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  • Wayne Penooney IMO
  • Yeah, noticed that. :D The most questionable rating I think I saw was Erik Lamela being upgraded (even if it was only by 1). Joel Campbell also managed to get himself an upgrade too. 83 will do for Koscielny, 84 in January. o:)
  • Has Koscielny's rating been released anywhere? I bet it's 82 as per usual and he'll get yet another January upgrade.
  • I see, I was linked a futhead page with a load of ratings too. Some very dodgy ratings to say the least. Yeah, the link Stannis posted, thanks.
  • Am I blind or where did you guys find the ratings?
  • They gave Messi 86 passing. :D
  • :joy: I haven't even seen you really do anything that bad other than mock that BasedStudge guy who is worthy of being mocked.
  • I feel like Ward has settled down in his later years on this forum (well RF and here).
  • A nothing stat but if it was Giroud instead of Alexis it would be feeding time at the zoo. :blush: I don't even want this to seem like I'm criticising Alexis, considering he returned later than everyone else I would have been surprised if he had just picked up where he left off. My point was that Alexis scored a lot of…
  • Alexis has had 20 shots without a goal this season, the most in the Premier League. :s He's gonna have to rectify that if he's going to carry us to 3rd place again. To be fair one of those shots did cause an own goal that got us the win at Palace.
  • Giroud is a joke of a footballer. Ramsey given MOTM because he runs in behind. :D
  • I can't cope without Özil, Ramsey as a #10 is breaking me. I'm not even suggesting Özil would've created many chances by now, Ramsey's just so slow on the ball that it's painful.
  • We've had 40 shots and converted 5% of them so far this season. :joy:
  • We start Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott as soon as Ozil gets injured. :blush: Hopefully they can both do enough to keep Giroud out of the line-up and force one of Cazorla/Ramsey onto the bench though.
  • :D Although I do agree, Coquelin and Ramsey won't work until Ramsey steps out of his Kevin Nolan phase.
  • Gabriel was really good in the second half, gives me hope that he can dislodge Mertesacker from the team on a permanent basis. I actually agree with Ward on Ozil. He was, like basically the entire team, much better in the second half but he didn't really do anything spectacular. Doesn't help that he has Giroud and Ramsey…
  • @koscielny
  • Cech and Coquelin are performing miracles to even keep us at 0-0. Bellerin was good too before the final 10 when he gave the ball away stupidly for the Benteke chance and then letting Coutinho cut in. The rest have been awful, Monreal hasn't really been targeted so he can escape criticism. Chambers should be sold to…
  • That's because he played well against Man United and was one of our best players, particularly in the second half when he moved central. However, as Tropicaz pointed out a few days ago, that was his last good game for us.
  • I agree but he could have jeopardized the game by getting us put down to 10 men. Agreed. Created 5 chances, 1 being an assist and misplaced one pass out of 55 and we're handing out MOTM to Cazorla. If I was Ozil I'd hand in a transfer request tbh.
  • Who did Sky give MOTM and who was the commentator that awarded it? Saw someone say Cazorla, which I hope is a joke.
  • He did his part defensively in the second half which was important at 2-1 but I agree he was woeful going forward, he didn't even stay on the right side for most of the game before Oxlade-Chamberlain came on, constantly running across to the left and the centre and basically getting in the road of Alexis and Ozil.
  • That was absolutely ridiculous from Mesut.
  • Ramsey, thanks for the memories but it's time to sit on the bench until Cazorla gets injured. Also, Giroud has had a good half if you ignore the 48 1-2's he attempted that never came off.
  • Giroud hasn't scored in any of his last 8 Premier League appearances, 609 minutes without a goal. :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
  • Our best player from last week dropped and one of Cazorla/Ramsey outwide. o:)
  • Most liked: At present Mesut Özil Most hated: Mathieu Flamini
  • I thought peoples issue with Coquelin was his passing so I'm a bit confused why people are so interested in Krychowiak. Admittedly I have not watched him very often but from what I've read and the limited I have seen he doesn't seem like a great passer of the ball either. Coquelin isn't even that bad of a passer, although…

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