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  • Klopp seems to have something against Minamino, don't get it. Why is Ox and Gordon starting over him, thought he was decent vs us last week despite the miss
  • Few players definitely don't look 100%. Ode and Martinelli the only ones that seem to have energy atm. Tbh this 433 isn't really working, i wouldn't play these players in this formation. Partey will probably be on at 60 for ESR
  • Need to keep the ball on the ground. Always seem to be afraid to play out from the back vs Liverpool. Was fine vs City although we did have Partey
  • Arteta has just said 5 players in the squad haven't had training sessions (one of them Partey). So we are probably pushing players a bit today tbf
  • Do think the players with knocks could probably have played Sunday, same with ESR and Tomi. Makes sense we didn't want to risk playing them when we didn't have to (thanks to the awful rules)
  • Yeah saw that tweet where he was mugging off Spurs. Never seen him play, but I'm on board now. Important that your back-ups actually want to be here and fight for the badge. Not the first Arsenal fan we've signed recently, so maybe we're actually factoring it into our recruitment 🤔
  • First 11 is available near enough, but excluding Partey (who is somehow back), we only have 3 senior players on the bench. Odegaard was also out with covid, ESR & Tomi returning from injury and a couple picked up knocks vs you last week. We wouldn't have had the numbers.
  • Leno has a 'back injury'
  • https://twitter.com/Arsenal/status/1484235602035986435?s=20 Love it. Interesting to see if it's a 433 or the 3atb I suggested. Partey already on the bench, only arrived back this morning 😅😅😅 Leno not on the bench so probably on his way then
  • https://twitter.com/segunemdin/status/1484211770789175297?s=21
  • For emergencies only :smirk:
  • Couldn't have predicted the change in formation tbf. Bruno was doing nothing in the 4222. Bruno also plays better without Ronaldo and he was absent in both of this weeks games
  • Ffs Leicester
  • Trippier was banned for 10 weeks too. If Xhaka is found guilty he'll 100% be banned. I guess it's difficult to prove though.
  • Barely anyone was pictured in training other than the players we already knew were fit and Ode (who we knew would be back from covid) We are probably just trying to keep our cards close to our chest.
  • As for Xhaka, it all looks very suspicious. He couldn't have made it look more obvious if he tried, nor could the guy betting £65k on a yellow card after 80 mins ffs. To be honest I'd be surprised if he doesn't end up banned.
  • Was just thinking about this after seeing the tweet Ashy posted, it's actually scary to think of how much corruption could be out there. When so much money is involved it's always going to be a factor and there's little anyone can do to stop it. Same with PEDs. The testing in football is a joke, it's like they're trying…
  • Werner 100% offers more than Lukaku and Ziyech right now. No point having finishers on the pitch if you can't create chances. Werner makes things happen. Havertz idk, but they're not playing at all. You spent over 100m on the 2 of them, need to give them a chance to turn their form around. They are not bad footballers.
  • You need to get players with energy into your team. Drop Lukaku and Ziyech, bring in Werner, Havertz and maybe a couple of young players. I don't understand how Chelsea always have a meltdown after playing so well for a few months
  • Ghana heading out of AFCON in the groups. 1-0 down to Comoros and down to 10 men. Partey likely back without missing a single premier league game :D 2-0 now
  • Thinking about it we could do with a more attacking right back as an alternative to Tomiyasu. We need a back-up anyway, but rather than going for someone of Tomi's profile, a more attacking fullback would be good. Someone that could play as a wing back if we switched to 3atb, or just offer more going forward if we're…
  • We were parking the bus then though and I expect us to set up more attacking. I'm not sure if Tomiyasu and Tierney provide enough going forward as wing backs. Since we're at home against a Liverpool side without a few key players, I don't think we'll just concede possession. We'll be aggressive and try to dominate the…
  • I'm not sure about Odegaard and Sambi on their own in midfield vs Liverpool's 3. Think we need an extra body in there.
  • Assuming everyone is fit Martinelli-Laca Tierney-Smith Rowe-Sambi-Odegaard-Saka Gabriel-White-Tomiyasu Ramsdale Leno, Holding, Chambers, Tavares, Patino, Azeez, Hutchinson, John Jules, Nketiah That's assuming everyone makes it which is unlikely, likely will have to use a couple more academy lads
  • Also we've recalled John Jules and Azeez. 2 youngsters that actually have some senior football experience. Likely they'll be on the bench with a few senior players
  • All indications seem to point towards the game going ahead. I'd rather just play it now and I'm sure Arteta would too
  • Why would you apologise for a pen miss after you just scored and are 5-0 up :D Don't worry, he won't join Arsenal anyway. So you can believe it now. He's probably saying hello to Juve fans
  • Juve always find a way around it, they'll get him in some weird 2 year loan deal with an option to buy for 50m, in 2m installments over 25 years. The deals they pulled off for Chiesa and Locatelli were absurb. Just a shame players in Italy only want to move to them and no one else.
  • Juve are ❤️❤️❤️❤️ me off. Seem favourites to get Vlahovic now apparently. Just want Isak at this point
  • Spurs could arguably be better than Arsenal, but it's not as clear as you make it out to be. Leicester have a good team, but so do we. I think you and some others probably underestimated the ability of our young players. Saka, ESR and Martinelli are all very good. Arsenal fans have know that for a while. Their potential is…

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