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  • What is stranger is when i compare my matches played with most of the top 20 (coins earned from matches). Look at the wins some of theses guys have got, ie 10th spot on leaderboard game record 0-4632-713. Thats ZERO wins in over 5000 games. Coins e…
  • So we cant discuss what they advertise??? CONFIDENCE
  • Regarding "scripting, handicap, momentum" does a players confidence have an influece? There was a spanish Fifa ad featuring Jack Butland which highlighted this!! If "confidence" is in the game could you please explaine how it wor…
  • Ea are never going to admit there is such a thing. Imagine EA announced at fifa 18 launch that there was a balancing system, where my 7 year old newbie will have as good a chance winning as you or me? (Like madden 09) would you then buy that game an…
  • The more games you play in weekend league the more obvious the faults in the game become. is it worth playing for the ai to decide you aint winning?
  • Sweaty or not yout missing the point, he is not that bad. Open your eyes. Bronze players you could say maybe but come on aguerro!!!
  • Try UKRA, silver inform 74, plays in same league as Al Soma. He's portugese so you get some links to him. His numbers are solid for a silver. I cant post pics but sure someone could.
  • (Quote) No we dont like it, we paid the same money as you and expect a FAIR game. Whats pes got to do with it. The scripting is clearly bothering him and me for that matter, ruins the game. Maybe you accept scripted results doesn't mean we should.
  • What most people are saying is you are gambling. The op has a point that a game ratrd 3+ should not have a gambling element to it. You try and explain the gamble risk to a child, not good imo.
  • (Quote) You seem to not be able to handle the truth. Scottish football as a whole was better off without it.
  • (Quote) Celtic are 14 points clear, game in hand, far superior team. Rangers need the " old firm" tag to make them feel relevant thats why they use it. As also stated they also use it to pretend 2012 didn't happen. As for 31st would rathe…
  • The simple fact is celtic fc went thier own way when(Quote) You'll leave because you know i'm correct.
  • (Quote) Tell me then, what is rubbish? You tell me anything i said in this thread that isn't true. Everything is fact. No bitterness.
  • Glasgow derby: Clyde v Partick Thistle - can also include Queens Park and either Celtic or Rangers East London derby: Leyton Orient vs. West Ham United, also may include a match between either of those and Dagenham & Redbridge North London derb…
  • (Quote) The clashes with partick v celtic is also a glasgow derby, same with rangers v partick. Only one team use the extict term "old firm" and thats rangers. They do this to continue the myth that they survived. Do we only allow one gam…
  • (Quote) Nothing bitter mate , every bit is fact. You forget 2012? Ask Steven Naismith, Kyle Lafferty, Steve Davis why they left for nothing. You forget the show liquidation the red card protest? You surely cant forget "the journey". No no…
  • (Quote) What part is nonsense ??
  • (Quote) Celtic fc dont use the term "old firm" they call it the glasgow derby. Just because sevco scotland use it doesn't make it true. Rangers fc died when they entered liquidation. Had they done what your club (hearts)and dunfermline d…
  • (Quote) Whats yours?
  • The term OLD FIRM died along with Rangers in 2012. Its called the Glasgow derby now.
  • (Quote) There have been gameplay issues since launch which seem to get worse with each patch imo.
  • Of course we do, we're just not allowed to talk about it !!!!!!
  • You agree with some of his points yet get all rude when you disagree, seems childish. He is correct though regarding the rules. Is it too much to expect ea to treat everyone as equals? I think his main point is spot on, so it seems do you. Too many …
  • The op makes a vilid point though, rules for high profile youtubers. Different rules for the casual gamer. Thats the truth.
  • (Quote) If you got nothing contsructive to say, then say nothing! Easy
  • (Quote) Why you gotta be so damn rude. Always some smart 🎃🎃🎃🎃 gotta run people down. Unreal
  • Be careful what you say, i had a thread closed yesterday talking about this in another way. But should defo keep highlighting this .
  • The sad part is there are probably loads of people feel the same but too scared of being banned from here to voice thier opinions. You gotta accept the problem before you can fix it.
  • Its in the rules you can't promote coins sellers and autobots but all the big youtubers do it. Seems they only enforce certain rules.
  • Its them that sell the 🎃🎃🎃🎃, its them that make millions off us, it should be here for them to see and fix
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