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  • In game 4-4-2 Larson king up top Just need to find someone who will complement sissoko for 400 K ( ignore the coins total as I have stuff to sell which will take me to 400
  • Hi thanks for the responses , not sure how to post a picture This is the link to my team.
  • Yeah I’d love ballack but just a tiny bit out of my price bracket
  • I can’t personally play the game in the evening . Quite a sad state of affairs really. I don’t mind the game during the day particularly in the Morning ( England ) the gameplay is really good
  • I honestly beleive that the main problem with the game is the player base. So desperate to win . Skill moves constantly , drop back 1 depth playing like it’s the champions league final every game . It’s a game so there is bound to be problems but you can choose whether to be “ sporting “ or not I think
  • Brilliant post . One which I agree entirely with
  • The game has issues , but I beleive the community is a bigger problem by forever exploring things in the game that are so overpowered It’s a video game so it’s never gonna be perfect . You’re relying on an opponent who’s just there for a bit of fun I think
  • Yep just to confirm last few posts . I am too with sky . Just joined this week after a very reasonable couple of years with BT. Not a good first impression 3 games in a row D/C now . There’s 45 mins of my life I’ll never get back . Plus still nowhere near finishing bellerin
    in Server Comment by GLAN12 November 2020
  • Very frustrating . Should at least award the win to who was ever on top at the time . Might try one more
    in Server Comment by GLAN12 November 2020
  • Cheers pal . That would be good
    in Sabitzer Comment by GLAN12 May 2020
  • Yeah I have to agree I used to be okay , I too am a big fan of “ real “ football . I try not to abuse the mechanics where I can . I think the birth of places like this , you tube social media has allowed people to literally get so much information about Fifa and what works best that the standard has gone up every year . I…
  • He turned my WL around , I would’ve lost so many games if I wasn’t bringing on. The best card on the game for the coins you spend without a doubt
    in Visca Comment by GLAN12 May 2020
  • I’ve played witsel for around 10 games . I think you need a shadow and If you haven’t got one you need to buy one. With a shadow on he feels okay . Trust me he isn’t brilliant tho I regret doing him , he just feels slow I tbjnk . I much preferred 90 anselmo who cost like 60 K..interestingly tho when I’ve played witsel he…
  • I must admit I thought he carried my team last weekend , he’s not a top tier card but he will definilty score goals
  • I really don’t get what people want from Fifa sometimes . The card costs nothing to complete at this stage of the game . Sure the card isn’t unbelievable , I’ve played him for around 8 games now and he’s decent . Really huge presence in midfield. Someone asked earlier if he’s better than TOTS anselmo and I don’t think…
  • I’ve been playing him two games . Will need a bit more time with the card yet , I need to buy a shadow I thjnk . I’ve been playing that 90 anselmo and he felt more effective . But sometimes you need to get used to cards
  • That’s interesting , I thought he was terrible. I got 94 lewa granted he’s a lot more but the difference in quality is ridiculous . Funny old game is fifa
  • Rush is fantastic I packed him in the prime icon pack . Feel confident when he’s in the team that I can score , shame he’s not quicker
  • I was lucky to pack auba 96 red last week , I can’t get him into the team cos I’ve been bundesliga all season but he doesn’t do it all for me . Feels clunky . I prefer 90 werner
  • Yeah , I just didn’t think putting money into an untradeable I’ve not used is wise Comparing on Futbin , kovacic looks the better option
  • I’d played two weekend leagues prior to corona . I’ve played 5 on the bounce , due to pass the time and in fairness it hasn’t be all bad . It might sound pathetic but the mental challenge has been great because through the week I do nothing . Not a chance I could put myself through this if there wasn’t a global pandemic .…
  • Ben yedder is the most broken card on the game . But it’s boring playing him every game ,
  • If we weren’t in the middle of a global pandemic where we couldn’t go outside , I wouldn’t be playing . It’s passing time on the weekends at the moment . Only played two all year before we went into lockdown . It’s far too time consuming
  • I completed him . It cost me 285 k with using some cards I had in the club . Who would be a good partner you reckon ? I’ve got Fred and eggestein at the moment
  • There was certainly something different about this weekend . It’s been lovely weather so I cba playing hardly any games Friday Saturday . I played 20 today , it can only be described as hell on Earth . I guess that’s what addiction is , you’re not enjoying it but you do it anyway
  • I’m having the same problem . Games are finishing like 5-4 every game . This is the least fun I’ve ever had on Fifa every game is stressful as it gets . Never known a patch change the game so much
  • How good a player are you ? What team do you have already . Werner is pretty much as good as you can get if you’ve got a bundesliga team . The 89 is class .
  • Don’t play weekend league mate . The game is fun then. Few drafts here and there , complete the challenges play a few games in rival . Keep it casual and it’s good fun
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