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  • (Quote) It is. Looking forward to it. Hopefully the open world stuff is huge.
  • (Quote) Over this year I really liked: Tsuki ga Kirei Natsume Yuujinchou Roku Tsurezure Children Maid Dragon Land of the Lustrous
  • The "This feels like Wrestlemania" tripe was on point from the commentary. The PPV was overhyped and underwhelming (minus the tag match). I'm glad the crowd chanted boring for the Cena/Reigns match. I hope Reigns vs Lesnar happens at Mania…
  • (Quote) Aria is really good. One of my favourite slice of life shows. Most people would say it's a show to watch in moderation, since it's pretty relaxing (others would say it's boring).
  • (Quote) True, that's always a possibility. (Quote) Don't forget the Love Live movie. It's very good. Also, tears for Rin. Watch Nana, Beck, Sakamichi no Apollon, Sound of the Sky and Nodame Cantabile. I'd also recommend Detroit Metal City, but th…
  • (Quote) I'd check the AllTheAnime website (closer to release), because they usually put up preorder deals.
  • So good to see Aria almost reach $600k on Kickstarter. Now to wait for it to actually come out. (Quote) It is made by the same people as Sidonia. Yeah. Gantz had some nice 3D. Who knows maybe the second Godzilla movie will look better.
  • Didn't realise the first Gojira movie was coming onto Netflix soon. Lousy CG aside, they seem to have a lot of high profile VAs. Trailer gives the impression that the story is lifted straight from Skull Island. :D…
  • Explains where she got her gimmick from. :*
  • ^ I love how Alonso was constantly on the radio complaining about Palmer, until that. :lol:
  • (Quote) Awesome. I'm hoping it gets there. Excited to get the guidebook for it too. Utena is getting released in a few months too. Such a nice end to the year. :smiley: Sweet. I'd use Reddit more, but I get bored really quickly from using it.
  • Backed the Aria Kickstarter. :blush: Been watching The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. It's one of the better short series that I've seen. (Quote) Best western adaptation? Best live action will always be Thermae Romae...…
  • @"Low Ki" I legit logged in to mention that. Such awesome news. I never knew I wanted a Yakuza Fist of the North Star game... until now. (Image)
  • (Quote) If I can't have first, at least I got the next best thing... (Quote) She has great balls of fire. Goodbye pals.
  • (Quote) As opposed to Southpaw Regional Wrestling.
  • Asuka vs Ember Moon was really good. Crowd were really into it. Hope Asuka goes to Raw or Smackdown. Akira Tozawa New Day Hardyz Lesnar Naomi Bliss Shinsuke Styles Rusev Big Cass Corbin Finn Balór Rollins & Ambrose BONUS: 1
  • Tozawa's suicide dives are so clean. A nice change from Ambrose and Rollins' ones.
  • (Quote) Probably jealous that Alexa has personality. Sasha needs to rise above the hate or it'll make her go bald...
  • Been watching Kamisama Hajimeshita. It's ok. Purdy Gundam Wing set gives me an excuse to re-watch it. (Image) (Quote) That's hot. I need to get that game... right after I finish (start) MGSV.
  • (Quote) A while back he retweeted this.
  • (Quote) WWE seem to be fixing the problem, by sending the really bad rookies to Main Event...
  • Watch New Game, Tsurezure Children and Made In Abyss. Threr of the better series this season (especially Abyss). (Quote) No Hitorijime My Hero?
  • Should watch Bleach to the end of the Soul Society arc. It's pretty good up to that point. Terrible after it, though.
  • I wonder if they'll make Dean heel at Summerslam or if they'll actually give them the titles and have all three members of The Shield hold a title. (Quote) tbf he only found out Jason was his son recently, so he's probably still learning things abo…
    in WWE/NXT Lounge Comment by Jatz July 2017
    in WWE/NXT Lounge Comment by Jatz July 2017
  • The tag match was easily the best part of the show. Hoping for a Fashion Police feud. (Quote) Smackdown has been pretty bad since around Wrestlemania. Figures that when they finally managed to make something of their rag division, every other divis…
    in WWE/NXT Lounge Comment by Jatz July 2017
  • (Quote) Can't wait for Enzo to be revealed as Shane's long lost son and move to Smackdown. They both like sneakers and dancing in the ring, so it has to be.
    in WWE/NXT Lounge Comment by Jatz July 2017
  • Started Saiunkoku Monogatari. Heard it's pretty good. At least, the premise is fairly unique. (Quote) (Image)
  • (Quote) He rikes Fist of the North Star? I always knew John Cena was the GOAT.
    in WWE/NXT Lounge Comment by Jatz July 2017
  • (Quote) Probably getting harder to keep things fresh, especially when some people have appeared multiple times.
    in WWE/NXT Lounge Comment by Jatz July 2017

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