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  • I've seen you can actually play as Michael Schumacher in the special edition can you play him in MyTeam ? Because Michael Schumacher and Mick Schumacher would be awesome teammates B)
  • Nice touch having a Michael Schumacher edition considering his records are getting beaten by Lewis Hamilton and yet again I get to play the guy that sat beside me as a fan at another motorsport series and wouldn't shut up :D little did I know he wo…
  • (Image) Is it worth buying :love: The trailers make it exciting my team mode looks better than FIFA career mode :+1:
  • (Quote) Agree then Ferrari would have to give Pascal Wehrlein a chance the only other test driver is Giovinazzi who's at Alfa Romeo.
  • (Image) UEFA Europa League Quarter Final Draw Ties to be played in Germany Wolfsburg / Shakhtar Donesk vs Basel/ Eintracht Frankfurt LASK/ Manchester United/ Istanbul/ Copenhagen Getafe / Inter Milan vs Rangers / Leverkusen Olympiacos/ Wolves vs Se…
  • (Image) UEFA Champions League 2019/20 Quarter Final Draw Real Madrid / Manchester City vs Lyon/ Juventus Leipzig vs Atlético Madrid Napoli / Barcelona vs Chelsea/ Bayern Atalanta vs PSG UEFA Champions League will come back from the 7th August to t…
  • (Image) Today's Premier League Games Bournemouth vs Tottenham 18:00 Sky Sports Everton vs Southampton 18:00 Amazon Prime Aston Villa vs Manchester United 20:15 Sky Sports
  • (Image) Kick off at 18:00 it's Everton vs Southampton on Amazon
  • (Image) DC Fandome Virtual Convention on 22 August will feature a presentation from WB Games so we know they'll be a new DC game as long as it's not a mobile game I want the new Batman game to come out as long as it's not an exclusive for the new X…
  • Renault must still think they'll be the best team in F1 in 2021/2022 didn't they make the same promise to Ricciardo ? Great to see Alonso back though some think it's unfair he got a seat instead of a young driver come on he's a 2x F1 World Champion…
  • Vagner Love ! :smiley: (Image) Only has 20 caps for Brazil and 4 Goals how could I forget about him
  • Bernard has to be the dullest Brazilian nickname Socrates :+1: Ronaldo :+1: Cafu :+1: Zico :+1: Pelè :+1: But let's not forget Dunga and Titè :wink:
  • But there's no Sami Hyypiä ;) or Jamie Kickyouranglecarragher
  • (Quote) Yes because the Hills are alive !
  • Carlos Sainz will be thinking has he made the wrong move for 2021
  • LANDO ! McLaren ! :o WOW
  • Hammer time Literally ! (Image)
  • Wait to you see the new podium :mask: hopefully Albon is in the middle
  • You can't compare different generations on who's better especially in the era's where F1 Drivers risked their lives some lost their lives obviously it can still happen just not on a regular basis like it used to be sadly if you put Juan Manuel Fangi…
  • :tired_face: Well I guess Mercedes win another championship
  • The Young Arsenal Players are better than the older players though Aubameyang will be hard to keep unless Arsenal win the FA Cup I sense PSG and Napoli want him.
  • (Image) :+1:
  • He's like Teemu Pukki or is he his brother there's a resemblance :p :D
  • at least we know Mercedes have went 2 steps ahead of everyone else great to see McLaren back in the fight :+1: Lando to win tomorrow !
  • At least Pukki for Norwich has 31 appearances and 11 goals :wink:
  • (Image) Premier League Games Today Norwich vs Brighton 12:30 BT SPORT Manchester United vs Bournemouth 15:00 BT SPORT Leicester City vs Crystal Palace 15:00 Sky Sports Wolves vs Arsenal 17:30 Sky Sports Chelsea vs Watford 20:00 Sky Sports
  • EA says FIFA 21 will be the most authentic yet so it's going to be even more miserable to play :disappointed: I hope another someone get's the FIFA license off EA the contract is due to run out.
    in FIFA 21 Comment by Jboom98 July 3
  • (Image) Premier League Results Sheffield United 3 - Tottenham 1 Manchester City 4 - Liverpool 0
  • https://youtu.be/lfbq4qkoenY I'm buying this instead of FIFA 21 looks the best F1 Game Ever :+1:
  • (Image) Premier League Matches Tonight Sheffield United vs Tottenham 18:00 Sky Sports Manchester City vs Liverpool 20:15 Sky Sports Manchester City will probably play youngsters as will Liverpool because their hungover after winning the league.

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