player don't control the ball anymore So many awful touches now Ping pong passing is the thing to do I really am struggling to understand how you can ruin something so many times
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing this, the game plays like absolute GARBAGE!!! I didn't want the awful gamestyle of FUT to be brought forward onto career mode this has just turned your damn game into a pathetic arcade football game. What worries me more is I'm not even sure if they meant to do this, you screwed the…
  • Charging us to buy player faces... ehhh? They can easily just do their job and add more in, it's just a simple case of them whoring their game out for FUT as long as you have kiddies borrowing mummy and daddies credit card what do they care? FUT the gambling simulator to get kids ready for the big leagues, GG.
  • EA shot themselves in the foot big time when they did their best to remove mod support from Fifa, I guess having people add player faces into the game was too painful for them to take the sheer thought of having new player faces without having to wait a whole year for their annual 10-20 new players added in along with the…
  • Pfttt bruh, I don't even know why I would buy it, Stressa 18 is the only Stresscer game that has the licensing! I would only buy it down to the fact it has licensing, I can look back and laugh at how much I get annoyed about a game which is clearly shafting me over for being better than my opponent, but overall I'm more…
  • End thread at this, mod close discussion.
  • Thanks for the response guys, I had a little bit of doubt posting my review but thought I'd give it a shot and see what people thought. The core gameplay of Fifa is good, It's just the overall competitive edge which I honestly believe is damaged, I really hold hope that EA will try to market the next Fifa in a competitive…
  • Typical of EA really they barely put in any work to adding in player faces they've got the entire football gaming industry pretty much monopolized yet all they do is focus on a handful of players... There is more to football than the La Liga and BPL some of us that aren't from Spain or England would perhaps like to see…
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