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  • We all wanted Luton promoted this season. But think about it look who Fulham are close to signing. Palhinha and M. Solomon No way Luton could attract such high profile players. Question for you guys would you rather Luton scanned with their stadium and low rated players. Or Fulham with 5-6 players of great quality scanned?…
  • Unfortunately not. I was hoping he would sign permeant for Forrest so he gets a scan.
  • Yes mate wouldn't he just look sick 🔥🔥. Jack grealish too is another great shout. Allison needs a top scan too. There's a few that need updates but always my main concern is new starheads and not updates. Hoping for some good news soon lads. I honestly can't Stand to have another mediocre year of scans I think we are all…
  • Yeah you are right. Some customs are awful. I think that camavinga one is awful but luckily we should be getting a new scan for him in this year's game? If he gets a scan he will look absolutely sick and possibly best looking starhead ever 💯🔥
  • Heaps of them mate. We need a big year after the last 2 years it's been horrible starhead related.
  • Just stop mate. We are saying this years now. Wishing and hoping. Year after year we get the same ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I wish as much as you. But it's not going to happen. BPL rescan and the world cup dlc that's what we are getting
  • Personally I think there's no way they only scanned Armenia Bielefield. It makes 0 sense
  • Can only see D. Nunez having a custom. The rest will be horrifyingly generic
  • By the looks of it we are going to have a hell of a lot of generics in the premier league at the start of FIFA 23. Aguerd D. Carlos G. Bazunu J. Alvarez B. Aaronson R. Kristensen Antony L. Martinez D. Nunez B- Kotchap F. Vieira M. Nunes And we are not even at the end of June yet. Plenty more generics to come. This is the…
  • Thanks legend
  • Interested to see who the ones from Qatar are
  • Can you give us a list of these players? Cheers mate
  • That's what I heard too inflation on the cardboard prices. They had no option but to cash in on the "new" rigs
  • I know there's bigger leagues , teams and players to focus on but I hope we get the MLS scans on a regular basis again. Im a big fan of the MLS scans. Plus there's a lot of talented Americans coming through the ranks these days. Yes a lot of them are already in Europe without scans. G. Busio - Venezia Y. Musah - Valencia…
  • Do yourself a favour and don't believe anything bro. Until you see it in game anything you see on Twitter is fake click bait.
  • A nice Ruben Neves update would be nice too 👌🔥
  • Some nice Portuguese talents soon to have starheads.... Fifa 24 😅 Palhinha F. Vieira Chiquinho - fifa 23 Jose Sa - fifa 23 F. Carvalho R. Leao (surely he's a must like nkunku) N. Mendes - fifa 23 Toti - fifa 23 wolves F. Trincao - fifa 23 (scan) J.Sa Ricardo D. Leite Toti N. Mendes Palhinha F. Carvalho F. Vieira Chiquinho…
  • This is officially a starhead morgue.
  • Of course it was 😂😂
  • I think we are all at that point mate. We will never be satisfied. This company will never deliver what we truly want. And it's so easy for them to deliver what we want but it's just the utter laziness and incompetence that angers me. We will never have the full League scans of Serie A Bundesliga La Liga Ligue 1 BPL All…
  • If the world cup dlc comes what are the chances pedri and Gavi get customs
  • This lad said it's EA first screenshot of fifa 23. After all my years of this how do I keep.falling for the same crap 😂
  • Hopefully a world cup trailer and see a few faces
  • You can't see why they will not be scanned? Nothing in the History of any fifa tells us there's even a slight possibility of the likes of benfica , Porto , PSV etc being rescan. Unfortunately mate it's not gonna happen :( But I think D. Nunez will get a D. Vlahovic type custom.
  • Give us some ❤️❤️❤️❤️ news. Anything. New partnerships. Something. Ridiculous company.
  • They are operating nowhere near their potential. They can have hundred's of scans done each year. But we are given the bare minimum and even scans from 2017 are only getting added in 2022. Wasting our time complaining here anyway. Rescan for these 3 leagues. BPL Bundesliga La Liga That's what should happen and we won't get…
  • D. Spence off to spurs and maybe J. Garner stays at United. The Forrest promotion isn't looking all too great now. What a pity. Scans for Spence and Garner in fifa 24 🥱😩
  • I don't think any partnered team has ever been rescanned. Ajax Benfica Roma Porto PSV Only the likes of PSG and real Madrid
  • Exactly. I couldn't care less about any of these players already have great scans. It's ridiculous. Ok kovacic could use a rescan that's it
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