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  • That is why I am with eFootball (old PES) now. Does eFootball have issues? Oh yes. Framerate is not high enough. Not as stabil. Graphics not good enough. Gameplay a little too basic, still. But... Running and playing feels like FOOTBALL. It's way more tactical. And it is FUN. You don't care what team you play or if it is…
  • A solution would be to give exactly the same strength to every team. But keeping their individual playing style. So, Atl. Madrid is as good as PSG. But where PSG have speed and techinique. Atl. Madrid have defense and passion. OR, they could make you choose between different layers. Amateur teams. Semi pro. Pro teams, like…
  • The point in more strong teams is that people wouldn't play PSG. Some would. Some would play Milan from the 90s, Barca from the 00, Man Utd from the 90s, Best of Premier League, Argentina with Diego etc. It would be annoying if you had to change team every time. And people would still pick PSG every other game.
  • My idea. This game mode needs balance. However, one option could be to add more super OP teams. Like the Adidas team and the legend team. With 25 really good players to choose from. All sorts of teams. Premiere League all stars. Serie A all star. Manchester United all stars. Spain all stars. Best of the world right now.…
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