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  • I did his SBC because i had duplicate fodder and went for the RB version as he is easier to link for me. Really enjoying him as a RM in 352, hes perfect for that. CM seems too bad offensively compared to other cards that were released and defensively the RB is superior.
  • No i wont. * I have played pretty much every FIFA since FIFA 10 except for 1 or 2 breaks in between. At this point i know what im gonna get. * Early gameplay isnt indivative of how much i will enjoy the game anyways. Early gameplay is always season and much slower than Ultimate Team gameplay. OP tactics and mechanics…
  • Is it only for some matches? Could imagine it is related to the stadium used for the match. Some stadiums only have sunlight conditions available.
  • * Back in the day chemistry was glitched and special cards didnt get chem boosts. So icons, who were naturally higher rated and got chemistry boosts performed better * Icons often had very good composure stats. Back then composure didnt get upgraded with special cards. So lots of cards with high stats had bad composure and…
  • 3x96 4x95 6x94 8x93 15x92 14x91 20x90 2x89 10x88 7x87 11x86 According to futbin thats 4.2 million fodder value. But realistically i would like to keep some of them as super subs or just because i might use them sometime in the future
  • Judging by last year they will probably implement up to 3 bonus red picks into Weekend league soon if you’re using specific leagues. Might be worth it for that alone to keep a competitive team of every top 5 league
  • They don’t want people to grind all objectives in one day but rather come back multiple days in a row. I remember when people would grind the entire icon swaps tokens in 1 day. And then they would come on the forum 1 day later and complain that there is nothing to do and 0 content. This prevents that.
  • To be honest I like the objectives. It’s golden goal so you get them fast. And it’s an incentive to use other teams than my main team. Of course 4 games a day isn’t optimal but there are lots of refreshes. You need a 14% winrate to earn the token, I feel like that’s doable for everybody
  • I think if you are using similar kits, EA dont care because it was your choice using those kits. Milan kit annoyed me a lot because i run white kits but find it boring to always just use my away kit for the opponent. I like having a bit of a change each match. I just ended up quitting every game against that kit, was too…
  • Tell me then, which forums are the other 9.4 million fifa players using when the biggest one only has 600 thousand?
  • Log in to Volta once and it works after that.
  • This is probably how i would play with those players. Cuadrado seems like a waste because you have Hakimi but trust me when i say he is absolutely perfect for the position of RM in 352. Much much better than Hakimi in my opinion and definitely worth the coins. Dont be put off by Rice being as cheap as he is. Hes basically…
  • The FIFA reddit has 600k unique visitors. PERIOD. Since it was created 13 years ago. And it is by far the biggest forum/social-media-platform regarding FIFA. FIFA sells 10 million copies of the game yearly. Suggesting that 99% of FUT players read online forums couldnt be further from the truth.
  • * Most popular kit is Liverpool * Choose a kit that looks similar to Liverpool kit * Use the option to only have your second kit shown instead of the opponents kit * You yourself have no kit clash * Opponent has Liverpool kit * Opponent is not using his second kit for his opponent * Opponent now has a horrible kit clash Of…
  • Groundbreaking social experiment. You really showed it to your opponents when you ... gave them a free win anyways. Thanks to you, they are now sitting in their room, reflecting their atrocious behavior. I bet none of them will ever celebrate again.
  • Oh yes, i remember all the fair MW2 lobbies, where 90% of people ran on of the following* One man army, danger close, noobtube * Glitched akimbo shotguns that could literally one hit you across the map * Commando pro sitting in the corner of a room knifing everybody in a radius of 5 meters People were just as toxic back in…
  • Had the choice between 96 Davies and 95 Joao Felix. Not insane but definitely happy with it considering how bad most of the picks are
  • If their kit clashes with a blue kit, EA recognizes it and changes it to their second kit automatically. Of course that doesn’t always work 100%. There are still kits that often clash. For example the 4th AC Milan kit from an SBC counts as a red kit, but is white ingame. But it isn’t as simple as just selecting the most…
  • If you play with at least 71 depth your defenders will more often trigger an offside trap by themselves
  • Probably gonna go for the 94+ icon gamble. Took fodder packs last swaps and regretted it. EA wont release good SBCs, as was shown with Marcelo. So i would end up putting the fodder in gamble SBCs anyways.
  • If i play all games 13 or 14 wins. But i usually just play till 11 and gift the rest as its more relaxed that way
  • I always check the twitter page of that guy. Last few swaps he was always up to date and never missed anything because of it. Always has the tracker stickied on top of the page
  • To be fair, they had a popup message ingame and in the app thoroughly explaining the daily login rewards/system
  • So obvious that EA just doesn’t want to release top tier SBC cards after that one.
  • They should make the SBCs 7 days long. This way I can login for 5 minutes at the end of the week and collect 7 DAILY LOGIN rewards. Adding on to that: I started playing in February. It’s super unfair that I didn’t get to do the first batch of icon swaps. EA should have made them 1 year long. It’s super unfair that I missed…
  • Isn’t really a daily login anymore if they make it longer than a day
  • Call of Duty, League of Legends, DotA 2, Overwatch, Counter Strike, Rainbow Six are all infinitely more toxic than FIFA. The fact that people unironically get so riled up and complain about fifa toxicity because their opponent did an annoying celebration (that literally lasts less than 5 seconds) is honestly hilarious.
  • Might be worth pointing out that Carrasco is NOT high/average. He is high/average+ which is much better than high/average. High/average is more bulky and clunky. Its the body type that Henry, Zidane, OCantona and Vlahovic have. High/average+ is more similar to lean body type. Feels much more agile and is the second best…
  • It’s for sure very time consuming. Which is why I only don’t play it the entire year. Started fifa 21 in may last year. Started fifa 22 in march this year. It’s a fun game when you can get so many great players and constantly improve your team. But if I would play it all year I would get super burnt out by it. Im staying…

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