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  • Honestly I can't believe how in the search for "realistic" gameplay this game gets further from functional. I'm witnessing AI and players pretty much bodyslam my players and not get penalised while most recently I had an auto assist tackle from behind that earned a red card and a penalty. Shirt tugging also seems to have…
  • Why do you think I didn't buy fifa 18 or 19? The game is a joke now honestly though i shouldn't have let myself get to buying it, I'll appreciate the small improvements to menus and such since fifa 17 but honestly this game has no place in the triple A rated games section. It has pushed in the quickest of all battle passes…
  • What's your problem? Why are you such a horrible human being?
  • I'd honestly love for the divisions to make sense. I'm division 9/8 mostly and literally never find it easy and it's not like I'm so bad I don't know how to pass or defend. I know there shouldn't be many absolutely terrible players but I'm playing players that can score free kicks from 40 odd yards with 2 seconds to set up…
  • I did the hardest objective first or tried to but for me apparently the self volley skill didn't count at all... I tried to flick it up and use that as a tactic and got 2 goals that way but it didn't seem to count. I'm not being funny but these challenges are so specific it's ridiculous for the average player it would take…
  • My god this... definitely this is what I feel like happens and that each match was determined in sliders as it starts, I know I use to say it back in fifa 15 days to my friends heck even occasionally in fifa 12 days where sometimes it may have just been bad RNG, however, more than ever I feel like RNG is more skewed and…
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