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  • I'm an Xbox player so unfortunately PES is out of the question because you can't sort out their license disasters. I'm sure the polished parts of PES 22 will look very good though.
  • If we have learned anything with all these league licenses it is that they're all different and since this is a newly formed media company for Serie A we'll have to wait and see what the deal is here. You're probably right that it won't be as good a…
  • Encouraging and hopefully a sign of things to come. Having proper league treatment for the big four leagues is the minimum of what EA should be doing with their resources and it would be great if they could finally reach that threshold.
  • FM does a whole lot that FIFA doesn't. It would be great if we had a game with all the details of FM combined with the matchday gameplay of FIFA, but at the moment FIFA is so far from that I think it's unrealistic to expect anything like that. There…
  • That would be tricky to implement since the rules for that are different everywhere.
  • People here sure like to throw the word confirmed around a lot more than they should.
  • Nashville too. Although they're getting their own stadium next year.
  • Looks like the lack of a mod finally took its toll on this thread lol Oh well, great to see more Tigres faces and the long lost Panda added today. I wonder if EA are considering to add a licensed CONCACAF Champions League to the game considering th…
  • I would love it if they really went out and scanned top clubs across European leagues to make the UEFA competitions great. Let's take 30 regular UEFA competition regulars and classic European clubs and give them full treatment instead of a league fo…
  • To be fair that is a decent improvement and that's probably about as well as you can do it with these tools, but if you showed me that picture without a name there's no way I could have known it was supposed to be Bruno. To be clear, I'm not against…
  • With the current tools this is not a good solution. Better than nothing, yes, but every face made with these tools I've seen are just marginally better than a regular generic. They still look awful.
  • Was there ever any actual substance to those rumors apart from Lyon, Marseille and PSG? Chances are it was always only about those three clubs.
  • Apparently it's out on everything except Xbox.
  • Unbelievable if a fix for this isn't in this update. Let's hope they were just too ashamed of it to mention it.
  • They have a partnership with Djurgården?! If they were going to partner with a Swedish club it should have been us, and not the fifth biggest club in the country ffs. But I guess it doesn't matter since they're not doing anything with that partnersh…
  • Thanks for the feeback, but most of this was on purpose. The reason being that I have decided to not use sponsor names, as I noted in my document where this is copied from. Everyone does as they please but that's how I prefer to do it. If you want t…
  • It has for me, but since I have the 4th official standing around in the center circle I'll wait before I start anything... Probably at some point but tough to say if it's in 1 week or in 4 weeks.
  • For any company with standards it would be considered a bug, but for EA it's been standard practice for a couple of years. Tells you everything you need to know really.
  • No one knows, but because it's fun to speculate I'm going to go ahead. They were in Orlando, Florida for a couple of weeks in December to play quarter, semi and the final of the North American Champions League (which they won). I find it hard to see…
  • Encouraging news considering it's the first sign we have of them scanning anyone since covid.
  • It's unbelievable. The entire company has to be just a complete mess from top to bottom. I truly wonder what kind of work environment creates this endless row of ❤️❤️❤️❤️-ups. Becaue it's not just FIFA either, almost everything they make is crap now…
  • I think it kind of makes sense if it's indeed added tomorrow. It would explain why it's hidden away on PC right now until it's activated by squad update at the same time as title update on consoles. They simply wanted to release it at the same time …
  • Not exactly a mystery that, is it? They scanned Arsenal around February but they didn't get to Sheffield Utd before covid erupted. It's not like they are scanning the entire Premier League on the same day...
  • Maybe I'm fooled by nextgen upgrades then but they both look great to me now, and they certainly didn't before.
  • I think David Luiz is updated. Edit: And Pulisic.
  • I think Malen was injured when PSV was scanned. It's not uncommon for injured players to miss these sessions since they are often on other schedules than the rest of the squad.
  • We know all the new scans so Drmic is a no for sure. The issue is finding the updates. I'm not sure what's taking our good PC friends so long with this.
  • It does seem like they replaced a few customs with scans this time so looking for players with customs from the world cup update in may 2018 may be an idea. Emil Forsberg is one that comes to mind who would have been scanned in Leipzig.
  • Some random guy mentioned Almirón was updated. Anyone know if that's true or not? That would be great, because he has a pretty awful custom right now.

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