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  • Mate, I managed to break my addiction and did not buy the 21 DLC and I am only here to check if the game is the same, which clearly is. Probably my last post here and just wanted to say that I envy your commitment, people like you, Knowlesdinho and Futfanatic made this small community experience for me. After getting…
  • The next DLC is on the same engine which basically translates to the same game. Haven't seen 'lag compensation' being addressed in any way, so whare would the hype come from in the first place? Only argument they understand is money, so let's just hope people won't get fooled again and then perhaps one day we will get a…
  • It's FIFA for you, search for the famous 'lag compensation' thread to understand it better. Nothing can be done on your side, your internet is fine that's why you can play every other game just fine. Got 350 Mbps fibre at home and still lagging in this pre-beta game.
  • They are probably expecting low sales so trying to prevent that. Two worst editions of the game in a row plus 21 will be on the same engine so safe to say it's another DLC.
  • PS4 is harder in my opinion. Tested this with my house mate who has Xbox and we both agree.
  • This lawsuit seems pointless but I am happy people are trying. EA had it too good for too long, serving the same crap every year and making silly money while doing so, with absolute minimal effort. Whatever it is, whether its a FP ban in UK or people winning lawsuits, let's just hope it's the beginning. In the ideal world…
  • Sums up this year's DLC :lol:
  • He is quality in game, even though I find him massively overrated in rl. I used SS Kante for a long time and swapped positions with him and he was better than 90% of PL defenders out there. Solid option if you don't have a lot of coins.
  • Not bothered by it at all, it's funny though when you see those gold teams in squad battles with Pele/Maradona/Cruyff and I am waiting two years to pack an icon. My house mate opened a new account recently just for a laugh and already have better team than on his main with two PIMS packed in the Advanced SBCs, but hey,…
  • Mid Butra for under 400k would be my recommendation. Stoichkov was great until one evening he wasn't, Raul is just bad. Obviously just my opinion.
  • Its fodder all the way so why not, 93 is better than 92
  • Interesting, haven't heard about most of it, any source on 1-3?
  • Man, same luck here. I find this 'upgrade' line after every pack disrespectful, it's almost always a downgrade. 82-88 should be renamed to 82/83 rated. 81+ is 83 tops etc. Let's not forget it's 19th August btw.
  • I find it sweet when someone say contract extension. In my opinion, it means absolutely nothing in 2020. Big clubs may knock, doors will be answered. Feeder club with good scounting system against giants, get 5 talents for his price that will be sold for tons in the future, rinse and repeat. That's what I think at least.
  • I think Couthinho is hot after last game. Arsenal is all over him but doubt he would like to join them for obvious reasons. While I agree with the rest, a lot of them still hold massive value, especially on exchange market which I believe is on in those difficult times.
  • As an average graphic designer, I have to give it to EA that their card design this year was exceptional. I can't even come up with an order but if I had to choose FB would take the top spot, soo hard to work with those two colours combined unless gradients are good and they nailed it to the floor. TOTS finally feelt…
  • After playing tons of drafts in the last couple of months, I feel that there is no comparison between PIM Rio and PIM Maldini. In fact, I would have preferred my FB Luiz over Maldini, not even talking about TOTS Diego Carlos coz that's a different league. I am really baffled on why Maldini or Zidane are still so expensive.
  • As I always said, failed design in a failed game. What do you want to report? People being smart and doing their objectives in hours instead of days? It's no one else's fault but the designer who came up with this idea.
  • Dortmund done the same with Auba and Dembele, they definitely staying - they said. They know United will pay so I wouldn't cross this one out yet. Seeing as with the virus, transfers went down a bit, Dortmund would probably be happy to get £110 mln+ that they could use to re invest immediately and buy young talents for…
  • Limited experience here, only 19 and 20, but it's same situation all over again. Very well written articles and marketing materials (Pulitzer prize, hands down) on the improvements, no lag on the beta as 1% of players won't overload the servers, famous threads like lag compensation on this forum not addressed and then…
  • Because those 6 wins while scoring with X league player wins can be done through rage quits in an hour in D5/6 or a day in D3.
  • But but but. Isn't that the whole point? The cards seems NOT to be equal probability. If you look at any online spreadsheet it will prove it. So, knowing this, wouldn't you like to know the chances of pulling E, R or C? They seem to be a lot smaller than Nakata, Inzaghi or Vieri, don't you think? I can only speak for…
  • Having FB Pogba in my team as the attacking CDM and he is class. Wouldn't recommend him as your main CDM coz of the tree movement though.
  • Hands down this is true. 2100 on second account in 19. Not pushing but D3 (currently in D5 for easy challenges) means one easy game to one rough one. What bothers me is that in 19 you would get 360 no scope, el tornado or a header to cut back with Kubo this year. Defensively wise, 19 wasn't even a football game but it's…
  • Did his flashback in 19 and 20 and he just reached 1000 games in my TEAM. Absolute beast. However, tried PIM Rio in many of drafts and he is a lot better. So, untradable fodder = go for it. Else Rio. Tried both PIM Maldini and Canavaro, they don't even come close.
  • This will be my last upgrade as I got Kubo there is who phenomenal. From draft and FUT (had to sell) experience though, this guy is something else. End of the day it's how quick they turn and how they score, both out of this world in my opinion.
  • Had no massive luck with either but 81+ always gave me 83+ player instead of 82 in the other SBC.
  • From my draft experience, it's all yes. Kante (above ss) is unreal if you can deal with his bad passing. Vinicius is in comparable to Mertens and Messi is high quality CAM/RCAM, depending on your team. Hope that helps.
  • This is a great idea and hopefully it will continue. I am giving up on FIFA when 21 comes out but having open conversation like this is a way to go. You can't blame people for having questions, I would have so many I wouldn't even know where to start :smiley:
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