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  • Wow! Thanks guys! I knew we as a community have the warm caring heart in our deep inside even though the game may bring some of our bad sides to be seen. You all are some good people 🤗🫡
  • The only crowded spot in my team as I already have Caprari and Grifo waiting for their turn behind Insigne 🫣 Di Natale in any center role wouldn’t be much of a Shapeshifter as you could easily make him a ST on the other hand… EA make him a LB or RB so I can swap him with Spinazzola ingame 😅
  • Haven’t hoovered any leaks but do we reckon seeing Di Natale as a LW? Would be cool but in the same time fitting him with Insigne would be blow out for me.
  • So true 😂
  • Yeah those statitistics are in all pretty much like in my most matches nowadays too but the >60 tackles is still odd.
  • Was on a brake but was tempted to try El Shaarawy Shapeshifters as a ST and bumped into this tackling monster 😂 I mean wow. 75 tackles in a 12 minutes match. Must be some sort of record gathering all my opponents 🫢
  • 11 almost every time. If most of us in this forum or atleast in this thread manage to get to 11 wins how does it compare to the whole community? How many percent of the playerbase even qualify to champs? I know non of my friends have the quality or even passion to play qualifiers not to mention champs.
  • Not an issue of this thread but no. Played Rivals in Elite 1800-1900 when wanted to grind and 11-14 wins in Champs (mostly 11) and have managed without. I’m aware I could possibly score few more since I mostly outposses my opponents and have better xG but wouldn’t bother. If scoring was big issue for me I would have…
  • So they made El Shaarawy left footed with 4 star weak foot and 5 star skills. Interesting 🤔
  • Has to be the cheap market. Running full italian squad I could try almost every player I wanted except Di Natale during fall and his Captains version right when he was in packs. Most of the players wouldn’t care less of the players I would love to use and without being tied to Premier League tax the whole cycle has been…
  • Pff, rank V as always but this time it was as close as it gets. Stumbled alot after promising start yesterday but managed to scrape few victories before going to bed so had to win 2 out of 3 tonight. Lost the first out of those 5-1 in a match I thought was close. There I was back against a wall but won the second to last…
  • Wow didn’t imagine Chiellini to be so cheap. He’s basically free as I, like everybody else I think, have some useless TOTS-cards to dump. Few 84’s and 83’s and that’s about it.
  • F me. Good start is gone as I stumbled 0-2 just now. Lost both games to those players who you should be smashing anytime anyplace but somehow you manage to lose to them. More possession, more shots on goal, more xg more everything else but goals. Frustrating, simply frustrating. The opponent seems to get one-two decent…
  • Spina’s nothing special. I use him ingame LB with 10 chemistry and I would describe him as his bodytype and height doesn’t do him justice. I loved his WW-card and was using Emerson for a while and I prefer him over Spinazzola. I still might to get to learn Spina again as I admire him in real life. Sure he’s fast and good…
  • Anything that provokes addiction isn’t healthy. The sad part is you ”can’t” play this game casually if you wan’t to stay competitive and there’s also the FOMO-efect. You could say the rate EA drops promos after promo isn’t healthy as so many people are deeply addicted to this game. Slogan should be It’s just a game. I’m…
  • 5-2 and I’m quite happy with that and so it’s time to lay down the controller for a night. Have some renovating to do in a new apartment and my childs birthday on sunday so I’ll get back playing only in the nights. Eager to wait when EA drops me from this record but so far the dream for 14 is alive 😊
  • He just suits my style like a cherry on top. As a bigger player he can hold up the ball and finish long range. E. And yeah he’s the CAM
  • I was just about skipping this promo but Spina got me turned around. Too bad after two games I prefer Emerson as I have to get used to Spinas animations and clunkyness again.
  • Edit. You talkin’ about next gen right? I’m on old gen. Seems like all my opponents just fill their own box and then counter. Either with driven lobbed through ball from miles away or quick one two between two strikers and then try dribbling and skilling through center 🙄
  • Spinazzola is already making bigger of an impact I would have ever thought 🫢 Jokes aside I’m of course playing in-game 4-2-3-1 and now recording 2-0. Everytime I hit the ground running I start to dream of atleast 14 wins but when monday rises I’m always at max. 13.
  • Uuuuu Spinazzola come here 😍 right when my grip was slipping they pull me right back in 😂
  • So that was that. 11-7 before gifting the spare two. Had slim chances of hitting second time ever 14 wins but knew deep inside it wasn’t going to happen (ended 8-6 last night). Tonights 3-1 wins were pretty easy so I found myself wondering if I could still find the eager to grind more weekends. Now I’m on the brink of…
  • They heard you got bored and reduced playing 😅
  • Well atleast they are totally different. Depends on which kind of player you prefer so there’s no right answer to your question. Personally I like both ’cause they offer different kind of abilities. Insigne has 5 star skill moves and is an animal in tight spaces + he has lethal traits. Berardi on the other hand is more…
    in Insigne? Comment by Heimokuoma June 2022
  • Off to a second nightbreak with record of 8-6 with these. Choked last night and ended 4-4 with every match being tight. Wanted to try Jorginho all year so decided to chop the pallet a bit and sold Di Natale 😢 Immobile has turned himself as poacher he is (by surprise) with 6 G 4 A in 6 matches. Jorginho on the other hand is…
  • You are absolutely right and my point was not to offend in any way. The rapid skill move chains are just way out of my skillset and I’m aware it’s just another way of building goalscoring chances. All I can do is watch them secretly jealous as sometimes I don’t know how to break the defence if my opponent reads me like a…
  • Well I don’t know about you but my hypothesis is that people who execute those auto-skills just spam them and hope the opponent makes a mistake and then exploits that 🫢
  • Oh my god you are one of those guys! Those guys who dribble and auto-skill through my defence while my fingers are in a knot trying tackle, second man press, player switch, jockey, contain and block the ball 😂
  • I’m only speaking on my behalf but Caprari was fairly cheap and is pretty good card to be fair. Works well as a substitute from now on 🇮🇹
  • Manage to start perfectly with 2-0 as writing this. Reckon the record will dip after matchmaking catches me but my tires are filled with confidence and going towards every match like I’m able to win it. Let’s see when I hit rock bottom but currently cruising 🤫
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