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  • (Quote) Just checked mine. Objective is half home league games to be 85% or more. So far I have 7/17 and out of those games, 8 were clean sheets so not sure if it does relate or not but its pretty close. I checked match tickets for the last 4 gam…
  • Is this the proper place to report bugs? Do EA read this?? Because you could probably just go through the 15 and 16 bugs threads and the same problems are there without being fixed
  • What are your half time lengths? I had the same problem playing 5min halves so I increased to 10mins. More time and more chances, I have much better scorelines now without having to play with sliders
  • (Quote) Same with me about your last point. I try to use tactics but they never seem to work so whats the point of them. And also, when they are all out attack its very easy to score against as they leave their defence wide open. This will occur a…
  • What I find appalling is the basic bugs/problems that have existed for at least the last 2-3 games that they havent bothered to fix, despite all the reports, let alone adding new features
  • Just on this, I played 2nd place and at half time I was winning 5-1 with the final score being 7-1. :D Now I only fear the teams in relegation rather than the top of the table :D
  • I had this exact same problem. Im currently in my 3rd season, been promoted to L1 with Crawley Town. In my 6th game Im up against Fleetwood Town, who are 24th with 5 losses and Im currently 1st. They thrash me 4-0. My players were horrible and then…
  • (Quote) Whats even more annoying is have you seen the news articles where it says Player X has handed in a transfer request but club says no, you're staying. Why cant we do this??
  • What about this for an idea: Making Managers like Players (only for CPU obviously). If a team doesnt perform, he gets sacked and they bid for another one. Each manager has his own stats (tactics) and the teams play accordingly. Ive seen a few times …
  • (Quote) Agree with this! Ive never played online (I just enjoy career mode) and I use L2+R2 (ps4) a LOT aswell as X to contain. I also try not to run around the pitch with the same player, just switching to the closest using those controls and it h…
  • What does your starting 11 look like? Or if you have posted it, what page?
  • (Quote) Yes, I agree! Then we can extend career mode past the limit
  • Yes, I just pick based on the kit. I like Morecambes home and away kit so I chose them :D
  • (Quote) They dont appear in your squad, they appear in their first ever professional clubs squad. For example, when Cristiano Ronaldo retired I found his regen in the Portuguese league 'Primeira Liga' at his first senior club 'Sporting CP'. Althou…
  • (Quote) Yes, same here. I love stats haha I would also like to see stats of an upcoming fixture. Eg last time played, last 5 games played etc would be cool to see.
  • Nice! Going well it seems Love the score boxes aswell. What difficulty do you play on?
  • Well its called "Manager Mode" not own the club mode. So as I see it, yes hire staff etc but taking care of stuff like stadium upgrades, sponsors, or anything financial is not the role of the manager, its the player side of it. If I wanted…
  • I dont really want the game to be too in depth as I am happy with the balance as it is just playing and signing/selling players. The only things I really want to see is: 1. More youth player managing eg youth teams 2. Manager interaction with the …

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