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  • Picked a fresh one up yesterday for 2m. What a brilliant card. The upped agility/balance combo makes a big difference (obvs!). Different card to his prime. I use him as a RCM in 352 or a 41212. Around the box he is lethal. His finishing is superb. He's rolled Chiellini and Varane trying to steamroll him. Outside the box,…
  • Data from international tournaments: 40% conversion rate if brought on in the final minutes. 77% conversion rate if brought on in ET (from 100 mins) Research and psychologists have also found: Attackers more likely to score than defenders. Under 23s more likely to score. Players who started less likely to score (fatigue)
  • No, again, you are wrong. I grinded wins out and reached elite as many do with its current structure, and traded lots in the early stages and burnt out, growing tired of the repetitive nature of the games. Through inactivity, I have been relegated twice in that time. There's zero need for me to grind away for better…
    in Div 4 Comment by Furrag85 May 14
  • I'd agree with you kid, but then we'd both be wrong. :trollface:
    in Div 4 Comment by Furrag85 May 14
  • Had both, Pele. He just accelerates and turns sharply. LCAM definitely him. Maybe RCAM Zizou, just for the 5* WF finesse.
  • I can't stand M/M players in my 352 as it is such a pivotal position in terms of defence and transition. They HAVE to be H/H, or they just become passengers.
  • Well, I am one. Was Elite before christmas and up to TOTY iirc, but felt the game was gone with it just being pretty one dimensional. Now in division 4 with my ~14m team of icons and TOTY,/TOTS. I've played less than 15 games last season in rivals, and not played the last 7 weekend leagues or so, but may give it a go this…
    in Div 4 Comment by Furrag85 May 14
  • I have both. Ronaldo is much better. The 5* WF is a game changer as you literally can't give him any time or space from anywhere. With his medium WR, he'll drop off. If he picks it up deep and gets running, he's hard to stop. If you trigger a run and time the ball right, he's in behind. He's simply immense. He's best at…
  • If you don't get along with Cancelo, try Marcelo.
  • Fodens volleying on a juiced up card is... 68?! :D
  • You have to trigger a custom run in a different direction I find. The AI really isn't good at tracking user directed runs. Through balls with players who have good vision and curve are the best - De Bruyne's through balls are on point.
  • Dias is way better. He's just better at jockeying, and cleaner in a tackle. Varane is better at bodying, but accelerates so heavily. If he gets drawn out wide, he's in trouble. If you play 3 at the back, Varane has to play in the middle.
  • Behave. There are so many aspects to a goalkeeper than shot stopping: - Distribution from the back in the modern game - Commanding and organising your defence - Coming and claiming crosses to take pressure off your defence - Ability to rush off your line and close angles He's poor at all 4, and it invites pressure and…
  • I quite liked 87 DDG, even though he's overrated AF IRL. I now have his 93, but not yet used him. I was gonna do PIM VDS, but would be interested to hear how he compares to TOTS Alisson. That 91 speed is insane.
  • As soon as TOTS has 4* WF, he is rebounding.
  • Really the TOTS should be a 541. Playing fantasy football, strikers this year have had a stinker. One of the worst I can ever remember.
  • So he can upgrade Cruyff, Maradona and Puskas with Nkunku, Bowen, and Kokçu? Once you hit the stacked team of icons, the game dies, unless you have an addiction.
  • @CC84COV :trollface:
  • When you wrote this, you forgot to wink.
  • You've got to beat the press. Come short and trigger runs Play 1-2s Use through balls rather than ground passes Put fresh legs out wide and go long over the top
  • in Phil foden Comment by Furrag85 April 13
  • Athletico are petulant, dirty, bad losers. The antagonisers have been antagonised, and it's only because they were losing. Instead, we get a thread discussing Foden for having the gall to roll back onto a pitch, who was a target of Felipe's violent antics all night. Classic victim blaming. :|
    in Phil foden Comment by Furrag85 April 13
  • It's from the top down - Simeone is a díckhead. Highest paid manager in the world. £36m-£43m per year. Mental.
    in Phil foden Comment by Furrag85 April 13
  • Agree with all this. Him and Grealish targeted both legs with snidey digs, kicks, elbows and trying to get a retaliation. Mind boggling people cannot or refuse to see the pure gamesmanship. Foden's playing the game rolling back onto the pitch, but it's playing them at their own game. City did great at keeping their heads…
    in Phil foden Comment by Furrag85 April 13
  • I've got the most stacked team I have ever had, but just can't find the motivation to load the game up at all this week. Not even to open 10 packs. It's boring facing 41212 who play the same way, and it's a poor football sim. When the game gets to the point Wout Weghorst is on par with prime R9, I'm done. And people think…
  • R96 is noticably quicker/explosive. I find he gets behind easier. Don't notice the WRs, vision or strength tbh.
    in R94 v R96 Comment by Furrag85 April 8
  • Absolute BANGER. https://twitter.com/xAlexTHFC/status/1512156268856852494?t=xISW4H23uGGlHKS6hu0JBA&s=19
  • The ref ruined that game. He bought all Lyons antics. They're not as odious as Athetico Madrid, but not far off. Bowen was fouled in the lead up to the sending off, which was a a foul, but never a red. Bowen was fouled again in the lead up to their goal, and his booking was laughable. I hope for West Ham Cresswell has his…
  • Off topic, CR7 wouldnt get into that City team. Neither would Fernandes. Neither do what Pep requires of City players off the ball, and that's why City are champions and United are battling to qualify for the Europa conference.
    in Weghorst Comment by Furrag85 April 3
  • On 6 chem (awaiting loyalty), PIM Schweinsteiger in 6 games contributed more goals/assists from CM than Prime Zidane and Mid Gullit did in 20 games. Cracking long shot technique. Does he have outside of foot trait? It loops when he whacks it. Decent dribbling for his frame. Defensive boss. A little sluggish with shadow,…

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