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  • The high up decision makers should be held accountable for this and some should be removed from the PL/FA/Football League. If they are not, it is just further confirmation that the fans mean nothing. The people in these positions are paid well to keep composed in pressurised situations and they completely bottled it - in…
  • The commentators said nothing as well :D
  • People going over the top at having a go at Bournemouth. Haven’t sacked him for football reasons. You can’t just go and say what he has and be surprised when he loses his job. Criticising your bosses and saying the players aren’t good enough publicly isn’t the greatest way to increase job security. Would say regardless of…
  • Carra criticising Richarlison for showboating :D criticise the awful challenge instead of focusing on someone juggling the ball
  • Not really parking the bus is it, they are baiting them in and getting a 3v3 every time forest lose the ball
  • Cook not being sent off :D insane decision
  • Mixed. Some really good games and bits of play but has had a couple of tough games. From the limited amount I’ve seen I prefer when he’s not the deepest midfielder, tends to go chasing after the ball when the opponent has it which can leave gaps. Needs to learn when to get rid of the ball and keep things simple sometimes.…
  • You were awful first half, very slow paced on the ball. Second half you mixed it up a bit and went more direct. You looked a lot better. Watmore was atrocious Don’t think anyone would’ve had us 3rd after 5 games considering our situation. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ the EFL imo
  • What an idiot :D
  • I get that and I’m the worst for complaining about refs. I guess I was just trying to say it’s not as simple as letting it be completely open to interpretation as to when VAR can get involved and when it can’t be as fans would get frustrated with that and ultimately it would lead to even more inconsistency. To an extent…
  • Grabbing is not allowed, but grabbing shirts is not a red card offence. Their is a lack of clarity in the rules which leads to these debates. If the rules said "Hair pulling is a red card" and Taylor and the VAR missed it, fine, call it what you want. But there is room for interpretation and if they felt it was not a red…
  • Would it? I think it is just that I cannot recall anyone ever actually doing it so it would be bizarre to see
  • 9 of those players managed 36 champ appearances between them last season (4 each) and that is before differentiating between starts/sub appearances The mental gymnastics required to say you need to replace all of them is a bit much Do not think this approach has ever come off, fair play if it keeps you in the league but do…
  • I am confused that the consensus is if you grab someone's hair it should be a red, just seems ridiculous to me. Is clearly a foul but the way VAR is setup means they could not intervene. Taylor missed it, he made a mistake. It is not some massive conspiracy. We need better refs but we cannot unfortunately resolve that in…
  • Sitting deep and being defence first is not automatically being outclassed. This was not like that time where United went to Arsenal under Mou and DDG made what, 13 saves? This was not like that game. It was not chance after chance at all for Chelsea and I think it is naive to believe so and you are letting your annoyance…
  • VAR starting to get involved with yellow card non penalty fouls is a slippery slope, will just be checking every single decision and slowing down the game massively
  • yeah I don't get this narrative that Spurs were awful and fluked a point :D Agree about the hair pulling - are we really wanting red cards to be given for that ffs
  • @CFCsjmishra I messed up the quoting so... yeah :D Arsenal fans thinking their is a conspiracy against them from the refs, Chelsea fans thinking it as well lmao VAR just shows how bad they are. The refs are not biased, they just make mistakes all the time. The stuff that went against Chelsea today was nowhere near the…
  • Assuming you are referring to the first goal + the Bentancur challenge being the "foul", read what I said - It was not a clear foul which was my overall point
  • For the first Spurs goal, ignoring the fact that 44 seconds passed after the tackle and that Chelsea also got the ball back, it was not even a clear cut foul, certainly not enough for it to be a clear error
  • a mild dislike that is accentuated by certain behaviours from fans (not necessarily forest fans themselves, just PL fans in general) and how the media talks about them
  • am I wrong? Hit the bar twice, missed a penalty, one off the line etc
  • Well that was jammy af. Almost impressive how West Ham managed not to score in that game
  • Forest played well early doors but if they win this is pure Sh1thousery
  • Awoniyi has been awful and then bags a goal like that lmao
  • Brentford were good yesterday. Wouldn't give Forest credit - is easy to have a good atmosphere in the first 10 mins of your first prem game. It's nothing special and they have not been anything special in terms of atmosphere for years now
  • no, just no :D
  • Your fans are everywhere with that pre-loaded reply whenever anyone points out how mad it is

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