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  • Maximilian Philipp is a must. Had a brand new scan added last year but we didn't even get to use it because he moved to Russia. Now he's back in Germany
  • They likely had Greenwood scanned for FIFA 20. They'll add him next year and say "Community! We listened!"
  • Fantastic quality. Can we have more of those? Is the guy who posts them on Instagram or Twitter?
  • Have there been any new faces added or any updates after the release? Haven't bought the game this year
  • Not like we had 200 Bundesliga faces added for release that weren't in beta. Suure
  • Where does it say there is a trailer coming tomorrow? Exciting if true!
  • Are you sure this is when he switched to corn rows? Arsenal scan in the middle of pandemic doesn't really make sense to me. Especially if we consider that Mari and Martinelli are both scanned and they definitely missed all sessions in June and July. Plus I don't think it's realistic to think that EA would render the faces…
  • New title update for Beta. Player who previously had placeholders are now scanned. Scans for Matheus Uribe and Rick Karsdorp. Perhaps there were more added for players who were previously generic but we would need a squad update to find out. Let me know if you found any placeholders earlier so that they can be checked -…
  • Marseille Team must have got scanned after the summer transfer window. Valentin Rongier signed on September 3rd and he is scanned. Darío Benedetto signed earlier, on August 5th, but he is not updated in the beta version of the game. No movement at all for Marseille in the winter transfer window so I can't tell when exactly…
  • I've been trying to figure out when the scanning sessions for non-PL teams took place and so far I managed to figure out Lyon. I will need a bit more info from Beta for the other teams but there is one thing I noticed: Luuk De Jong was not scanned with PSV (left on July 1st, Boscagli signed for PSV on July 17th and Doan on…
  • The only way PL got rescanned is if EA predicted corona before it started and scanned the clubs in the first half of the season.
  • It's not. There is no James in the trailer. You can clearly see both of Chelsea's fullbacks are white (Azpilicueta and Alonso) at the beginning of the improved AI clip.
  • We got Salah in FIFA 20, Firmino in FIFA 21. Buy FIFA 22 to get a brand new Mane face, FIFA 23 for a Robertson update and FIFA 24 for a new Alisson! Unless Liverpool becomes exclusive to PES, in which case we will get all of their faces at once and enjoy Redseyside FC for the next couple of years. This game really has no…
  • Perhaps post videos or photos to back your statement up.
  • Planning to gather all the info we have and try to draw conclusions and rate how playable the top 5 leagues will be in FIFA 21 (starhead-wise). Starting with... Premier League The league was in a pretty good spot starhead-wise in FIFA 20, but as always, summer and winter signings ruined it. A lot of faces, even for high…
  • I really don't get why people want to be able to edit generic faces. The main issue with them is that EA uses roughly the same player creation engine since the Xbox 360 days. None of the generic faces you create will even remotely resemble their real-life counterparts. For scans and customs, the resemblance is between…
  • I think the PL rescan not happening was confirmed by that Bergwijn face being from his PSV days. Besides, with corona there was no opportunity to visit and scan teams (which takes place in February and March for Premier League rescans). They will add some faces they held back from the previous scanning sessions (Firmino,…
  • He joined Sevilla on July 1st 2019. Which means the possible scenarios are: 1. Pessimistic - PSV got scanned during the 2018/19 season and Bergwijn + De Jong scans are from that period of time. 2. Optimistic - PSV got scanned during the first half of the 2019/20 season and Luuk De Jong has his scan from a Sevilla scanning…
  • Nvm they're mods. Fell for it. Ffs
  • Lafont looks pretty generic but he's a generic looking guy and it is because of the expression. Pretty sure it's a scan if the guy shared it.
  • https://twitter.com/PutoCaonabo/status/1290792398088527873?s=19
  • Atal (Nice) and Lafont (Nantes) are both scanned. So I assume the full league scan did happen after all
  • It's probably UT exclusive
  • Buzzing for those Roma scans. At the moment they have just 3 generics in their squad which makes them one of the best if not the best team in terms of scanned players percentage. All players are up to date as well, very happy they updated Kolarov.
  • EA gonna give us that squad update as a Christmas gift
  • No date is given.
  • Wilder, Smith and Farke shouldn't count as additional three faces. In the last update we found 26 new faces and assumed that those three are the remaining ones. Is it the case again this time?
  • Callum Robinson and Lys Mousset from Sheffield, Neil Taylor from Aston Villa, Renan Lodi and Saponjic from Atletico.
  • They've already been confirmed to have not been at the scanning session. Like million times... Can we stop asking and wasting people's time. Thanks for your effort @Rakart
  • They don't need the squad update to see the faces, they can mod it so that they appear. No squad update was released yet afaik

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