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  • Can anyone send new face pics from the new update? Ive only seen neymar david silva and sterling
  • Holy **** i did NOT expecf adidad glitch. Nice job ea
  • (Quote) I think we will get 8 boots but no sockless mercurials
  • (Quote) Those were pyrostorm nemesiz not pyrostorm nemesiz MESSI
  • According to footy headlines the new messi nemesiz boots were to be released yesterday. That either means they're NOT releasing them or they pushed it a few days later so the release didnt come the same day messi played a vital match with argentina.…
  • (Quote) Adidas will probably add the messi nemesiz boots to be released i think this week. Then theres a minor adidas pack they might add at the end of october and theyre probably gonna add 2 new nike packs (one red and one blue) at the begginings …
  • Really gets on my nerves how an entire adidas pack is available for journey (together with all fifa 17 adidas boots) but NOT in catalogue. Also i dont expect ea to add the latest nike pack since its a secondary pack but i really fear that they will …
  • Can anyone send any pics from catalogue?
  • Are the new adidas boots in game cause im starting to worry?
  • (Quote) send me you id
  • Guys i have a question. I went to edit my teams players and i noticed something. Last year if you put undershirt on a player you couldnt remove it but it was visible only on cold weather, not in warm weather. In fifa 18, although undershirt can be r…
  • can anyone post a pic or ronaldos new boots in game?
  • Has anyone seen sockless nikes appart from mercurials? i persojally havent spotted any sockless magistas or hypervenoms. have you?
  • (Quote) Most definitely. The graphics have been amazingly improved, we finally have sockless versions and cr7 boots. I only hope ea still add messi memesiz boots
  • (Quote) Tis confirms that both sockless version of boots will be available (hazard and pedro wear sockless mercurials while mkitaryan wears the same mercurials with the sock)
  • Do you guys think ea might add meymars boots thanks to his move to psg? I mean as soon as he moved there he got a new face and updated hairstyle
  • Great news. New nike and adidas packs will be in game and the new boot graphics are insane. CR7s boots are also there. Unfortunately no neymar boots apparently and no idea about nemesiz and older nike and adidas packs (those not in fifa 17)
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  • Guys i just notices something in a video i saw with the new bpl lineup. I noticed that players wearing puma like Czech and Xhaka wore default boots and that got me really woried. Here see for your self https://youtu.be/BGgWGkQ91E8
  • I wanna hear yoir opinions. Do you think meymars new nike boots will be added this year? Also, what about the pradator silo?? I think all adidas boots will be added, but not sure bout nike and especially neymar
  • Guys i made a post called FIFA 18 Boots. There this thread can continue next year. Hope you like it and ill try tome it as good as this one
  • (Quote) Y know that could be used for potential shirtless celebrations. Just saying
  • (Quote) Well messi wad also the cover for 4 years and although he and many others were scanned, no boots have been scanned yet. Maybe they only scanned ronaldos boots but i doubt it. Not to mention thats the only boot we see which isnt in fifa 17. …
  • Holly **** cr7 boots! I just hope ea will be releasing messis nemesiz as well
  • Guys its obvious that ea wont add any new boots. New pumas and adidas boits have not been added so its fair to say the season is over here. All in all it was a good year if we exclude the 2 nike packs which were not added. Lets hope fifa 18 will be …
  • holly **** ive never seen this discussion more dead. well i guess since we currently dont have anything new or something to complain about there is no need to
  • Any new adidas pack picks?
  • guys guys lets not get carried away. ea wont add any new hypervenoms and or tiempos. Expect new nikes on april when the new white pack is released
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