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  • I usually end up with 4-2-3-1 using 3 cams but at the start of the game I’ll use what I can build a team with. We didn’t get dynamic tactics last year so I doubt they will be added this year. Gameplay was great I though last year compared with Xbox …
  • I’ll do Serie a as always, best value for money. Hopefully someone lets us know what to expect this year. They didn’t last year and that caused the problems. It’s legacy edition though..... might only be totw, toty and tots.
  • In fifa 19 we had icons in packs only we got no icon sbcs. Got totw every week and the ucl players. We got flashback and end of era sbcs but no leagues. We missed a lot of the promos like carniball and future stars. Don’t know what to expect in fifa…
  • (Quote) The market is empty compared to Xbox/PS4. The most Items I saw in fifa 19 on the market was 50k but you can get everyone on it if you are patient. As for sbc content switch got about 50% of what the other consoles got. For fifa 20 we don’t …
  • I mean the gameplay we have to me is better than what the frostbite engine offers. Yeah the lack of game modes and content is very frustrating but when the game plays better it does compensate for it. If someone from ea had came out and told us at t…
  • I stuck with switch for 19 and the gameplay I felt was better than Xbox, where I have the game as well. The lack of sbc and fut content on switch was more frustrating than anything else. Hopefully for fifa 20 we will get some kind of info on this be…
  • Yeah mate I saw it. Doesn’t give much away does it haha
  • They have released something this time but it’s not very clear on what sbc content and special players will be in game
  • If it’s the same sbc and fut content we got this year that’ll be ok. I think legacy usually gets a lot less
  • I’ll get it and give it a go as long as ultimate team is there. I hope ea will give us some info regarding what kind of sbc and general fut content we can expect. Will we get things like marquee matchups, icons, flashback players, end of era, potm a…
  • (Quote) Thanks for being honest about it. Will there be info about what sbc content we can expect in fifa 20? I know it’s legacy edition and will be less than Xbox/PS4 get. If this info isn’t available now will it be closer to release? Asking becau…
  • I doubt it. Think I’m done with the game now. Got better things to play
    in Futties Comment by Gingerboaby83 July 3
  • Hopefully they give us more info on it closer to release. If it has ultimate team I’ll give it a go as I really don’t like the game on frostbite. If I need to go back to Xbox for Ultimate team I think I’ll just forget it. Always get it on Xbox for p…
  • While it’s not ideal the whole situation what has been good is the feedback we are now getting from Andy here. Hopefully nearer the release of fifa 20 we can get some info of what content will be in fut for it. I don’t know what legacy edition gets …
  • (Quote) Thanks again for checking. I think it’s a formation that’s not in our version.
  • @EA_Andy sorry again man but another sbc has been taken down. This time it’s the flashback mahrez. I would guess that the formation glitch is the problem here. If you have any info on this could you keep us updated please.
  • I’ll try talking to Andy again about this but I’m unsure how much knowledge he will have about this being taken down. My guess would be the formation glitch is back.
  • @EA_Andy haha sorry man, my mate had txt me to say laliga was sorted so I just shared it. Thanks for all your help and feedback with this, appreciate the time you have gave us. Now any chance of us getting the Jadon sancho players back 😂.
  • My mates just txt saying the Laliga players have been fixed.
  • I did about 100 Serie a ones and got 1 tots player and that was Fabian. Wasn’t best pleased but it’s your luck lol
  • @theubiscape was talking to Andy on twitter earlier. He said they had discovered the problem their side and were working on fixing it. It won’t happen overnight but it should get sorted. They will post something either here or on twitter when it get…
  • @EA_Andy I’ve sent all the screenshots that I could get on Twitter to you. Hope it gives you something to go on.
  • (Quote) I’ll speak with them today and hopefully get more info for you. I’ve sent the 3 photos I have to you on Twitter. Thanks again for your help.
  • (Quote) I believe so yes. I’ve never had any of the players myself but some mates have been affected
  • @EA_Andy I’m have 3 images on my phone of Turkish league players who are affected. I can’t send them to you in this as for some reason it won’t let me. Can I send them to you on Twitter?
  • So far the players I have is trezeguet, gunok and kaldirim from the Turkish league. I’m sure there was more from there. Don’t have any from LaLiga name wise yet but there was 4 or 5 at least as well
  • We essentially had a legacy edition this year
  • @EA_Andy I’ll try message the lads and see if they have anything. I know it was LaLiga and the Turkish leagues that were affected. Not seen any tots players from those leagues on the market since this happened myself but I do know a few people who m…
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