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  • (Quote) Gonna be honest if you support good gameplay and You main teams is fully licensed in Pes. Pes beats fifa hands down. Fifa has all the licenses. But gameplay got worse with each patch. Pes the game is very high on graphics. I don’t play inlin…
  • (Quote) Old trafford is more modern in Pes. Even has disabled section in it. Pes though should get more chants and story about United. Like the commentators but commentary is bit try after a while. Other then that is’s nice
  • (Quote) dude the worse part is Garner, greenwood, williams is in Pes, gomes, chong( hair looks cooler on pes.) faces look more real. I confused with Fifa really. Bruno for me is worse
  • (Quote) pes has most of United youth players has scan faces. I think they partners. That is why. Williams, Gomes, Garner, Greenwood even Bruno has been performing for Sporting last year and the year before.. They also have more boots. Not saying you…
  • (Quote) think Bayern is fully licenses pes team. So new faces maybe not
  • (Quote) pes added 30 new faces. Brandon Williams also couple cool others, they already had Bruno Greenwood, Garner. Even have haaland.
  • (Quote) Good for them this game is still crap, i will not buy anything from them. Really i don’t even want to play fifa anymore. I got to warned for talking about scripting, which i didn’t someone else did but i got warned cause i replied about auto…
  • (Quote) When is this or is this like the Puma ones where the players has it on in real life so they added only to these players in the game and now only that one boot is added. that one cause the players wear them.hat is happing to ea from getting …
  • (Quote) Bruno was already in the game lol. They just updated him. Fifa still running with generic and 💩 face Bruno and Mason Greenwood.
  • (Quote) I have Pes it’s not that slow sorry. I counter im seconds if have pacet players they counter works better and if you have players play possession football. Play both same controller setup and find Pes good. 19 was better then 20
  • (Quote) When you get change try Pes 2020 let me know, i like it i’m but bothQ every year. Cause fufa gets boring quick. Pes has a lot room also for master league improvements to like every you g player wants a release clause but trying to sign playe…
  • This is the best post ever
  • (Quote) Cause PES customizer isn’t separate it’s one only when they add new players it will not be in your squad. when update the Database in update live squads it filters through in the save game. YOU also edit player outside of Master league and p…
  • (Quote) (Quote) I also stopped playing as I play career mode and it’s requires a restart everytime. Last year i buy this early l. Will stick with Pes 2020 for now and Call of Duty MW. Sorry Ea you lost me this year i have olayed a career mode past f…
  • Not coming to Console lol, as they fixed the problem. On 20th and then we will have wait for squad update.
  • They have fixed there issue with the packs so when will we get the patch for ps4 and no i’m not millennial. I don’t come tel me to stop moaning. Can’t enjoy the game as it’s patches to much. They bloody made it worse. I posts this and wait for these…
  • (Quote) I know that just angry dude and don’t care anymore. I have restart now again. Lol
  • (Quote) I have issue with Fifa 20 but not the gameplay more the delivery of service and over patching. Also this year they slower and game is very cliché in Career mode. You don’t play Career mode. There is no story lines it’s repetitive sorry budd…
    in My review: Comment by G9020wk January 17
  • (Quote) Patch says Pc role out nothing about coming to Console a later date.
  • (Quote) But the boots are far less this year why don.’t they just give a boot creater we make custom boots in the game and only in the game.
  • (Quote) You right to like the game. Don’t let these sour people on here spoil it for you
  • https://fifaforums.easports.com/en/profile/Southendbigshow just found a romanian player running blackout nike phantom VSN. my god a white version would be mint[/quote]. inter striker Martinez has the grey ones on or white but they not in the game.W…
  • I playin career mode spurs never drew or lost until I beat them and now I made cap between the two of us. But other teams are losing and drawing looks correct. Oh and spurs bought good players in the game.
  • New puma boots on console also but hat is it nothing else it seem
  • They added new green boots catalog Update only today or last night puma one winterized that is it
  • (Quote) I got warned for giving Pogba 250 a week. But did not get sacked cause I won the league lol and Europa
  • (Quote) then I will stay with Pes mar. Already import all the teams and they actually update existing save games lol
  • To be honest I have both still play both Pes has it’s issue to. In future I’m buy both. But I don’t know if I will Buy 21 next year If it’s same ❤️❤️❤️❤️ just new Front end. They need sort career mode and stop patches a game people already bought to…
  • (Quote) Still waiting though for the Squad update the patch game out few hours ago.
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