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  • I think possibly the sbc s are reset. Maybe try doing some of the basic ones and build yourself up. Did you rage delete your club or is this some cunning strategy to get better pack luck??
  • Just do it offline set the controller down after 3 or 4 goals. Do something else in the meantime.
  • What need was there to dig this thread up??
  • Nice on mate. Happy fathers day to you as well!
  • Ok real big man you are back to your self relegating off you go...... I'm done here sort of sums up this fifa community kicking a lad who's lost his job when hes down. Anyway on to bigger and better things for the OP best of luck to you mate and I'm sure that firm will realise in time how silly and unnecessary your sacking…
  • Turn it in nodge no call for that wasn't even speaking to you mate.
  • Not at all. He had not one complaint about his work until this coward started taking pictures. I'd have sacked the other bloke for telling tales. Far worse that than having a few goes on the playstation between patrols.
  • Edit- As i said hopefully his replacement is some toe rag kid who can't be bothered turning up half the time. Anyone who's been in the same job for 8 years is a good reliable employee. As he said no break ins or nothing sounds like his manager loves his wee bit of power. Probably one of those that got bullied as a kid and…
  • Hes serving his purpose though as long as he turns up on time and stays on the site. Would you sack every security guard who falls asleep on the job or looks at their phone. I'm sure he was keeping an eye on things. Making sure everything was fine between games.
  • Mate hes getting minimum wage for watching a dead warehouse. You're wanting him to sit for 12 hours watching every fire exit. Hes gave you 8 years service which suggests hes pretty reliable and the chief executive himself has been singing his praise. I think a blind eye could have been turned. Hopefully this firm gets some…
  • Yes I can confirm I've never worked as a security guard. However like I mentioned earlier on in the thread I had a mate in that line of business so I'm just going on what he has told me.
  • Well certainly anyone who didn't know will definitely know now. Some of these packs are atrocious.
  • Sounds like a right ball buster your missus I thought mine was bad haha!!
  • Well he has a new job sorted so no need to smash it. Not like he was planning on going on the dole and sitting around all day in his underpants playing squad battles. To be honest if he goes on to a better job this work colleague has done him a favour. Dont think all those having a go know the nature of security work its…
  • Good lad Keith nice pull. Well deserved. Definitely stay away from those fifa points. Hopefully the days of fifa points are numbered.
  • Not being sarcastic at all mate. Check my post history on this issue. Of course they wouldn't do anything like this if they had a choice.But like you said the sharks are circling. I'm 100% agreeing with you.
  • Yes sir the authorities are on their way!! EA getting nervous now. This is their desperate attempt to keep fifa points in the game!! They are squirming this is desperate stuff. You love to see it!!
  • Dont most people know that already??
  • Yes its disgusting mate how EA just stand back and let these cheaters continue.
  • Would you not just sell a few players to raise coins before you d buy fifa points though?
  • For sure playing their hearts out giving it everything.
  • 1 all bad goal to give away by Hungary. Just a big punt up the pitch.
  • Yep they ve been sleeping on this one. EA been getting away with it for years.
  • They haven't been bad just need to take their chances. I'm sure they ll step it up. I felt they should have won by more against Germany tbh. Had all the big chances in the game.
  • Yes it's how they are getting around the heat that's coming down on them with regards gambling. Why else change it?? It's a winning formula for them so they ve been forced into a change. They know the authorities are coming for them.
  • See the lady sitting at the desk haha! Their fans are willing them on!! Went nuts when the goal went in.
  • I agree 100% mate clever move by EA. They ll stop at nothing to keep the gravy train going. Probably have a team of top lawyers arguing the case for fifa points to be allowed.
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