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  • Yes, certainly worth it. Throw an engine on him for the balance and he can play CAM/CA/ST (I played him in all positions and he's amazing)
  • EA messed up and made the first batch of red picks a RW, then to compensate they gave everyone who chose the RW one the LW one as well. No bug, just EA **** up again (and you getting lucky)
  • Packed Hero Rashford and the packs are virtually free. The SBC is weird and I'm not sure why they've released it now, but it's free packs guys not like you threw in your entire club and got shafted because you 'didn't get Mahrez'.
    in Mahrez sbc Comment by JorisDB July 6
  • Haha this has got to be a troll post right?
  • (Quote) Will there be upgrade packs for the ultimate TOTS though? These packs are linked to the league, which will be impossible with the ultimate TOTS. I'm gonna empty my club (everything 81 and lower at least) for these upgrade packs since they s…
  • Packed him from the guaranteed SBC, playing him as a CDM at the moment (only played 1 game) and he feels very smooth on the ball. Not sure if his defensive stats are perfect, but if you want an offensive minded player who's also capable of playing a…
    in TOTS Frenkie? Comment by JorisDB June 12
  • Bought TOTY Marcelo a few days back, I play him as LCM though so can’t speak for him on LB position but my oh my he’s so insanely good at LCM.
  • (Quote) RvP is a legend but he did not deserve this tots. The reason I did the sbc was to be able to play with one of my favourite players of all time for one more year, and added to that it’s BS that this card is higher than his EOAE because that …
    in RVP really ea? Comment by JorisDB June 7
  • I’m truly pissed at this. How the hell can they make a TOTS card better than his EOAE. That they give Zlatan a good flashback and a better TOTS was already a bit weird but okay, but a card that celebrates RVP’s entire career should be the highest ve…
    in RVP really ea? Comment by JorisDB June 7
  • Just don't even waste your time on these Futswaps then, you're done, you comleted FIFA 19 and instead of spending even more time than you allegedly already did trying to get a card you will never ever use by playing annoying games of Squad Battles a…
  • Building a new squad over and over again
  • Unpopular opinion but I really dislike Sierd, just trying to be as weird as possible so people will talk about him.. I do think we 100% need new Dutch commentary, but would immediately switch it off if it will be Sierd (I will probably turn it off n…
  • (Quote) Yeah unfortunately also just above my budget, but thanks for the suggestion! Looking at TOTS Jovic now and I really like how that card looks, so might give that one a try..
  • (Quote) Ah good suggestion, thanks! Just a bit too expensive since he's 1.36m, but maybe I'lll try to scrape that last bit of cash together!
  • (Quote) Haha if I wanted to flex on people I would say 'show you my RTG team', just because I have decent players doesn't mean there are any dollars spend. :) I posted my team so people can see what other players are in my squad, since that can ea…
  • (Image) "I packed" him when I was watching two kids from a friend of my mom, they play FIFA but don't do any SBC's since they're quite young (11 and 13 ) and just want to play the game. Told them: let's do the marquees (on their acc), op…
  • Allright I voted that I wasn't going to do it and then I saw I could complete it for 3.5k + untradeables so pulled the trigger and did it. French flag made me instantly happy, and Dembele popped out, just when I was looking for a new LM. Fits my te…
  • Amazing, absolutely love him. His shooting surprised me the most, he scores everything from anywhere. Added to that he's tall and strong, the perfect CAM in my opinion.
  • Great another La Liga CB to put next to Ramos and Godin and cheap TOTS Pique.....
  • He's one of the best cards I've used this year, absolutely love him. Just completed Gullit so not sure how they'll compare, but I really love Socrates.
  • If you have the UCL's untradeable then it's certainly worth it, if you don't have them untradeable I'm not sure, could make a loss on the packs then. I hit MOTM Neuer (105k) and the recordbreaker card that discarded for 69k, and added to that some …
  • Have the exact same thing.. I only play Rivals if needed for a fut swap though, and havent played WL in a month or 2, so maybe that's why I suck at the game atm, but yeah it's a total slugfest and I can't seem to score anything.
  • Di Maria, pulled him in the other small pack as well..
  • I just did it and it was tradeable (you mean the one from the shirts right?)
  • Got the 85 RB, but well, cheapest 85 is 11k, and this sbc would've been 8k if I bought all the players, so 'profit'.
  • Honestly you're noone to talk, got well over 100 packs and packed 4 walkouts (of which 3 were in the shittiest packs ever). Not a single TOTS, only bullcrap players and 4 walkouts worth nothing at all.
  • 100 packs, some terrible, most okay, some great. Zero TOTS 4 Walkouts (Ter Stegen, Rakitic, Pique and Veratti). Quite done with this BS.
  • Opened around 100 packs with 2 friends of mine on 3 accounts, zero TOTS, 4 walkouts, only crap furthermore. Didn't expect a lot but was still let down.
  • I don't think it will make that much of a difference. Selling now and buying back probably means that with the EA tax you will make about the same 'loss' as you would when you hold on to your cards. I'm not a market guru and I could be very much of…
    in Market Crash? Comment by JorisDB May 16

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