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  • 95 kimmich. He’s got everything .
  • He’s good mate . I play him wide left though with bale on the other flank. He had that knack of being in the right place right time and he’s nice and agile on the ball . Does feel really quick aswell
  • Raider wrote: » Fb ibra costed me 200k scored 1500goals in 1500 games and has like 700 assists That is mad to be fair . Doubt there will be many records than that for the price paid
  • You need to set the offence tactic to “ long ball “
  • Was half way through this . Pulled Robertson in the PL TOTS. Pleased as this digne challenge was hell on Earth
  • Quite enjoyed this aeekend league in a weird way . Feel like I’ve played superb. Lol. However I am currently 5 wins 9 losses . But few of them I’m sure I should’ve won. Very tough week like
  • Yeah , using the in game tactics . But what players does he work well with I mean where you can successfully get him in the CAM. I’ve just rage sold most my tradeabe said as I’ve been struggling . Obviously got Nedved untradeable so looking for ins…
    in Nedved? Comment by GLAN12 April 2
  • can anyone show me a Nedved team in which they’ve got him into a CAM position and what players he works well with . After playing over 200 games with him basically you realise he needs to be a CAM. He’s extreamley good there but not great on the win…
    in Nedved? Comment by GLAN12 April 2
  • I’m just gonna get the 86 Robertson I was gonna buy that card anyways . So for once EA has given me a freebie that I can enjoy
  • i played 8 games tonight 6 of them were complete dweeby little **** . They watch everything to try get you to rage quit. And to be honest it’s a good tactic on me , cos I will just exit out of the game and play someone else if it’s a really negative…
  • I have used kongdogbia for over 300 games and I cannot recommend him enough . Best player I’ve got . Absolute unit . If he was still French he’d be well up near 800 K now . There ain’t many better midfielders than him on the game
  • They are just trying their best to make a living for themselves and their family . If you don’t like it , don’t watch it . I don’t understand how someone who makes a YouTube video is what’s wrong with the game . I like Nepenthez, and inception .
  • I used to get wound up to be fair . But I just realised what a sad little man you must be trying to wind or antagonise someone on a game . Very odd behaviour . This made me relax a little more .
  • To the opening post . Well done for being so honest . Addiction comes in many forms , anything that becomes unhealthy and and detriment upon your mental health should be cut out . **** anyone that tells you because it’s a video game you can’t get ad…
  • Nepenthez ? Watch more out of habit , and because my YouTube account promotes all his videos rather than me actually enjoying it . I’d say his probly the best Kurt funniest . Inception . Probs the most honest
  • 87 Werner . 84 red gnabry is very underrated I don’t see him about much and he is superb
  • Also interested in this . Not a ridiculous price either at 355 on Futbin. Got 300 K and could sell a few thing to bring him in
  • Packed VVD. Run a La Liga team , so selling a few cards to fit in my to a prem / La Liga
  • Thanks mate this worked cheers
  • My mate had both of these cards . If he sold them this morning would of got combined around 550 K maybe even 600 if lucky . Tonight 200 K max ( if very very lucky ) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌
  • I just leave the game as soon as I see any nonsense on the kits screen. Couldn’t give a **** about win record , rivals record etc if I start getting any toxicity during the game I will just leave the game, and play someone who’s sound
  • Don’t get why people don’t like nedved . The guy is mr reliable . Can play him all over the park , and pops up with goals and assists for a laugh
  • I use an engine on him but would be interested to hear what other chem styles people have gone for
  • He’s good mate . Really effective , nothing special going forward as you’d expect but at 6 ft 3 he’s a genuine unit in the midfield . He’s still in the green at like 70 mins onwards aswell. With what’s available he’s a no brainer I think
  • I’ve got prime nedved . He’s a very good asset to the squad but not a specialist winger . I start him there then move him into centre mid or cam second half where he’s much better . Neymar Is better , but I’m biased as Neymar is my favourite play…
  • Ramos obviously . Umititi cheap options . Or UCL card kimpembwe
  • ASX wrote: » Saturday 8am local time (4am GMT) for 3 hours or so the servers were great for me, went 6-2 in WL, very smooth game play. Later in the day it went to ****, sluggish game play, passes not working, etc and ended up 7-6 so I stopped for …
  • Yeah I got to 11 wins yesterday , then the game became impossible to play . Can’t play the game today because I’m at my Mrs gaff . So basically WL ruined by a billion dollar company not providing a service I’ve paid a lot of money for . Pretty ridic…
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