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  • I’ve got prime nedved . He’s a very good asset to the squad but not a specialist winger . I start him there then move him into centre mid or cam second half where he’s much better . Neymar Is better , but I’m biased as Neymar is my favourite player on the game
  • Ramos obviously . Umititi cheap options . Or UCL card kimpembwe
  • Very true, but we shouldn’t have to get up at 5 AM just to play a game of Fifa
  • Yeah I got to 11 wins yesterday , then the game became impossible to play . Can’t play the game today because I’m at my Mrs gaff . So basically WL ruined by a billion dollar company not providing a service I’ve paid a lot of money for . Pretty ridiculous when you look at it like this. Think it’s the one thing , that just…
  • One thing I’ve never understood is if you’re not enjoying it . Why don’t you just switch it off and do something else . I play every couple of weeks . Games in a nice state right now . Couple of tweaks like goalkeeper movement . And it would be a sound game . Reading some of the stuff on this forum though I do beleive it’s…
  • Don’t get me wrong he is decent . Very good in fact . But the game is so predictable now that I barely play it . And I was really addicted at one point . Why can’t they just make more cards that are effective within the game . The beauty of football in real life is opinion . And with this game how it is right now . There…
  • Yep. Absolute monster . But I only realised this when I converted him into a CAM. He wasn’t up to much as a lone striker
  • I’ve been playing with Europa league Kongdogbia this WL. The guy is just an out and out UNIT. Quality passing aswell. Quite expensive mind
  • Yeah j always open pack. 10 X more fun , it’s a game after all. Pulled that future stars left back Mendy this week . Buzzing
  • Just thinking now done alright really . Probs spent about 50 quid on the game since release Greizman ( untradeable ) Pogba Kante Red Werner Red Draxler Red gnabry Firminio Hamsik X2 Mane Nothing special like .
  • I do reckon some people just don’t know how to skip the replays though Yano . I wouldn’t of known how to do it before I started reading this forum .
  • This interests me aswell to be fair . Links into what I was asking earlier about kongdobia
  • Right , cheers guys . I kinda feel like I’m gonna keep going to the 1 Mill Mark . And not put the coins into the 86 Kongdog . Probly should have mentioned I currently play the 83 blue version . Just wondered if the price tag was worth it
  • No then ? I think the price should be more around 250 K . It’s just because he fits the “ META “. Might wait for Petit you know
  • I’m 28. Quite surprised actually I thought a lot of people that posted were high school / late teens. Suppose because you’ve gotta put some money into the game the kids can’t afford it .
  • Good luck Ive just played the most pathetic little dweeb ever. He went 1-0 up on 30 mins . Then time wasted the whole of the second half passing the ball around his back four and all that for over 45 mins not trying to score. How much of a sad little dweeb must you be to do that
  • I’ve had him for around 15 games . He’s exceptionally strong on the ball . It’s difficult to lose the ball with him in fairness . His vision , pass appreciation is as good as it gets . Think De Bruyne . Personally though I think it’s a lot for the card . You can get better for a lot cheaper . ( non icon ) . But he is a…
  • As mentioned in previous thread . No play time in 3 weeks. Turn the game on after a nice stress free Christmas . Can’t even get one game . Red bar , servers unplayable . Literally you can’t play the game . ❤️❤️❤️❤️ this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ , ruined my Saturday night which was going well
  • 3 weeks off the game . Quite fancied a game tonight for first time jn 3 weeks . Try and play one game , latency bar at red . games unplayable, have to quit twice reboot all that still unplayable . Bunch of bellends . That’s the only thing I truly wish they could fix . Couldn’t give a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ about anything else
  • In my team yeah I’m with you , it’s gotta be bale . The guy never lets me down On draft would be prime nedved or 96 messi. Both jokers
  • Lets face it . You’ve got to be a bit of a dork if you’re dropping down divisions just so you might be able to get better rewards on a PlayStation game lol
  • My man said R9 is nice lol. 96 rated R9 is “ nice “. I just stopped reading after that .
  • I find i i get to around 1500, 1560. Then at the final hurdle come up against a team or side better than mine and can’t get over that final hurdle . To be fair I do think I’d grt dished in div 4 so I’m not that arsed
  • Played about 6 games tonight . 5 our of the 6 were against really sound people . Skipping replays , playing attacking football etc . And the games were even enjoyable when I lost . Had a game of draft and played against a player who was miles better than me . He beat me 4-0. Watching all the replays , doing kick ups and…
  • Absolutely . I can’t believe how pathetic some of the opponents I come up against are . You’d think it was the World Cup final . I’m with you mate , it’s more stress than fun . However I’m not afraid to admit I’m addicted lol
  • Umtiti under 50 K . ? Some sniping that if so
  • Yeah once I can get a shadow put on him I’ll be able to tell whether I can use him long term or not as at the moment his pace is an issue . However acquiring a shadow on the marker at the moment is like trying to walk to the moon
  • Meylor and Nep are the best I’ve always wondered what sort of cash these fellas make ? and yes I know meylor a pro footy player lol . Relatively stress free job I suppose but personally I cba just sitting inside all day playing Fifa . But again each to their own. I do wonder what these fellas make a year tho
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