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  • Nketiah was alright besides the miss but it still makes no sense to bring him on at left wing over Pepe. Over Laca at striker would make sense. Agreed Aubameyang was worse though, wasn't even close to the target. I genuinely would rather any of our other players in front of goal or on pens. I've never felt less confident…
  • I don't know who we even play up front at this point? Surely it's gotta be Martinelli. Laca was so poor that game too.
  • Would be far better than any of our strikers
  • Absolute panic stations in the second half I don't know what we were doing. We have so little quality in the final third
  • Terrible decision to bring on Nketiah at left wing over Pepe
  • How do we miss these sitters every week
  • :D :D :D Deserved for playing like dirty ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Standard of refereeing in this league is so so poor. I can't believe referees like Mike Dean and Stuart Atwell haven't been demoted to the Championship or League 1
  • Definitely don't deserve to be winning but i'll take it. Second half needs to be much better. None of this protecting the one goal lead nonsense even if it'll probably work against Everton
  • Mike Dean is a joke
  • Now he gets away with a cynical foul without a yellow
  • How is Godfrey still on the pitch
  • Most people accept Xhaka is the on-field captain. Auba only has it because he was our best player. I don't think the armband matters that much though, he'll keep it until his contract runs out then it'll be given to Tierney or one of the more vocal players like Gabriel or Ramsdale
  • https://twitter.com/Arsenal/status/1467931903131107329 Xhaka back a month early :D Tierney back Auba dropped Excellent line-up. Smith Rowe must not quite be fit, but could probably do with a rest anyway.
  • Partey told Sky Sports News: "I give myself four [out of 10], because there are moments I can really hurt the other team but there are also moments where I allow myself to lose focus and that's when everything goes down. "This is when you realise that you have to get better." At least he sees the problems, let's hope he…
  • Schick could work out but he's only really been good the last 6 months or so and he's 4 years older than Vlahovic. Obviously would be an improvement on Auba, but a risk. I guess you could say that about most strikers coming from other leagues though. DCL is the safest but I don't see him ever being above a top 6 quality…
  • Seems like there's too many big clubs in for him for us to stand s chance now
  • Definitely doing some favours for Vlahovic's agents. He did a similar thing with Locatelli, constantly linking us with him even though we never had a chance over Juve.
  • Also seems like Xhaka is back in full training so we could see him back in the team in the next couple of weeks. Actually pretty big for us with the inconsistencies of our midfielders.
  • I think just put Laca in for Odegaard and it solves that problem, he works well with the young players and helps link things up. Odegaard can rotate in for any of the front 4 depending on the fixture. I remember it was the Laca-Martinelli-ESR-Saka front four that turned our form last season with the win at Chelsea. Feels…
  • Took too long though and it will be even longer with Auba because he's actually been good for Arteta in the past and is club captain. Also works relatively hard whereas Willian didn't even press. I'd say we lost quite a few points last season because of Arteta's reluctance to drop Willian and think it will be the same with…
  • I don't blame Arteta for offering him the contract, I blame him for continuing to start him because he's afraid to drop him. Same thing with Willian. Offering him such a large contract was wrong. I didn't have a problem with it and I was wrong too. Just because no one thought it at the time, it was still a bad decision and…
  • https://twitter.com/GurjitAFC/status/1467168003347423244?s=20 Auba is gonna keep starting cos Arteta can't admit he was wrong to offer him a massive contract. It's Willian all over again. By the time he realises we're better without Auba our top 4 hopes will be gone. I have no confidence in us picking up wins atm
  • I actually captain Salah and now my vice has outscored him :D
  • If we start a front 4 of Martinelli Smith Rowe-Ode-Saka Who takes pens? Surely got to be Martinelli unless AMN plays over Lokonga
  • Sorry boys @Ashy @arsenalap, just realised i'm letting the team down and find myself in 4th place. I will have to start captaining Salah again it seems
  • Overpriced and overrated. Wouldn't be keen
  • I'd rotate between Laca and Odegaard depending on the game and situation. Should probably be mainly playing Odegaard though with an eye to the future. I thought he had some nice moments today, but shame he essentially threw away the game.
  • Main positive from today is I think Martinelli was good enough and Auba was bad enough to convince Arteta to actually drop Auba for him.
  • He's had some games where he's looked really good, far more quality on the ball than Mctominay.however, he's so inconsistent even within games. Its like he switches off.

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