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  • Tbf if you let Kante leave you’d regret it. You only paid £32m for him, he didn’t have the best seasons Injury wise but with better care if he plays next season without getting any serious injuries he’ll be key for your team. He’s still easily the worlds best defensive midfielder on his day and he’s be vital to breaking up…
  • I know he’s dropped off but imagine after that World Cup he had and all the clubs vying to sign him someone telling you within a few years he’ll be winding up at Everton :lol: Still a great coup for someone like Everton.
  • 2010 wasn’t it ?
  • Tbf if you’re doing an all time XI you’ve got to take into consideration the amount of time the player was performing at a high level for.
  • As much as I hate to admit it lingard does have some technical ability to back up him though which Andreas doesn’t. Put it this way if I had to pick to sign one of them I’d choose lingard over Andreas. I think you could get £15m + 5m addons for smalling. Juventus , inter and Roma all seem to have an interest.
  • Well apparenlty 70k 70k 100k 30k 25k 80k 75k
  • Romero’s deal expires next summer ( unless we exercise the 1 year extension) so £15m is pushing it I think £7m-£10m is realistic. Don’t see pereira as a £15m player again probably £7m-£10m he’s never really shown consistent quality he’s 24 now and he’s not a kid anymore. The rest I agree with.
  • Thiago wants out and has a year left on his deal. If Thiago hadn’t requested to leave and still had 3 years left on his deal you’d be looking at 60m+ easily. The price is based upon quality of player + length of contract , role in the team e.g first team starter and their desire to leave. I still don’t agree with some of…
  • Who’s dropped out?
    in England Comment by Gervonta August 2020
  • Guendouzi is actually quite a good player and has good potential. It’s the attitude that ruins him he thinks he’s made it already when he hasn’t his ego has apparently been an issue even in his younger days. Similar to us and Ravel Morrison. The Talent is clear but unless the player has the right attitude you have cut out…
  • Glad we have a strong relationship with Ajax. Ajax are one of the best teams to buy from so having a strong relationship makes it that much easier.
  • Who has the bigger following on social media? Not how many tweets they can get.
  • Yeah hate to break it to you but CR7 is a bigger sporting athlete. Yeah renegotiate the sponsor that the current owner also owns where he’ll be transferring more money from one of his business accounts into another of his business accounts......
  • I mean after city’s last brown envelope got them off Scott free you’d think but not sure they’ll risk another enquiry into their cooked books.
  • Don’t think any can afford him when you have FFP in play. Reports saying he’s on basic wage of 1m a week. Would cripple most clubs finances tbh. PSG can afford him but they’ll break FFP as neymar and Mbappe are reported to be on big deals already. City without cooking the books ( like they usually do) would be generating…
  • Don’t think they can afford to. Most of their squad are over 30 they need to try and get Atleast a few young players in this summer they can’t afford to try and chop and change them all in one go next summer.
  • VDB goes to United , Barcelona turn to gini, in turn Liverpool use the money to replace gini with Thiago. Think that’s what he’s trying to put across. Tonali has no effect on any of these though.
  • Inter are getting tonali? I thought A.C. had tabled a bid today?
  • Rashford liking all of fabs tweets about VDB :smirk:
  • Isn’t your club trying to sign an aging forward when their problems are conceding goals not scoring them?.....
  • I thought it was mandatory that every player must have a release clause inserted into their deals?
  • Don’t all players in Spain have to have buy out clauses in their deals? If so it has to exist in messi’s deal or else they’re breaking the rules not having a buy out inserted in the deal?
  • Wouldn’t mind sarr from Watford.
  • I’d much rather be bringing on DVB over Andreas :lol: Wouldn’t mind us looking at sanches and camavinga if the reports of DVB weren’t true.
  • Doesn’t matter what the club say. In this day and age players seem to hold the power, if they want out 9/10 times they end up getting the move. iirc when CR7 was here we constantly put out he’s stopping , he won’t leave , saf said he wouldn’t do business with real then in the end he was sold. Liverpool said coutinho wasn’t…
  • Yeah money has ruined the game on more than one front tbh , I still think if you’re a top level athlete/coach you should be aiming to win everything you’re involved in.
  • It’s still a trophy though might not be as prestigious as say the CL but it’s still a trophy. Like when people down play the EL and carabao cup. It’s still a trophy added to the cabinet at the end of the day and that’s what clubs/players/managers should aspire for.

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