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  • That's the most frustrating thing watching Arsenal. I don't expect you guys to compete for top 4 yet but you can kind of see a young core in the building so you are a year or two away imo. But the fact that players do not look like they are putting 100% effort in is a joke. No reason Arsenal should not be first to every…
  • Obviously having Jose out is helping Spurs but I really think the Kane drama is driving the players. Imagine hearing you are nothing without Kane for years and then Kane himself starts acting like he's better than you. It's going to motivate you. Spurs played harder and with more aggression today than they have since…
  • Paratici likes to throw up a lot of smoke when doing deals. Spurs probably knew Torres was not interested but were using him as a tactic going after someone else. Just like how Spurs are going back and forth with Martinez and Vlahovic. That's Paratici's way.
  • Agreed. Bruno and Kane were frontrunners a few months ago but Bruno has dropped out. Leading in goals and assists is a remarkable achievement which puts Kane in front for me. Team record should not count when discussing individual awards.
  • I know this place is dead but I'm going to start a MLS career. Since my hometown team will be in the league in a few years, I might as well get used to the teams and players now. I'll be posting updates for anyone interested but also just for myself. I enjoy going back and reading through it a year or two in.
  • It will end up with Chelsea and Liverpool top 4. After all the craziness things will end as they already do.
  • Difference is Spurs are allergic to big games.
  • The "PE teacher" thing is as old as people who still bring up Kane as a "one year wonder" we get it, he's doing better than expected. The state of the world when a team built on £400m is celebrating a EL final and finishing top 4. 😂
  • Great signing for Leicester. He's been a consistent standout all season in Ligue 1.
  • I'm not sure if you're referring to today or in general but it looked like Spurs played attacking today. The midfield was non-existent and Kane looked really poor whenever he had the ball.
  • I'm surprised how dead it is here considering how exciting the league is this season. Neymar signed an extension to stay with PSG until 2025
  • It's the hope that kills you.
  • No idea how legit the source is but this is the update my app had. SportBild reports that Robert Lewandowski's likely next destination will be the English Premier League, if Bayern Munich opt to sell their Polish forward. The report claims that Lewandowski's agent Pini Zahavi is trying to put pressure on Bayern for a…
  • Play the game behind closed doors... Oh wait
  • If there are no limits inside, there should be no limits outside. That makes zero sense.
  • One report I saw was a few fans jumped the wall and then went around to unlock the gate. Not only does it sound like security on the inside was light but also most security was protecting the media area. Which makes sense because people were there.
  • If any fanbase attempted a repeat of today, it would be Arsenal. That's not a shot at Arsenal at all, I just think the situations are very similar. American owners, years of being below your standard, fans frustrated with the owners for years now. Large, passionate fanbase.
  • I agree with a lot of what you said but not the bolded part. We can try being poetic as fans saying it's our club, but it's not. We have zero say on anything that happens with the club. Fans can cry on social media, protest games, even boo our own players. But it does nothing but give us a nice feeling like we tried to…
  • That was an obvious move.
  • Agree. NBC said it perfect. Thousands peacefully protesting but a small minority ruined it for everyone.
  • Disgusting by them. Same type of attitudes some politicians in America had when protesters were burning businesses. Instead of blaming the idiots rioting let's blame others for their actions. I agreed with those two are the Super League but they are way off here.
  • They are supporting this protest?
  • I'm all for peaceful protests but United fans went too far today. You don't break into a stadium or start vandalizing property just to get a line across. That only makes you look bad.
  • Everton fans hate him because he accidentally injured their player. Chelsea fans hate him for the Rudiger incident (not all but a good amount) and the rest are just racist. Disgusting people.
  • He can't be any worse then what other London clubs have tried recently.
  • Was he the last man back? I only saw one replay but it looked like he was.
  • I really want to see what Potter does with better attackers. His defensive record isn't that bad either. If Spurs don't get him, I hope someone better than Brighton does.
  • Just a guy that can't stand the bow and arrow lol. I enjoy watching him play, that's just the worst celebration in the game imo. Obviously my comment was in jest. Any contract he signs will be good for United.
  • Pay him more if he agrees to stop that dumb celebration. 😁

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