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  • My team name is iron works was where West Ham was formed from.thames iron works.
  • I think I read last year that they said they didn’t have time to do it on 20 but should be in 21 wether it is I haven’t got a clue.
  • How has it got the correct rules?in the new rules or old the opposition player can’t enter the box until in the ball has either left the box in the old rules or the defender has touched the ball in the box but that isnt in the game.
  • On this game you can.thats my point.
  • 19 then 20.this ones boreing but 19 was absolutely atrocious there was nothing worse for me than getting beaten by a player chaining 10 la croquetas together and scoreing or an opponent smashing a 180 degree 1st time shot into the back of ur net in the 119 minute.terrible game
  • But in the grand scheme of things it might not seem nothing major but like I said it’s just added to the list.and what hope is there in getting issues of passing and tackleing sorted out when they can’t get small things like offside right/kit clashes/and basic football rules/ this is stuff that shouldn’t even be an issue…
  • I actually lost a fut champs match in the 119 minute when the opposition player was offside by at least 5 yards I couldn’t believe it when I watched the replay.
  • When a goal kick is taken the opposition player can’t enter the box until the ball has left the box if he does and touches it then the kick will be retaken.that was the rule when this game come out now obviously it’s changed because defenders can now stand inside the 18 yard box on a goal kick
  • It’s calling them out on there imcompetence it goes on a long long list how can you have something so easy to implement not in the game.its rediculous and if they can’t get the simple things right how are they gonna do cope with the difficult stuff it’s pure laziness from a multi billion coMoany
  • Want to hear something funny in the beta version of the game tackling was actually made a tackle and it stuck but from that version too the demo something went wrong and we have ended up that had the exact same issue as FIFA 19.i haven’t a clue how they managed it tbh.
  • Ter stegen is the only 1 in my first team but from reds gold 1-2 they’ve all been poor never had a red whose value was over 450 k in 3 years
  • I had moments and managed to pack the tots yesterday so be only played about 5 games with tots and although he is better I don’t think it’s worth the upgrade unless you are fully stacked elsewhere
  • Managed to pack tots Ramos who replaces my moments Ramos and got it after 10 wins so was a result
  • I packed the tots version today Untradeable after useing moments since it came out and it’s better but not massively.i wouldn’t spend 750 k on the tots unless u have a stacked team everywhere
  • My rewards were from the guaranteed tots and reds were atrocious up until ultimate tots and I said if I get trash Again in the ultimate tots I’m cutting down playing it’s just not worth it.i got trash so have played 1 weekend league since it got to the point it was a chore and not worth the time.
  • Again trying to brag about a game of Fifa absolute drip if you are over the age of 25 u wanna grow up you absolute embarrassment.
  • Mate I play the game to have fun I attack and don’t abuse the mechanics I’m not a pro and never will be but I try and enjoy the game my the main problem I have is playing sheep after sheep who ain’t pros and make Fifa an absolute mess
  • So you would class me as a decent player in I’m around 22 wins in fut champs and and have been upto 1900 skill the point I’m making is drag back is still used at that rank to beat players so it’s not just what you would call low players who don’t get beat by drag backs is it?
  • And very few people who drop back and abuse the mechanics can surely not even enjoy playing that way but do it because they’ve been told how they will magically get 2 more wins on fut champs by the favourite streamer it’s pathetic if your a gold level player your never makin pro play with the players you enjoy playing with…
  • Do you think chain skilling la croquetas/el tornado crossing/back to goal 1st time shots/constant drag backs/op ai defenses/ to name a few issues on these games should be anywhere near a football game these things help out poor players tbh and should be nowhere near football games it’s laughable
  • What do you class as a good player?either skill rating or fut champs
  • And you obviously have no clue about the game if you don’t think there are broken mechanics on this game goin on like your a pro on a FIFA forum you absolute prat
  • You want to win that badly that you spam drag backs on Fifa 20 and la croquetas on 19 cos your favourite YouTubeer has told you how op it is you absolute sheep.
  • How about you play the game like you would play on a football pitch otherwise what is the point?your not a pro so why abuse the mechanics.its the reason the games an absolute mess with attitudes like yours
  • Kante in terms of this game would you of been more meta but a 6.2 5 star skiller is unique if you like pulling off skill moves it’s july does it really matter if kante will help get 1 more champs win now.not for me
  • I’ve never relegated but there needs to be an objective mode because you shouldn’t be playing players who are at full strength and you are having to play with an objective team haveing to assist with a defender and win with a weakened team it’s just rediculous tbh.
  • I had someone In friendlies the other night shh me after equalising I was just playing casually lookin for a friendly game didn’t watch a replay of my goal no drag backs no drop back just a casual game.he wasn’t a good player but decided when he equalised he would watch the replay and shh lol.i don’t think he liked the…
  • I still scored 8.that wasn’t a problem but the players team still had players tackling and diving In front of shots which just looked rediculous I’m not exaggerating in saying his team were camped in his box and must of made 8-10 Diving blocks in front of the goal.
  • I’m wired and usually get 16ms and game play is generally good 90% of the time but when it is bad the game is unplayable.
  • Every time I’ve come up against him he’s been ❤️❤️❤️❤️.used the pim r9 and he won me the draft was amazeing.
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