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  • (Quote) Damn it! Thanks for the info.
  • I need advice guys, I’ve only got 2 at the mo including the current one from the SBC. I really want Promes are there going to be enough Futswap players available for me to do him? I’ve been away recently.
  • (Quote) He needs high attacking workrates. That kills him IMO.
  • I hated, and I mean hated the beta. It was a sloppy unfinished mess. Then the full game came out, not that much better tbh. I was lucky (or unlucky as it turns out) and got Auba in early access so I decided I would get the game. I quit after a month…
  • I voted for other as it’s better than it was at the beginning. Which was a total unfinished mess. It’s still terrible though.
  • I just had to go offline to get the one guide to open so I can watch the game.
  • (Quote) Not exactly perfect but I just make sure my Xbox is turned off at the plug when not in use and it works every time now.
  • Connery Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem is brilliant in this role) Skyfall as I love the ending where it harks back to old school bond, where he meets Moneypenny for the first time.
    in OT: 007 Comment by Hodgy December 2018
  • I played the beta, and I honestly thought what a half finished mess this is. It was nowhere near completion, I thought there was no way I am buying this. Got the free EA access for 10 hours and it was slightly better but nowhere near finished. Bough…
    in Close Comment by Hodgy December 2018
  • The trapper won’t let me buy anything, he falls out with me every time I approach him. Won’t give me the option to talk to him.
  • Anyone found somewhere to buy a decent cold weather jacket yet? I’ve got a normal and hot outfit and I don’t like the starter cold one :( :D
  • Happened to me yesterday, I was 1-0 up. The guy hacks my ST down when he was through on goal so it was a blatant red card, before the ref produces the card I’m booted out. Coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it.
  • @Libguy Trust me they’ve actually slightly improved on the beta. That was a royal mess, packing Auba in early access is the only reason I got the game. Passing was just as bad as shooting is now in the beta. At east they’ve semi sorted passing. It’s…
  • I’ve done a bit of Googling and it seems I’m not the only one, that’s why I asked here in case someone knew a fix.
  • (Quote) Not yet. It’s a brand new monitor. As I said it’s also a brand new Xbox though, so that will be my next check. That and trying it with my old Xbox One.
  • (Quote) Yes :D It was working fine yesterday. I’d try to,live with it and just have a separate HDMI going from the Virgin box and my TV. The TV only has one 4K output though.
  • (Quote) Where are you mate? I’m also a total newbie to this, I love it however.
  • When does the WL finish? I can’t wait :D I’m not bothering next year. I’ve put too much time/effort and money (regrettably) into this joke of a game. I’ll keep playing on 18 until I just give up completely. New BF, RDR 2 and Fortnite will keep me …
  • ————————-Shilton—————— Cafu——Des Walker——-— Maldini——Stuart Pearce ————————Makelele/Vieira——————————— Figo———————————————-John Robertson ——————-—-—Gullit—————————- —————-Lineker————Collymore———
  • (Quote) If you want to test your team/yourself on FIFA then good for you. I don’t want/need/care enough to “test myself” on a computer game. It’s exactly that to me, a game. I want to have fun, that doesn’t mean battering kids with crap teams every…
  • (Quote) I couldn’t care less about “testing in a really competitive environment”. It’s a game, games are designed to be fun, well they are meant to be. Hence why I won’t be bothering next year.
  • First WL in weeks as I stopped bothering with it. Want to get some coins together for that new VIlla card and possibly Ibra too. I’m not gonna bother, I see why I stopped now. It’s a dreadful game mode. It’s a necessity when trying to improve your t…
  • (Quote) This!!!!
  • I am doing terribly this weekend :D The 4321 pause at kick off change to 41212(2) brigade are out in full force. I’ve played 21 games and 18 did exactly that. This is teams full of Icons and TOTY players, just buy a team you want to start with FFS…
  • I finished on 13 wins. Seeing my last post as I was on 12 wins with 19 to play I’ve had an awful last 20 games :D Not sure what happened but something switched for the last 20. I quit loads as I can’t be bothered with formation switching idiots. 9…
  • I’m 12-9 probably my best WL this year. Never made above Silver 1 this year. I only played a few on Friday and none yesterday as I was living an actual life for once! Jumped on today to just see how I get on and I’m playing really well now I don’t a…
  • Stan Collymore and never let him leave for Liverpool.
  • After a brilliant start, 3 wins at the beginning. I am now 6 wins from 21. I don’t know why I bother tbh. I’m not putting anymore money into this ridiculous game and I have a life so screw trading all day on my phone. I’m semi happy with my team(s).…
  • Took me three attempts to get past the first round :/ Once I did I went straight through and won it. Especially nice as the tramp I got in the final had gold +10 on everyone.

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