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  • Ramos here. Not sure what to do. Currently playing De Gea in goal, 88 RIjkaard and TOTS Azpi as the CBs. Could just swap out Azpi for Ramos and get a bit of coin back but he and either the LB/RB beside him would be on 7 chemistry. I also have an Untradeable TOTS Pique from the MC SBC so could play them both together but…
  • Silver 1... Ramos! Now how to make him fit...
  • No real interest in the mode, but decided I'd turn it on and see what I got in a starter pack, and if I got something amazing, I'd play a bit. Best players were Fellaini and Smalling.
  • I think I'd have gone crazy if I thought you like you guys do :D Paid 1.8 each for CR7, 88 Vieira and TOTY De Bruyne, 1.7 for 90 Gullit and TOTS Aguero etc. If I'd saved all my coins for this point, I'd probably have stopped playing before the end of January.
    in DDG Comment by GrinWithoutaKat May 2018
  • I'm pretty sure I have, although it's not what I expected. Really love Pogba so wanted to get his 91 in, but all of a sudden, with prices plunging I could afford TOTY Kante, so got him in. It could just be coincidence, but I haven't lost a game since putting him in. Won 5 out of 5 in WL (usually G3/G2 if I play all games…
  • I enjoy it. WL has been a bit of a struggle recently. My results are actually much better have TOTS, but it feels like such a chore to grind out the games every weekend. I bought TOTY Kante this weekend so I'm gonna stop playing WL and SB now, just casually play Seasons.
  • I don't get the term 'try hard'. Isn't everyone trying to win every game they play? Are people that use the term try hard gifting their opposition goals?
  • This. I probably bought him at the worst time, right before he started to plunge in price but I've never regretted it. Not used a better card, even with all these TOTS coming out. You only lose coins if you're going to sell him, and I don't see why you would.
  • I just bought TOTY Kante and I believe my team is finally complete. For the last 6 months I've been 'just work towards one more big signing' haha. I have an incredible player in every position now though so I think I'm really done. Time to say goodbye to Squad Battles and Weekend League.
  • I can't win the DKT with a 8m squad yet can get Gold 2 without too much trouble in WL.
  • Currently got 88 Vieira, 90 Gullit and BDay Toure. Have the coins to upgrade to Toure but trying to decide what. 91 Pogba is the favourite but if I got lucky with pulls the next couple of weeks would love to get TOTY Kante.
  • I know others don't like Fernandinho, but don't see how anyone can judge a player on two games. I'd give them at least a full Weekend League.
  • This weekend was the closest I've come to finishing FUT champs and just playing a few games of divisions a week. It's not even a reaction to doing bad. 7 and 3 is my best ever start. I think last weekend I was 3-7 with the same team. It's become a chore to even play to 11 wins. I'll probably grind out those last 4 and see…
  • I've lost all enthusiasm for it. Wanted to get NIF De Gea, NIF Messi and 91 Pogba to finish my team, but I'm about 400k short and don't think I can keep doing this every weekend. I said I'd only play to 11 but not sure I'll bother.
  • Still man of the match in almost every game he plays for me.
  • I have messages turned off, but people still do it by sending a friend request with a message in it :D I swear I do nothing to antagonize people other than trying to win. I don't drag out celebrations, never watch replays, never make intentional fouls, but still people send angry messages because of how expensive my team…
  • Been using his TOTY Since it came out and he feels on CR7's level. Got other expensive cards like TOTS Aguero, 90 Gullit, but none of them feel like they're winning me games like KDB/CR7. Aguero has equal or better stats in long shots, shot power, finishing, but can't hit it from anywhere and see it fly in like KDB can.
  • Very much! It's been said plenty by people close to EA that WL makes up about 10% of total FUT players. Now when you consider wins and losses are always going to be equal no matter how many games are played, it means the average rate is going to be 50%.
  • He's really, really good. I got him in the 2nd SBC, after getting Sterling in the 1st. My initial reaction was disappointment to be honest as I thought well he's just a slightly inferior version of Sterling so I have no use for him. He's got all the stats you want though, especially for a sub against tired defenders, and…
  • I've only tried TOTS Aguero out of all those mentioned and he's very, very good. After my first 10 WL games I actually wasn't impressed with him at all. I'd previously used his NIF, but for the last 3 months I've been playing with NIF CR7 and TOTY De Bruyne. These two are so clinical in front of goal, and I'd find I was…
  • I don't know how much effect one card has on the team rating, but this week the 'free' card in the objectives was 3 ratings higher than last week.
  • I keep hearing that TOTS cards have the same odds of being packed as their base cards. Okay, so NIF Ramos is still pretty rare, but I think there's a lot more TOTS about than TOTY versions.
  • Not doing these ones as the chance of getting a useable player is much lower for me. Of course CR7 and Messi would be amazing, but there's not much else that would fit into my team. Maybe Jordi Alba but even that's not for certain. Not sure Suarez/Griezmann would even be much use to me as he'd have to be a sub, and I…
  • I go through peaks and troughs. On friday night, I went into Fut champs with my expensive new squad and started off worse than ever. Was so fed up with the game. Tried again saturday and was actually enjoying it, couldn't wait to get into the next game.
  • Alli is good but not amazing. I loved his NIF at the start so had high expectations but he didn’t stand out enough for me. Azpi on the other hand is excellent. I’m used to a big defence so was worried about him. I also bought Walker and started out swapping them in game to put Azpi on the right, but stopped doing that…
  • I'll be honest, I don't get the complaint that there's no place for bronze and silver squads. What games out there have game modes for people that decide to stick with starter gear instead of upgrading? I agree with pretty much all the gameplay issues though.
  • I know they're not identical, but they're pretty damn close, and TOTY De Bruyne is amazing. I've bought CR7, TOTY De Bruyne, 88 Vieira, 90 Gullit and TOTS Aguero all for around the same price, and TOTY KDB and CR7 are by far the biggest game changers out of that group for me, and seem about equal. It's the long shots. TOTS…
  • Yesterday I had 3 wins and 7 losses Today I've had 6 wins and 1 loss. Of course it could be down to a whole bunch of things, but the game just feels completely different from one day to the next.
  • I went through this yesterday, but today seems much better for me.
  • I think Prime Rio and Prime Maldini are going to be better than most of, if not all of the TOTS defenders. I've been playing with TOTS Azpi this weekend and he's good, but he doesn't give me that feeling that the icon defenders do of just being brick walls.
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