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  • Im having a similar issue. My problem is that players are almost always trying overhead kicks or bicycle kicks rather than headers when the ball is in the air, especially from corners. It used to be an achievement to score an overhead kick. I've sco…
  • I'd like to see more realistic transfers. Never mind the stupid and frankly, waste of time, cutscenes with the generic manager. Make it more like PES, where there is a real chance of missing out on your target if certain demands aren't met. Also, mo…
  • Issue Summary: Rule bug??? Issue Details: Ball crossed into box but goes behind for a goal kick, keeper dives to make contact with the ball after it crosses the line. Ref gives a penalty. Replays showed no contact between any players in the penalty …
  • Issue Summary: Rule bug Issue Details: Scored a goal from the edge of the six yard box following a corner. Linesman disallowed the goal for offside, despite a defender being positioned on the goal line. Game Mode: Womens Tournament Platform (Xbox 36…
  • Issue Summary: Strange penalty Issue Details: Crossed the ball, keeper tipped it behind for a corner, penalty given. Watched replay, no incidents in the box, no reason for penalty at all. This was my first match in career during the pre-season tourn…
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