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  • Yeah , using the in game tactics . But what players does he work well with I mean where you can successfully get him in the CAM. I’ve just rage sold most my tradeabe said as I’ve been struggling . Obviously got Nedved untradeable so looking for ins…
    in Nedved? Comment by GLAN12 April 2
  • can anyone show me a Nedved team in which they’ve got him into a CAM position and what players he works well with . After playing over 200 games with him basically you realise he needs to be a CAM. He’s extreamley good there but not great on the win…
    in Nedved? Comment by GLAN12 April 2
  • I’m just gonna get the 86 Robertson I was gonna buy that card anyways . So for once EA has given me a freebie that I can enjoy
  • i played 8 games tonight 6 of them were complete dweeby little **** . They watch everything to try get you to rage quit. And to be honest it’s a good tactic on me , cos I will just exit out of the game and play someone else if it’s a really negative…
  • I have used kongdogbia for over 300 games and I cannot recommend him enough . Best player I’ve got . Absolute unit . If he was still French he’d be well up near 800 K now . There ain’t many better midfielders than him on the game
  • They are just trying their best to make a living for themselves and their family . If you don’t like it , don’t watch it . I don’t understand how someone who makes a YouTube video is what’s wrong with the game . I like Nepenthez, and inception .
  • I used to get wound up to be fair . But I just realised what a sad little man you must be trying to wind or antagonise someone on a game . Very odd behaviour . This made me relax a little more .
  • To the opening post . Well done for being so honest . Addiction comes in many forms , anything that becomes unhealthy and and detriment upon your mental health should be cut out . **** anyone that tells you because it’s a video game you can’t get ad…
  • Nepenthez ? Watch more out of habit , and because my YouTube account promotes all his videos rather than me actually enjoying it . I’d say his probly the best Kurt funniest . Inception . Probs the most honest
  • 87 Werner . 84 red gnabry is very underrated I don’t see him about much and he is superb
  • Also interested in this . Not a ridiculous price either at 355 on Futbin. Got 300 K and could sell a few thing to bring him in
  • Packed VVD. Run a La Liga team , so selling a few cards to fit in my to a prem / La Liga
  • Thanks mate this worked cheers
  • My mate had both of these cards . If he sold them this morning would of got combined around 550 K maybe even 600 if lucky . Tonight 200 K max ( if very very lucky ) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌
  • I just leave the game as soon as I see any nonsense on the kits screen. Couldn’t give a **** about win record , rivals record etc if I start getting any toxicity during the game I will just leave the game, and play someone who’s sound
  • Don’t get why people don’t like nedved . The guy is mr reliable . Can play him all over the park , and pops up with goals and assists for a laugh
  • I use an engine on him but would be interested to hear what other chem styles people have gone for
  • He’s good mate . Really effective , nothing special going forward as you’d expect but at 6 ft 3 he’s a genuine unit in the midfield . He’s still in the green at like 70 mins onwards aswell. With what’s available he’s a no brainer I think
  • I’ve got prime nedved . He’s a very good asset to the squad but not a specialist winger . I start him there then move him into centre mid or cam second half where he’s much better . Neymar Is better , but I’m biased as Neymar is my favourite play…
  • Ramos obviously . Umititi cheap options . Or UCL card kimpembwe
  • ASX wrote: » Saturday 8am local time (4am GMT) for 3 hours or so the servers were great for me, went 6-2 in WL, very smooth game play. Later in the day it went to ****, sluggish game play, passes not working, etc and ended up 7-6 so I stopped for …
  • Yeah I got to 11 wins yesterday , then the game became impossible to play . Can’t play the game today because I’m at my Mrs gaff . So basically WL ruined by a billion dollar company not providing a service I’ve paid a lot of money for . Pretty ridic…
  • One thing I’ve never understood is if you’re not enjoying it . Why don’t you just switch it off and do something else . I play every couple of weeks . Games in a nice state right now . Couple of tweaks like goalkeeper movement . And it would be a…
  • Don’t get me wrong he is decent . Very good in fact . But the game is so predictable now that I barely play it . And I was really addicted at one point . Why can’t they just make more cards that are effective within the game . The beauty of football…
  • Yep. Absolute monster . But I only realised this when I converted him into a CAM. He wasn’t up to much as a lone striker
  • I’ve been playing with Europa league Kongdogbia this WL. The guy is just an out and out UNIT. Quality passing aswell. Quite expensive mind
  • Yeah j always open pack. 10 X more fun , it’s a game after all. Pulled that future stars left back Mendy this week . Buzzing
  • Just thinking now done alright really . Probs spent about 50 quid on the game since release Greizman ( untradeable ) Pogba Kante Red Werner Red Draxler Red gnabry Firminio Hamsik X2 Mane Nothing special like .
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