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  • Yes. I am on 53K XP with completed every seasons objective and almost every daily objective.
  • No man. This is just a visual glitch when you complete objective and it says more than you get. Next time calculate your score before and after completing it so you will see that the second log-in is the right one. :wink:
  • I have completed every available objective and didn't get XP taken off. What is your problem?
  • (Quote) Do you receive it only on console? Because I'm on the web app for the last 4 hours and didn't get the message and I'm in the same situation - got the packs then disappeared.
  • PS4 yes. I also have EA Access but the problem is that I will have to wait to download it when the EA Access version is released.
  • (Quote) Literally a week ago he was 800K and this morning he was 900K.
  • OK. Maybe I am frustrating some people here but I am really honest and just wanted to share my thoughts. Delete the topic if necessary because it is already out of the point. Have a nice day guys.
  • (Quote) I play WL to Gold 2 to secure the 2 major league picks. (Quote) Yes, I married 2 weeks before Fifa 19 release :lol: (Quote) Just opened thousands of packs mate.
  • TOTS TAA, TOTY De Gea, R96 and Moments Maldini
  • (Quote) He was so good when was released. Used him with CR7 together and they were deadly.
  • (Quote) Didn't miss a week of rewards in Rivals, complete all available SBCs, played Champs till January and also now, a lot of Bronze Pack Method, some investing in the trends (sometimes OTW, sometimes IF, 83,84, 85+ players, etc.), a lot of leag…
  • With TOTS Telles at 350K and TOTY Marcelo at 850K I can see TOTS Sandro somewhere between them.
  • Zidane!!!
    in New ICONS Comment by Iwan1807 June 7
  • (Quote) He's been perfect for me all year, even better than Courtois and also after I sold my TOTYs I have decided to with packed players only. (Quote) I haven't bought a single FP. Just a lot of time
  • I have Eusebio, Gullit and Vieira and all are very good but Gullit is just a game changer. No other icon addition to my squad felt like Gullit even R9. You will feel it when you complete and use him.
  • (Quote) Was thinking of that but isn't it better to get the icon first and then submit it for 100K pack? But if I get it I know I wouldn't give it away as I'm a little bit of collector.
  • (Quote) Thanks for the help!
  • (Quote) Yes but if I don't complete objectives there is nothing to do all week on Fifa. If I need a card for SBC Modric is better value than Sane but as I said I don't need it. I have extra coins to complete SBC and a lot of untradables (just spent…
  • Currently I have Flashback Alves, TOTS Alexander Arnold and TOTS Da Costa and all 3 of them are great. I like all of them and had 89 Florenzi but played with him not more than 20 games and he was awful for me. Also TOTY Nominee Vrsalko was good back…
  • Engine 100%
  • (Image) Even with 2.5 mil in the bank I think this is my final squad and will still grind upgrade SBCs for the bench. Funnily I have packed TOTS Jovic this morning so he is added to the stacked bench :lol:
  • Are you crazy to put Prime Gullit in a CDM? He is one of the best CAMs in the game. I'm using PIM Matthaus next to Vieira as a CDM which gives me an option if I want to switch IG to formation with 1 CDM to move Matthaus up to CM and he is great in b…
  • (Quote) I guess I'm on the red list as I have packed TOTS Telles yesterday from guarantee TOTS SBC and now Tierney goes to the bench. Allisson for sure is waiting for TOTS upgrade. I like David Luiz and Dani Alves so I don't know if I would replac…
  • (Quote) Have you played with him? Better than most of the special cards IG.
  • (Quote) CR7? He's untradable (Funnily I packed tradable duplicate CR7 yesterday from Milan SBC :lol: ) and don't want to waste him on the bench. By far one of the best strikers IG. Maybe will do POTY Mbappe and rotate.
  • (Image) All untradables. Maybe will get TOTS Alex Telles as he seems to be one of the best LB in the game (already played some months with TOTY Marcelo so need something fresh). And I will have 2.5 mill in spare and don't know what to do :lol:
  • (Quote) When my team is on full chem I don't matter one or two players on 7/8 chem. 7 chem is min for me and I don't see big difference to 10.
  • https://www.futbin.com/19/squad/6795486 I think this is the best for you
  • Decided to sell my TOTY Modric, TOTY Marcelo and TOTY Varane because I don't play much now and I think there will be cheaper alternatives during TOTS. Done Maldini and now I'm rocking with this full untradable team and sitting on 6 mil ready for TOT…
  • (Quote) He is brilliant as long as you use him as a box-to-box CM. He joins the attack very well and overlaps my striker when I struggle to find a pass and he is there to put it in the net also in the next second he runs in the back to cover man. Y…
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