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  • I don’t get why gambling on a 87 x 10 pack is risky and you think it will effect your number one position - which btw I don’t think is true… 100k is not going to improve your team so what you are saying makes no sense.
  • I have done both Matheus and eto - not convinced lothar is close to a lot of decently released futties but helps with links and is cheap. Eto on the other hand - is godly. Iirc he was close to 3m at one point and along with untradables I put in roughly 30k. I might also have a go at Henry as well
  • [quote="So basically, out of the 17 players you can get, 10 of them are big wins that would upgrade any team (or 90% at least), 4 of them are very good cards, and 3 of them are undesirable, which gives you a 13/17 or 10/17 (which gives you around 67.6 % chance of pulling something good (58 if players on list 2 don't…
  • Imagine getting that wound up by a game that you come onto an online forum to vent. Baffles me why people waste their weekend playing WL, moan about it constantly then will still play it the following week?!
  • I opened a premium gold players pack earlier and highest rated was 84 Corona. So your pack with 10 TOTS with a 90+ rating is pretty decent.... In all seriousness though, Muller, Martinez , Mertens and De Paul are quality, irrespective of their current market value...
  • Completely disagree with your comment. We all know a card should not be based on Stats alone, and Cruyff will undoubtedly perform far superior to almost any other card significantly below his price due to animations and 'hidden stats ' For example, NIF Neymar, is still one of the best wingers ( IMO ) under 500k. His…
  • Unless you are a genuinely competitive player surely it’s more fun and rewarding playing with players who you like, idolise or at the very least have heard of?
  • Erm I think most football fans realise the match has already happened and Argentina won. Like every other dynamic upgrade, his price will go down as soon as he is upgraded when everyone sells at the same time. Best time to sell is now, he won’t go any higher IMO.
  • I wouldn’t be concerned about Chem. Any RM/RW will be on 7/8 chem anyway and you won’t notice any difference. Having said that, I’m not sure who I would go for but I wouldn’t limit myself to icons or English players just for chemistry
  • Some people baffle me. To answer a few of your many ridiculous questions: What was Ea’s first thought when they created the game? - Money. As with any business their prime objective is to make money. Why don’t they listen to their customers? - why should they when the model they have makes them billions of dollars a year.…
  • What’s your problem? [/quote] I'm not sure he nor anyone else really cares?
  • The reality is they probably don’t want to win their group and face a ‘group of death’ team in the next round. Much better to come second and play the second place team in group E which could be Sweden , Slovakia or Poland and ( possibly Spain ) Think it’s tactics and I fully expect a draw tonight to ensure we finish…
  • Tbf so much gameplay is in friendlies now with objectives I’d look at it as you getting a million player for next to nothing. I honestly don’t see the point in buying the big icons when you can use their loan an unlimited amount of times. Tbf I don’t play WL so it might be different for those that do.
  • The ‘hyperlink’ is irrelevant. They don’t exist with icons as all get green links to each other. I would say nif neymar is probably the best at that price , even on 7 Chem
  • It’s not really though, you put in a 92 fodder plus 10 other cards to get a 91 fodder card....
  • I would go: Lb - Davies Cb - Walker Cb - nif Gomez RB - awb Cm - kessie Cm - kimmich Rm - Lozano St - kenny Then who ever you like as the second st and lm. In all seriousness when you get to tots, chemistry means nothing. Even with face stats on 4 chemistry they will be fine as most are maxed out anyway.
  • Why would it bother you if it doesn’t work anymore? Surely them doing it gives you an advantage??
  • Absolutely. I really like 21. It has its flaws but so does everything in life. Far too many people moan on these forums about how terrible the game is yet they still come To the forums, albeit to moan. Baffles me. It’s the only game I play, I love football, there isn’t another football sim apart from PES and aside from all…
  • I don’t really understand the point of this thread. You were 12-0 - you can not class yourself as a casual and therefore you won’t and shouldn’t match with casuals. Casuals are still playing, I’m in division 7 and still playing, I’ve played WL once, and hated it, was way out of my depth so I don’t play it anymore. It’s all…
  • Sif boudo Bargain at 30k
  • I might be being a bit cynical here but, for someone who has a club value of 600m it is unlikely they banned you for no apparent reason. I’m guessing you trade a lot and must have sold multiple players above market value or max bin, or transferred coins to another account etc. Of course you may well be completely innocent…
  • Every player will drop now. Unless it’s 83-87 fodder then it will rise. Then said fodder will drop when promo packs are opened. Then they will rise when said fodder is needed for an SBC. Meanwhile any player who isn’t fodder will keep on dropping. But it’s all relative and virtual currency so it really doesn’t matter if…
  • If you want to do Messi SBC then of course stick them in. If you don’t, then keep them until a SBC you like pops up. Pretty simple really!
  • His PIM does
  • Unless you bought him for 20 odd % less than going rate you didn’t snipe him you just bought him. There are none on the market, like a lot of other PIMS as they have been out for for precisely 51 hours. Everyday more will be packed, more supply, price will come down. IF the price range gets increased like you say, which it…
  • But you can’t pack moments CR7??
  • It’s all relative. If a 1m icon loses 60% of its value then other similar priced icons will lose the same. Taking away the elite icons then a 2m icon will lose more so you’ll actually be better off. It’s only virtually money anyway:
  • I actually enjoy it. I don’t play WL as a) I’m not good enough and b) I don’t want to spend 2 whole days playing an arcade game. although tbh there isn’t much else to do but still, I’d rather watch real football. However, it is often laughable that you can predict what will happen before it happens. I often have games…
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