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  • This makes me so angry when I’m online, these kids taking shots from 20-30 yards outside the box and scoring 1, sometimes more. I don’t mind getting scored on from just outside the box, but these shots from way out should have about a 1% chance to a…
  • And it’s not even just the SBCs, it’s all the other free packs that they can work towards, player picks, objectives, etc that we just have none of. Our only chance of getting good cards is to play an outrageous amount or just spend money. It shows b…
    in FB Iniesta Comment by Hi_RiP June 29
  • I’m never playing FIFA on the switch ever again, we have missed out on way over half the content other consoles get. I would love to see a full list of squad builders that were released this year and see how many of them we actually got.
    in FB Iniesta Comment by Hi_RiP June 29
  • I actually pulled 3 tots from the 81+ in less than 20: verratti, savanier and benitez, only verratti made the bench and the other will be for sbc, if they ever decide to add more that is
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