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  • (Quote) Agreed. We won't anyway, Arteta definitely prefers Auba off the left
  • Zaha is overrated anyway, not good enough for a top 4 team. He's just a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Pepe basically. I don't know why our fans want him. We didn't need a winger even before signing Willian. Would be a massive waste of money. Better fit for Spurs
  • (Quote) It's not a good source, just earlier they were talking about Pocchetino becoming the new Juve manager. All speculative and not much better than the daily mail/mirror, especially for us. Basically just making assumptions because Ornstein sa…
  • It's from a couple of days ago and a pretty poor source. Probably nothing to worry about
  • (Quote) Wtf are these nominees. So many better goals than these. Only KDB's 2, Son's and Djenpro's dessrve to be nominated. Ayew should win
  • Arsenal employ the most staff in the league, most of the staff we made redundant were non-football related. I'm guessing there was a plan in place before to reduce the number of scouts. It will definitely help us be more efficient. The statement fro…
  • h2h makes an interesting change from the normal scoring so I support it. I guess the game will be released in a couple of weeks when the fixtures come out
  • Gabriel, Willian, Ceballos and an attacking midfielder seems most likely. Coutinho would've made a lot of sense given our budget, but we might sign someone unexpected who we didn't think we could afford like Pepe last window. I guess it depends on o…
  • (Quote) He was declining for us too before he left. He's no where near as good as he was in his peak but he'll probably do better in Serie A
  • I think you should be permitted to 3 tactical subs, but if a player is injured, taking him off shouldn't count towards the 3
  • City clearly the best, Liverpool haven't got the strength in depth We'll probably sign an attacking midfielder which helps us but we'd still only be above Spurs probably
  • If we sell Laca we'll sign another striker. We probably won't play Auba up front. In Arteta's system the striker needs to hold the ball up and help link up play, which Laca is better at. Auba is better suited to the wing where he has more space to m…
  • Willian is definitely not a signing that will appease our fans or made to do so 😅 I'll see what the contract is before deciding if we've made a bad transfer (if we do sign him)
  • You could argue Azpi's was red, but honestly the yellow and pen was probably the correct decision. The only big decision that went our way was the Kovacic second yellow, but we were already 2-1 up with 20 minutes to go. Other than that we had a few …
  • (Quote) Tbf a lot of our fans on social media even hate our own players. I wouldn't listen to them
  • Love Emi Obvious Auba wants to stay and it's just a case of negotiating the contract. They're probably demanding 300k+ and we'll end up paying it
  • (Quote) BBC showed it after the game- the ball was inside. Amount of people believing that awful quality picture 😅 https://streamable.com/7rj0jy
  • (Quote) Multiple big calls? One they definitely got wrong. People ridicule us when we've been saying this in our games, look how the table turns😅 FA Cup is our competiton[/quote] People ridiculed Arsenal fans because you did it for the smallest …
  • (Quote) Only in the league (Quote) Multiple big calls? One they definitely got wrong. People ridicule us when we've been saying this in our games, look how the table turns😅 FA Cup is our competiton
  • (Quote) But I don't see why Lampard wouldn't want Kovacic to start either, unless he is literally in love with Mason Mount. It's not like he'd be dropped because of performances anyway, it's just you've bought it two players that does his job bette…
  • (Quote) I don't know if Mount or Havertz could do what Kovacic does from deeper areas of the pitch. Not on the same level imo. Hasn't he been your player of the season anyway, why would Kovacic not be a starter ? For me 2/3 of Ziyech, Havertz and…
  • (Quote) But that was before you signed two better players that occupy the same position/s. I don't see Lampard playing a 433 with the sole purpose of fitting in a player that's inferior to most of your other midfielders, it doesn't make sense. Kova…
  • Chelsea's line-up is obvious as far as I'm concerned. Werner Pulisic-Havertz-Ziyech Kovacic-Kante is very, very good. No idea on the defence though
  • (Quote) They do want to keep him, just not for 3 years, which is understandable. It's not like he's not good enough for them, he's been one of their best players and started basically every game he's been fit
  • https://twitter.com/ZRAFC/status/1287760009611431937?s=20 Seem to be getting conflicting reports with Willian
  • If we could afford it maybe we would
  • (Quote) No, but I think it's kinda unlikely. I still see Chelsea offering him the contract he wants to be honest, he's been good for them this season. I'd be happy if we signed him for free though, even if he doesn't start he's very useful as back-…
  • https://twitter.com/charles_watts/status/1287451987651551232?s=20 Not that Leno was ever gonna start anyway, but its positive words from Arteta. Still think he should be starting next season. A lot will depend on how things go in pre-season I assum…
  • (Quote) None of them are good enough for us other than maybe Aarons and Sarr, but they play two of our lowest priority positions. I think we'll have to look outside England as much as I'd like Grealish
  • Midfield is just as much of an issue too. Desperately need an attacking midfielder and another midfielder like Partey alongside it. Arteta mentioned that today I think before the game- how we used to have Rosicky, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey etc and n…

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