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  • EA are useless. Been screwing up simple squad updates for years now. @EA_Bogdan
  • I'm actually seeing new faces in the Squad Update for Barella & Prince for example in PS4. Looks like there's an issue with DLC content tho which may explain why boots weren't updated.
  • They made a mess of this again as the updates came on the previous squad update which we never got bc of the delays of the patch update. Same thing happened with the removal of a new real player face for Inter(Barella) which is not in the new squad update.
  • It’s because they released another Squad Update where his Real Face was removed. It was added on the previous squad update which we never got bc of the delays with the patch update. EA has made a mess of this all season.
  • One thing I don’t understand is why EA can’t do full body scans which would capture player tattoos. It makes zero sense that PES does this every year with their partnered clubs and EA for some reason does not. It would really enhance the realism & authenticity of player scans IMO. The fact they capture neck tattoos pretty…
  • What I don't understand is SoFIFA has had those ~38 new faces in the database since Mid October, yet none of the Title Updates we've had have included those new faces.
  • Did they just skip title update 3.0??! 3.1 was basically all FUT/Volta updates which I could give zero 🎃🎃🎃🎃 about.
  • Did they just skip title update 3.0?? 3.1 was basically all FUT updates which I could give zero ❤️❤️❤️❤️ about.
  • I would say a week without getting the Title Update is pretty inexcusable. Keep in mind there have been 2 already released to PCs in that time frame. But this is par for the course for EA. And they are terrible at communicating, they frankly avoid addressing these types of questions from consumers. They simply don't care.
  • @EA_Roger When are we getting these title updates released to the consoles? We've yet to even have the previous title update released to PS4/Xbox and yet the PC just got the latest update. What's going on? Why has there been ZERO communication on this??
  • What I don't understand, is why there is only 1 stadium (Atletico's) which features tunnel scenes during pre match buildup. I remember an article before FIFA 20 launched where EA had mentioned tunnel scenes for other stadiums like the Bernabeu, PSG, & Signal Iduna Park but I've never seen those in game. For me this adds…
  • Anyone know if we get any more tunnel prematch openings outside of the one used for Atletico's stadium? Don't understand why more of these scenics aren't included in the game
  • This isn't a problem for Madden 20 FYI. New faces are added via Title Update & available on existing Franchise Modes. No need to restart anything.
  • Anyone notice new tunnel cutaways?
  • Not sure where you saw this, but just checked kick off mode last night and third kits are still missing for a bunch of teams including Chelsea.
  • Has anyone seen tunnel cutaways during prematch presentations outside of Atletico Madrid? They teased tunnel shots at Real Madrid, Manchester City, PSG, & Dortmund but I haven't seen them in game. More false advertising from EA? @EA_Andy
  • I know the Champions League Third Kits for Chelsea were in the demo, with the red numbers instead of the white. Just makes no sense why they’ve been left out of the actual game. EA is incompetent.
  • This also could explain why there are so many Third Kits missing from clubs with Nike deals...Chelsea, Spurs, Barcelona, PSG...
  • What's really amazing is the third kits were available in the demo! @EA_Andy Chelsea & Spurs Third Kits were an option in the demo but not during early access or now official launch. Need more details than "promises can't be made..." Not good enough, the Demo is more updated than the actual game, ridiculous!
  • Don’t see any new Nike T90s in catalogue or edit player. Think the T90s are only there for those who purchased them before they were removed from catalogue last week. Shame. Every year there are double the amount of Adidas to Nike boots.
  • Anyone notice that Liverpool's Ovie Ejaria is no longer in the game? Appears he was removed after 12/17 squad update
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