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  • (Quote) I’m talking about people who have played it no how to play it unlike people on this forum that just want to knock EA. It has significantly improved wait and see and as for look being similar to FIFA 19 your so wrong. Remember we are at BETA…
  • What are you on about FIFA 20 is 50 times better than FIFA 19 miles better. My friends have played it gameplay is fantastic at this stage and if they tweak a few issues FIFA 20 will be best FIFA yet mark my words.
  • (Quote) I suppose Croatia is a poor league too. Hahaha totally agree with you bacchus that guy Didn’t no what he was talking about. Croatia has produce probably the best players in Europe over the last 10 years. Small league in terms of finance bu…
  • Very pleased about this rumour as we need more leagues can’t believe people are saying don’t wont it lol. We want more leagues I’m hoping Czech league or Ukraine league with national team. I’m just hoping for Copa Libertadores and an extra South Ame…
  • (Quote) A typical comment there from the mystical Kein. How anyone can say PES 2020 is better graphic wise to fifa is talking rubbish. The way they run it looks shoddy to me I played DEMO just like PES 2019 with a few twists and turns thrown in. Th…
  • i won’t be quoting anymore until I play the game I think we as a community have moaned so well that they may have got the message well done my fellow forum bashers. 👍👍👍👍
  • (Quote) Your right there another pointless league career mode is looking shaky. With this announcement lol oh let’s scout India for world class youngster oh that’s right they don’t have any they are all cricketers lol biggest waste of money ever.
  • I suppose EA will do what they always do they get Indian super league. And we lose the national team that has been pointlessly in the game for 3 titles I’m not sure because I never pay attention to India at all no disrespect. But the best player in …
  • My answer to you is stop playing FUT why are you playing it. It’s all greed they don’t care about you.
  • (Quote) I’m outside now to take deep breath and there’s a billboard with FIFA 20 all over it haha. I’m very chilled just irritated with EA and there lack of proving us wrong make us as players go wow they really did a good job. Unfortunately they a…
  • I also played Pes demo it sucked gameplay they say it’s the same as Pes 2019 and with there crap exclusivities. What exclusivities juve, arsenal, Man U, Boca juniors, erm I can go on but it’s a bit part of a game. EA have all the money they have all…
  • EA are unreal all the build up for nothing really some EA guy said oh Canada has public holiday on Monday. So Monday has gone so now has Tuesday they really don’t care about consumer, so we have Wednesday or Thursday EA are desperate for a Friday or…
  • I don’t care about pace of the game. I just want the realism that if I’m put through on goal and I’m 90 pace. I don’t want Harry maguire or James tarkowski catching me up a break away is just that. And also when you see counter attacks in real footb…
  • I will buy pes as well I agree career mode needs a upgrade hopefully when news is released. They will give us some news it’s taking so long August 8 th is deadline bet they will let Volta go first then career mode last it’s very suspicious.
  • (Quote) You don’t have nothing to say really do you leave the discussion to people that discuss all you do is put down.
  • Because pes haven’t confirmed RPL is exclusive I just have a feeling it’s coming back.
  • Has Pes said or Fifa denied that it’s exclusive or inconclusive either way so like I said I’m predicting not confirming so why do u all keep saying I’m wrong when any of you no no better.
  • I would say it’s in Fifa 20 yeah no pes news on taking Liga NOS
  • (Quote) Where is it confirmed pes have no exclusivities on league.
  • (Quote) It is not exclusive the Russian league in Pes it is just confirmed league.
  • Looks great shame in reality it would probably be given to PES haha
  • (Quote) Really I make posts all the time where’s your post about complaints your just an sheep
  • Lol that post above FIFA wxnkers

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