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  • That make sense, although it seems a bit pointless to put a limit on how many stadiums can be renamed. I usually only rename the European and MLS stadiums but this year I thought I'd do them all. It's annoying that I can't even remove the names of the Asian/South American stadiums and then change the MLS ones. Thanks for…
  • Lanarkshire Barcelona.
  • I used to restart games all the time if the CPU looked as though it was “cheating” in some way but, to be honest, quitting the game and playing until you win doesn’t give you the same satisfaction as actually grinding out a win. What @gavin2903 said is pretty much what I’d say. Before that game I’d have put money on City…
  • In order to do this you have to manually move whichever team(s) you want to move. Select the team you want to move, press triangle (Y on Xbox), navigate to the league you want to put them in and then select a team to swap. Did you do anything like this before you started your CM?
  • The “current squads” option should work, as long as you save squads before you start the CM.
  • Have you enabled the first summer transfer window?
  • Playing as Celtic in previous years I easily won 85% of domestic league/cup games, but struggled in others as the AI outplayed me in almost every aspect. The problem was this would happen against bottom of the league teams like Hamilton, while I would thrash the likes of Aberdeen who were in 2nd. This year I’ve found that…
  • As far as I’m aware, downloading squad updates will not delete any created players you have made.
  • That seems to be the case anyway. I was initially worried when I noticed that there was no “current customised” option in the CM menu. I like to edit stadium names before I start and you had to choose current customise squads to stop the game using the generic stadium names.
  • Just tested this and I’m able to do it fine. I created a custom player and added him to the Celtic squad, saved squads and then started a new career mode with “current squads”.
  • The UCL licence is the only thing that’s keeping me from giving up this year. If there are no major improvements to career mode next year, I honestly can’t see myself parting with the cash for another lifeless game.
  • I’m not hopeful of a huge career mode revamp anytime soon. FUT will always be EA’s focus, seeing as it is a pay-to-win game mode. You actually can edit your national team’s squad numbers, which is a tiny step in the right direction.
  • As usual I’ll start with Celtic and transform them into a top team. I might try and take Sunderland back to the Premier League this year on top of that, and maybe do a player career.
  • I’ve never agreed with the notion that you should support your local club. My local club is Greenock Morton, but I was born into a Celtic supporting family and I’ve always felt an emotional connection with Celtic. I, and a few others I know, prefer to go by “support whoever your dad supports”. I can’t say I know many…
  • Born and raised a Celtic supporter. Always have been, always will be. By the way OP, the top division in Scotland is called the Scottish Premiership. It was rebranded from the SPL five years ago.
  • I’ve joined late, but I’m enjoying this story so far! The graphics are brilliant and the story is so immersive. The first season was fantastic for Dallas and Henry – hopefully they’ll defend their title.
  • There’s no definitive answer. You could finish one season in a few hours by simulating every single match or play every single match and finish in a few days/weeks. It also depends how often you play and how many games you get through when you do play. Personally, I prefer to play every game. I play a few hours of FIFA…
  • The summer transfer window is open in July and August while the winter transfer window is open in January. I’m guessing you approached to sign the player outside of one of these windows, so whenever the next transfer window starts that player will join up with your squad.
  • Above is correct, the away goals rule applies in the Supercopa. Because Barcelona scored 2 away goals and you scored none, they advance.
  • Whenever you're in the pre-match menu you should have the option along the bottom to play as a team.
  • Which league?
    in Career Comment by KBS_Blades July 2017
  • I think 8 minute half length is perfect. As said above, the AI is atrocious on Beginner and Legendary. I find playing as the team instead of just your player is much more enjoyable and balances out your skill level against the AI, instead of the computer playing itself with you as one player.
  • While something like this is a decent idea and would help to improve the game, this would deter my interest in CM even more. I've already bought the game, so why should I have to pay for anything more?
  • Great list! Adding in reserve teams is a must. It would make the youth academy so much more fun and appealing. The transfer system needs a huge improvement. Obviously there's the same players moving to the same players in every CM, but there's also certain clubs buying a certain position in bulk (i.e. Man United buying all…
  • * Basque, actually ;)
  • I could be wrong, but I think La Liga uses the head to head record first when deciding who's top when teams have equal points. The Serie A definitely uses the head to head rule, so that's why you lost out on the title there.
  • Because Celtic are the best team in the game, obviously! ;) But really, from my experience, CM does tend to be unrealistic when it comes to how teams play. I usually find that I thrash the top teams and really struggle against the lower teams. It's been like that for me for a long time, and I've seen and heard other people…
  • I quite often play players in different positions and it works fine. For example, I might play a CB as a full back or a ST as a CAM, and vice versa, if I don't have another player to play there. It usually works pretty well if you don't do anything ridiculous (a CB at ST, CAM at RB, and so on).

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